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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I appreciate the video more because it is actually a mix of elements of their previous ones:

    • The pink petals in Jiho's scenes were the same ones in Cupid.
    • The grown deer in the wet plate during Mimi's scene is a reference to Closer. It was the young deer YooA met before she transported back in time.
    • In Closer, Arin was the one trapped inside the old car. Now she's outside of a new car.
    • The deer imageries were references to Windy Day. Even the scene where the wind directly blows to Arin's face was recreated.
    • YooA's set is a reference to Aing's mossy wonderland set.
    • In Windy Day, Binnie carried that same cage to set the birds free. Now in Secret Garden, the cage is empty and the bird has grown.
    • The whale imagery is actually representative of Jiho since Coloring Book era. It's a homage to her line in Liar Liar, "I’m a lone whale in a pink ocean."
    • I won't be surprised if there was a theory that this is the same house in Liar Liar. It was a house with multiple rooms where weird stuff happens.
    • That scene where they were floating midair is a reference to Coloring Book because they lived in a floating white house. Wait... But could that house be just the same house in Liar Liar after all?
    That is all Loonatics. Erm... Miracles rather.
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  2. New Japanese single by Monsta X
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  3. Update on Solji post surgery:

    “Hello, this is EXID’s agency Banana Culture.

    “We are revealing news about Solji for fans who are curious.

    “First, Solji is currently recovering after successfully undergoing a orbital decompression surgery on January 8. Her doctor’s opinion is that while the surgery went well, orbital decompression surgery is a surgery that must be observed for some time post surgery. Thus, it is difficult for the doctor to reveal the specific surgery results at this moment.

    “Solji was discharged from the hospital this afternoon and went home to rest and recover. She plans on receiving treatment at the same time.

    “Solji herself is focusing on recovering in order to greet fans in a healthy state. She relayed her appreciation to fans who have continued to wait.

    “All of our agency employees will do our best for Solji’s quick recovery and we will update fans on her progress.

    “Thank you for your concerns and support.”
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  4. He


    Poor Solji, this has been a big ordeal. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

    Korea better be there for her afterwards.
  5. I thought a rap at the end would’ve been a good idea, but maybe the thinking was that would be too similar to Closer?
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  6. If anyone is in the mood to rip some hair out, try your luck in ranking you girl group faves:

    2NE1 VS SNSD
  7. That was fun! My results may be a bit off because I dozed off while doing it nn
    2 Nine Muses
    3 Wonder Girls
    4 Orange Caramel
    5 T-ARA
    6 Red Velvet
    7 OH MY GIRL
    8 DIA
    9 TWICE
    9 WJSN
    11 f(x)
    12 Girls' Generation
    13 2NE1
    14 APRIL
    15 AOA
    48 Secret
    49 Tahiti
    50 Spica
    51 WA$$UP
    52 MAMAMOO
    Not posting the whole list because I'm scared of BLACKPINK stans, kii.
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  8. Why did you hide Weki Meki though?
  9. He


    That was stressful!

    Here's mine.

    1 EXID
    1 T-ARA
    3 F(x)
    3 Wonder Girls
    5 2NE1
    6 Red Velvet
    7 Crayon Pop
    7 Orange Caramel
    9 Ladies' Code
    10 Girls' Generation
    11 IOI
    13 AOA
    14 4Minute
    15 Brown Eyed Girls
    16 SISTAR
    17 Nine Muses
    18 TWICE
    19 Cosmic Girls/WJSN
    20 CLC
    21 GFRIEND
    22 Gugudan
    23 DIA
    24 OH MY GIRL
    25 After School
    26 Dreamcatcher
    27 Stellar
    28 Momoland
    29 Miss A
    30 Dal Shabet

    45 The Ark
    45 Laysha
    45 WA$$UP
    45 Fiestar
    45 Spica
    51 Apink
    52 Tahiti
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  10. They're not relevant enough to be in the rate nn.
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  11. R92


    Here’s mine:

    1. Red Velvet
    2. Wonder Girls
    3. SNSD
    3. F(x)
    5. T-Ara
    6. 2NE1
    7. EXID
    8. Brown Eyed Girls
    9. TWICE
    11. Ladies’ Code
    12. SISTAR
    13. Nine Muses
    14. IOI
    15. OH MY GIRL

    That sounds about right...
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  12. Y'all I don't know if you can call me a testosterone hunty when I struggled more with that than the Boy groups


    1 F(x)
    1 EXID
    1 Girls Day
    4 Girls' Generation
    4 KARA
    4 T-ARA
    7 Lovelyz
    8 AOA
    8 Orange Caramel
    10 4Minute
    11 Apink
    11 RAINBOW
    13 CLC
    14 IOI
    14 Nine Muses
    16 2NE1
    16 Red Velvet
    19 Miss A
    20 BestiE
    20 Ladies' Code
    22 SISTAR
    23 After School
    24 Dal Shabet
    25 Wonder Girls
    26 Fiestar
    27 OH MY GIRL
    28 Momoland
    29 MAMAMOO
    30 APRIL
    31 Brown Eyed Girls
    32 TWICE
    32 GFRIEND
    32 Crayon Pop
    32 Secret
    36 Gugudan
    37 Stellar
    38 Brave Girls
    39 Cosmic Girls/WJSN
    40 Spica
    41 Berry Good
    42 Dreamcatcher
    43 DIA
    45 The Ark
    46 SONAMOO
    47 LABOUM
    48 Playback
    49 4TEN
    50 WA$$UP
    51 Laysha
    51 Tahiti

    Why is Loona missing...
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  13. Mine :

    1 Girls' Generation
    2 AOA
    3 T-ARA
    5 Wonder Girls
    5 Nine Muses
    5 CLC
    8 Girls Day
    10 2NE1
    11 Red Velvet
    12 Dal Shabet
    12 SISTAR
    14 Lovelyz
    15 IOI
    47 Laysha
    47 4TEN
    47 Spica
    47 Tahiti
    47 Secret
    52 WA$$UP
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  14. So I guess I hit the “I Like Both” button too much huh?
    1 Red Velvet
    1 Gugudan
    1 Nine Muses
    1 APRIL
    1 CLC
    1 OH MY GIRL
    1 LABOUM
    1 Dreamcatcher
    1 Ladies' Code
    1 AOA
    1 EXID
    1 Fiestar
    1 Stellar
    1 Dal Shabet
    1 SISTAR
    1 4Minute
    1 After School
    1 Orange Caramel

    I’ll give it another go and make some actual choices this time Ddd
  15. 1 Red Velvet
    2 F(x)
    3 Wonder Girls
    5 2NE1
    6 Dreamcatcher
    7 EXID
    8 Girls' Generation
    9 Nine Muses
    10 Dal Shabet
    11 Cosmic Girls/WJSN
    12 OH MY GIRL
    13 Miss A
    14 CLC
    15 RAINBOW

    Basically, we're all such SM Trash but what's new?
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  17. Very accurate!

    1 T-ARA
    2 Nine Muses
    3 Dreamcatcher

    48 Apink
    52 Lovelyz
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  18. Giving me Soribada Music Awards' Best Artist of the Year teas.
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  19. My Top 15. Team taste and talent.

    1 Wonder Girls
    1 EXID
    3 TWICE
    3 Brown Eyed Girls
    5 KARA
    6 After School
    7 SISTAR
    8 Nine Muses
    9 Miss A
    10 Red Velvet
    11 Dreamcatcher
    12 F(x)
    13 GFRIEND
    14 4Minute
    15 CLC
  20. Speaking of talent

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