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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    The Canadian show is amazing. Tatiana Maslany is an incredible actress.

    The looks for that Japanese show, though. Just no.
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  2. One of the Digipedi music video directors, Seokho Moon, revealed the following info about ViVi:
    • ViVi wasn't originally an android. She was a human girl who was converted into an android.
    • Everyday I Love You was an attempt at memory restoration of her life before she was converted into android form. So it was human form ViVi in action.
    • Love & Live was really android form ViVi running away from 1/3 (whom she can't relate) and finding herself in an unfamiliar, new road.
    • He mentioned about ViVi's odd eye but did not explain what it was really about. The translation goes, "The fifth and not the fourth. Bleached hair. Shining left eye. Running through the meadows."
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    Screaming at the LOONAVERSE fuckery.

    Love it.

    Also dead at Vivi running away from 1/3's beigeness, and coming into the arms of OEC.
  4. 1 / 3 is honestly brilliant in their own right. I think part of the problem is that their unit taps into a nostalgic side of Korean music culture that a lot of westerners aren't familiar with / feel no connection to. There is nothing overtly beige about it, though. Haseul and Heejin made two of the best songs of last year in my opinion.
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  5. Praise this post tbh.
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  6. It has nothing to do with the lack of "western" connection and everything to do with the songs being uneventful. Vivid was okay, and Vivi's solos were fine. 1/3 are nice, but nothing exciting.

    But, I also hate slower songs that aren't RnB, so yeah.
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    I'm being extra by calling them beige and boring. But I agree with @Ceir, they are just unexciting, and I'm not sure it comes down to culture. The songs seem a tad too inoffensive, pretty yes, but just there.

    But I should give them another chance.
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  8. My point is stop looking for an overarching reason as to why a group of people don't have the same taste as you.

    You won't find one when it's about something as subjective as music.
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  9. Ok but if I didn’t know any better, you could tell me this 1/3 track is by OEC and I wouldn’t question it.
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    SCREAM. When will Perfume serve these vocals tho ?
  11. Exactly. Now if it was Namyu.... or OEC.... or any one of our beloved flop queens we could get all histrionic and shit... but at least KPop is getting some respect.
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  12. And at least it's not as embarrassing of an American TV debut song as "The Boys."

    And pray to GOD they don't do "Best of Me...."
  13. Okay, even though that Letterman performance was a mess, their vocals were still good and it was a pretty important moment for Kpop. SNSD are and always will be trailblazers.
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  14. I just really hate that song.* I love them to death but I wish it could have been something like "Genie" or even IGAB.

    EDIT: Though, if you consider their appearance at Japan Aid on MTV their Western debut, that was spectacular.

    * like some people hate "Like This" by the Wonder Girls...
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  15. Blockberry Creative: "Now that the 9th member Yves has been introduced, this establishes a new beginning for LOOΠΔ. A brand new concept will be created featuring a 4-member group."
    This is their best song to be honest.
  16. Scuse me but SNSD's Letterman performance was amazing. The highlight was Sunny in shot before performance trying not to laugh.
  17. Genie could have been potentially epic with the dance routine. It would have been interesting if they did I Got A Boy considering it hadn't been released yet!
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  18. Maybe if they were late to the trail *metal shade noise*

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    The Boys in English is so cringey.
  20. Did Sunmi leave the group because of the wig they gave her in this performance?
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