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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. She's the only member that grew up in Korea and isn't fluent in English. Cut her some slack.
  2. He


    I'm impressed at them doing live vocals and dancing for the medley. Jisoo has improved so much!

    Jennie and Lisa were great during that cover. Rosé seems a bit sick? Her voice sounded a bit coarse.

    Also, Jisoo you're doing amazing honey.
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  3. So the final line up of KCON Sydney:

    BUT, they are split up into two days so I don't even get to see Monsta X or Cosmic Girls...

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  4. You should still go, unnie. This is still a solid line up. It's not like you're gonna be treated to a Tahiti or Playback performance. VICTON and SF9 are cuties too. x
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  5. The one whose bangs never move.

    She's the other one who raps aside from Choi Yoojung.
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  6. I'm going on the Friday so I'm seeing EXO, Girl's Day, Pentagon, Victon & SF9. For some reason SF9 is performing on both days (why couldn't that be Monsta X??)

    My brother is upset cause he was most excited for Monsta X and Minhyun from Wanna One (he's a NU'EST stan but doesn't really like Wanna One.) But my best friend is a massive EXO stan for years now, so we don't want to rob her of seeing them when we like them too. Why couldn't they all just perform on one day?

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  7. He



    Do you think Dr Kim glued them to her forehead?
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  8. FNC ha tricksy ways strike again.

    But doesn't EXO go to Australia, like, every year though? Don't they go there for solo concerts?

    Please just go to both dates. Or is that impossible?
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  9. I think this is EXO's first time in Australia, actually. I can't see anything about previous concerts.

    Honestly I'd love to go both days but it's about $220 for just one day, and $350 for both and I just do not have the funds for that.

    Donate to my gofundme, unnies!
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  10. Oh wow, unnie. That's costly. But worth it if you ask me kekekeke.

    Well, I hope whatever you decide to do, you still enjoy the concert. Say hi to VICTON's Sejun for me. xoxo

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  11. Can't believe SNSD had a Comeback and Goodybe stage today. SM are a mess.
  12. Btw It's not like Jisoo completely sucks at English, she can understand everything and form normal conversations, but she's just too shy and afraid to fuck it up Ddd. But other members encourage her to talk more so she'll get better.
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  13. I lovr how FNC is mediaplaying Yuna and Hyejeong after Choa-gate. Get your shine, queens!
  14. I know you have your eyes on me
    Yioure da guy wino GACHi

    How longer willistbsgonna tegk



    Lemme make da move
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  15. A fucking LOOK.

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  16. She officially saved August.
  17. ... How does YG always manage to mess up the main vocal's voice so much?

    Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa all did great though, props to them.
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  18. As a Hyolyn fan, fellow New Jerseyan, and someone who likes most of her visuals, I wanna like Jessi's music far more than I actually do ddd. Poor that. "Arrived" bops though.
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  19. He


    Hmm, why did I think "honolulu" in Ice Chu was a Korean word?

    How Why teas.