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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I've only just realised her real name is actually Kim Jong-un*
    *it would be transcribed into English differently though nnñnn
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  2. So now we know LOONA is basically North Korean plot to counter the Hallyu Wave and overthrow SK goverment. This makes more sense than all that nonsense with their mythology.
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  3. Screaming!
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  4. Watch Yves be part of a ballad LOONA subunit and watch that subunit be the one to take off in Korea.
  5. I want a Black Swan/Sleepless Night LOONA unit.
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  6. A R T

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  7. J.Seph just wants to kill me.
  8. He


    I know, you always mention them.
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  10. Well they are responsible for the greatest Christmas song to ever come from K-Pop ...

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  11. I was wrong. Kenzie had a hand in it instead.
  12. [​IMG]
    Kimbery Lip and Jinsoul behind the camera.
  13. Assuming you’re talking about Loona, I read recently that their company sells weapons to the Korean government, and since its government money it has to be spent (but now that I’m typing this I’m low key wondering if it was a joke). So if it’s not necessarily the labels money in the first place, would the girls still be in debt????

    Also, since Yves is obviously the main vocal, I’m wondering if this is gonna be a ballad unit??? I really hope not tbh lmao.
  14. I know we like to (rightfully) shame ARMY, BTS' fandom, every now and then. But messy fandom aside, I think BTS performing in the AMAs, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, and Ellen Degeneres shows is an iconic achievement and we should all support them. I wish they'd perform a better song though kekeke.
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  15. "Worth the Wait" - ummm what were we waiting for? What has she delivered besides Youtube videos that no one asked for?
  16. I think this is Dara's first Cosmopolitan Philippines cover. So waiting for her to become a Cosmo cover girl is worth it.
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  17. Was it though?
  18. The other girls really need to keep up with Kim Lip and Jinsoul in the dancing department because...



    Yves (center at 2:34)
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  19. Junghwa has come such a long way vocal wise. Solji hew?