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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.


    Is GFriend the new A Pink?


    Is Park Bom a flop?


    But where's the video for Difficult a.k.a. the best track from their album?
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  5. ^Well yeah. But is Park Bom a flop and will she ever leave the YG dungeon?
  6. [​IMG]

    And she left the YG dungeon months ago. But she still visits every now and then.
  7. No gifs outside of Off Topic. Reported.
  8. Your roux-isms are showing, cyst. At least make an effort to hide it. xoxo
  9. ...who in turn stole it from Namie Amuro (along with the thigh high boots and Zedd-penned bop).

    Legends inspiring legends etc
  10. FUCK YES.

    I really feel like there's been so many comebacks this year. I'm not used to more than one but most are doing 2 or 3 now. Not that I'm complaining! Keep the momentum going.

  11. Aren't they back to being Rania?! Besides Hyeme, none of them really scream idol or have left a lasting impression on me. Girl deserves better than to be in that mess of a company.

    I've been there from the start too and it's only getting better and better with every passing month. Stay strong kid!


    IKR, Oppa. Ugh I remember hating ViViD, but I found it promising. Then Hyunjin came long, then Haseul came along, then ViVi... there was no turning back!
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  13. Global legends, Twice, will have their song TT -Japanese ver.- included in Nintendo Switch's Joysound karaoke program in Japan.

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  14. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    OH MY GOD. I just know about this
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  15. Hello Venus' legacy.
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  16. This is so messy dddddd. Thank fuck you chose to post gifs of legal trainees. xoxo
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  17. you're welcome
    Where is the Seungwoo gif tho ? Can you do the research @Seger
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  18. I'm feeling so energetic.
  19. Why was my first thought: who are they thinking about?
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