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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Selena unnie found shaking.
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  2. If it was anyone else I would say collab with Tiffany confirmed but him?? NO

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  3. He


    I feel excluded from the Weki Meki fan club. Whorés.
  4. He


    Oh, maybe finally he'll stay off Melon!

    Crucify him, Korea!
  5. The irony is he just won International Artist of the Year award in Gaon Awards a few hours ago.
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  6. He


    They should make him give it to Ariana.

    Suzy bringing that sultry substance abuse bop, yas.
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  8. Mannish Chocolat is such a fucking bop, what the fuck?
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  9. Suzy-sunbaenim gave us so many music videos. She is living her legendary days.
  10. Is it because of the Olympics that K-Pop is so fucking boring this month?
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  11. Yes.
  12. Another reason to hate sports.
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  13. At least BoA can finally waltz right into that elusive #1 she's been clamouring for

    I know y'all will vote for One & Only after everyone's One & Eighty on GoWon's vocals shut up
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  14. I thought you meant on the Gaon charts.
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  15. I'm not that delusional.
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  16. Thats for WJSN
  18. February already started off a mess with this:

    Imagine iKon spending a month at #1?

    The amount of times Red Velvet have been blocked is so unfortunate ddd.
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  19. Red Velvet needs a vacation. Seriously. Especially Irene.
    I just see her screaming internally way too much...
    Maybe its just me.
    It usually is.
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  20. So I don't know if this was posted before (don't think I was around the forum too much when this was released)... but did y'all know that EXID legend Jeonghwa released a secret album just before DDD came out?


    I love that her sweet voice is being utilized in interesting ways... I doubt that any other girl group would have these kind of opportunities for her. Snatch them main vocal duties! It's a collaboration with Pink Moon, the producer of Alice on the latest album.

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