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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Wasn't that just a really generous rendition of JYP?
  2. I was hoping the EP will be stronger than her debut but I'm not feeling these snippets

    1. f(x)
    2. 2NE1
    3. Girls' Generation
    4. Wonder Girls
    5. Red Velvet
    6. After School
    7. Orange Caramel
    8. EXID
    9. SISTAR
    10. T-ARA
    11. TWICE
    12. KARA
    14. Nine Muses
    15. miss A

    =41. April
    =41. DIA
    =41. Playback
    =41. The Ark
    =41. Laysha
    =41. 4TEN
    =41. Berry Good
    =41. Lovelyz
    =41. Laboum
    =41. Wa$$up
    =41. Spica
    =41. Tahiti
    And so continues the great tradition of songs about candy doing absolutely nothing for me. Lemme unlike real quick. (Mianhae Serg-oppa x)
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  3. Okay Roller Coaster sounds... huge?

    I think she still needs to find herself as an artist and maintain a taste level, but electronic music fits her more than some of her debut. Why Don't You Know?, a bop, made no sense next to things like Hands On Me and Make A Wish.

    Also, Sana with that hair color + style could be iconic if it didn't look so cheap. How unfortunate.

  4. C'mon destiny.

    Also -
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I guess Offset is just an intro....but that bass sounds so good...it reminds me on Yonce!
  7. I'm so disappointed in y'all! No one posted MV teaser for Queen Cheetah's comeback!

    This is SO homophobic:

    I checked OneHallyu, first time in months and they're still wile:
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  8. Stan talent!

    Also, Chan (silver hair) is close with Sana and BamBam, so talent appreciates talent!
  9. Oh wow, she's really coming to snatch us, isn't she?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. My ballot for the January charts :

    1 Sunmi - Heroine
    2 Sunmi - MV Teaser
    3 Sunmi - Scene #3
    4 Sunmi - Scene #2
    5 Sunmi - Scene #1
  12. God Sunmi is fucking gorgeous.
  13. yes
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  14. I'm really trying so hard to like Twice and they just have to make it so difficult...
    Like Ooh Ahh was actually incredible and I wish they could reclaim that brilliance...
  15. They're so precious. And this is one of the best cameraworks M Countdown has done. Jiho really delivered the visuals and the aura even though she was only sitting on a chair the whole time.

    My favorite part of the performance is the middle eight where Seunghee was was singing and she ended towards Jiho's position for the latter to deliver her killer part.

    And Arin... It's so obvious that they're slithering her in as the center of this comeback and she did not disappoint.
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