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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. The 2nd song in EXID's Re:Flower project is the iconic song dedicated to all gays who are too scared to get a license: "I Don't Wanna Drive".

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  3. I was under the impression that Re:Flower was meant to be remixes of old songs but this is identical to the original bop.

    I was hoping the twitter video was just a teaser and that there would be a real video but I guess tf NAHT. Sis went hard on those english parts though.

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  4. Damn I haven't been paying attention to Inkigayo for the last two weeks but Zaddy Jinyoung, Queen Jisoo and friend are getting replaced as the MCs after their 364 days of hosting.
    I knew it was coming but damn no weekly Jinyoung screentime.


    New hosts are SVT's Mingyu, DIA's Chaeyeon and some actor called Song Kang.
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  5. He


    My queen!
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  6. My king!
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  7. Waste EXO & Red Velvet money kings!

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  8. The fucking audacity of SM to comeback with U and not put Ten in it.
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  9. Thanks I hate it. What group is Ten even meant to be in now, also I thought their next comeback was supposed to be all of them together. Jungwoo, Jaehyun and Lucas all look nice though. That deep blue hair with gross roots zamn zaddy.
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  10. Ten not being here is ridicilous, some people are speculating they sent him to NCT Dream DDDD, that whole group is a mess, but their albums tracks are good so I guess continue being messy.
  11. It's four comebacks in one. U, 127 and Dream + 2018.
  12. I already miss Hyuna. GIVE ME A VISUAL FULL ALBUM QUEEN!

    And go back on tour in the States so I can actually use my coin on the female monster.
  13. I was also expecting Ten to be in NCT U.
    Just make a unit for South East Asia and make him leader.
    NCT SEA needs to happen.
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  14. Mmhm wait I actually kind of like Miryo's track. That video though... shameful.
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  15. He


    Wait, what's new about this? The video?
  16. Yo, every member is looking snatched.

    Me when Metronome gets released:
  17. What kind of Girl’s Day & Wa$$up collaborating on a cover of We Like messery is that title track snippet though? I am concerned for WekkyBrek. Metronome does sound like a bop though so maybe it’s a Happy vs Babyface scenario.
  18. Color Me, Butterfly and Metronome sound great, but the title track sounds absolutely horrible. I'm cautiously excited for the full mini! Oh and the girls look amazing this time, not like some nugu group from 2010.
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