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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. WAIT at her literally giving the gays everything they want.
  2. Hyelin looked so good during Night Rather Than Day.
  3. But where did WA$$UP fall, oppa?
  4. Nothing but respect for MY top 10.
    1 Red Velvet
    2 Nine Muses
    3 T-ARA
    5 EXID
    6 Brave Girls
    7 2NE1
    7 Girls' Generation
    7 Wonder Girls

    46 The Ark
    46 Laysha
    46 4TEN
    46 MAMAMOO
    46 Secret
    46 Girls Day
    52 Lovelyz
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  5. I love you.
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  6. I can’t recall. Somewhere in the top half most likely.
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  7. Hehe I did the sorter

    3. CLC
    4. gugudan
    5. AOA
    6. EXID
    7. Red Velvet
    8. f(x)
    9. Girls Generation
    10. WJSN
    11. Nine Muses
    12. Wonder Girls
    13. Orange Caramel
    14. SISTAR
    15. Dreamcatcher

    16. Pretty much everyone else
    52. MAMAMOO
  8. He


    Wait at Chungha already being influenced by Sunmi.
  9. Ok but we're going to ignore that bob?

  10. Mine said my bottom two groups were 4Minute and Girls Day .... Which is not true at all.

    It did say f(x) and RAINBOW were my top groups though so ... *shrug*
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  11. Even the sorter has it out against you and your beige favourites!
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  12. Imma let y'all go back to your lists in a second, but y'all need to listen to Infinite's album.

  13. Why am I just finding out Infinite had a comeback...

    and where can I find scalp ointment at this hour.
  14. Was this posted?! Either way, it's really good.

  15. CHILD

    @D is for Danger! I've been listening to it the last few days, but no one besides like one other person is ever receptive to my rnb-ish interests.

  16. Ddddd at this causing even more fighting between boy group stans and Big 3 vs BigHit fights.
  17. WHY would they do this?! A damn mess.
  18. Just as As If It's Your Last was about to become best selling 2017 release by a GG. Gaon confirmed antis.
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  19. He


    One thing, since Korea now hates the girl crush concept, how come YG can get away with it and have so much success? Is it name alone? Payola?

    I mean besides Shaman Unnies scamming / clothing making powers.
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  20. Well, Blackpink releases one song per year so people just take it for what it is.
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