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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Okay, even though that Letterman performance was a mess, their vocals were still good and it was a pretty important moment for Kpop. SNSD are and always will be trailblazers.
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  2. I just really hate that song.* I love them to death but I wish it could have been something like "Genie" or even IGAB.

    EDIT: Though, if you consider their appearance at Japan Aid on MTV their Western debut, that was spectacular.

    * like some people hate "Like This" by the Wonder Girls...
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  3. Blockberry Creative: "Now that the 9th member Yves has been introduced, this establishes a new beginning for LOOΠΔ. A brand new concept will be created featuring a 4-member group."
    This is their best song to be honest.
  4. Scuse me but SNSD's Letterman performance was amazing. The highlight was Sunny in shot before performance trying not to laugh.
  5. Genie could have been potentially epic with the dance routine. It would have been interesting if they did I Got A Boy considering it hadn't been released yet!
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  6. Maybe if they were late to the trail *metal shade noise*

  7. He


    The Boys in English is so cringey.
  8. Did Sunmi leave the group because of the wig they gave her in this performance?
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  9. The highlight was how much screen time Sooyoung got.
  10. He


    I barely knew of them then, and Sooyoung caught my attention; she was so on point. Though I thought, for some reason she looked much older than the rest.
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  12. It was SooYoung that drew me into them too. When Mr Taxi was released, it was her that was all over the TV clips on Japanese television. ZIP TV was obsessed with her!
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  13. Wanna know my secrets fuckbut no I'll never tell, remains iconic!
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  14. I surprisingly enjoy Loona 1/3 a lot. Like, way more than I would any other group with the same concept or sound. Maybe it's just the stan in me.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Yves looks a lot like Rosé?
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  15. New definition of beige?
    Cause they're serving up hot steamy bops.
  16. Is this real? An iconic mess.
  17. Yup. People are complaining it's a jewel case.
  18. If anything, a jewel case stands out even more against the sea of forms, shapes and sizes K-pop albums are usually packaged in.
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  19. Yum but also ew.
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