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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This isn’t intended as shade to it being a current GenDisc topic but regarding this Nilo debacle - who cares? SK gets so pressed about everything. Even from a KPJ standpoint, it’s not as if a lot of our faves have graced even the Gaon top 100 singles so I can’t really complain with this song knocking Black Dress / Egoist / Dreams Come True / The Boots / Jealousy / Shine e.t.c down from #305 to #306 on Gaon...
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  2. He


    It seems it's mostly the forever pressed fandoms of really big groups. I'm ok with anything that ticks them off even further.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I think it's a combination of:
    - much of Korea's arts industries have been heavily subsidized by the government for years as an attempt to grow it as a power in East Asia (see: Gaon being started by the government, music videos being a thriving industry because there's so many film production and arts students due to the money the government puts to growing its media industry), so some citizens think ethical standards have to be upheld or it looks bad on the government / Ministry of Culture itself.
    - a lot of the time, Chinese bots are involved in sajaegi so there'll always be some commotion when another East Asian country gets involved
    - companies worried about how not being #1 can hurt their investments / mediaplay
    - angry stans

    I'm just a messy hunty who lives for drama.
  5. He


    This messery wouldn't be happening if Shaman Unnie would be ruling still.
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  6. Chen from EXO is getting dragged for comparing himself to Kunta Kinte from Roots after a member overdrew his lips. Originally the Korean EXO-Ls subbed it as “my lips look so plump” to protect him so international EXO-Ls were defending him. But non-biased fans translated the V Live and correctly translated the Kunta Kinte line so now they’re laying into him.

    A mess. Hope he apologises.
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  7. I understood literally none of this.
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  8. Chen from Exo said something stupid and racist.
  9. Oh, another day in KPop then.
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  10. I mean, the same issues haven't stopped people from stanning Mamamoo and Super Junior tracks, so.....
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  11. You can see fault with an idol’s behaviour and still appreciate their music. You don’t have to write them off completely. People make mistakes and all you can hope is that they learn from it so it doesn’t happen in the future.
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  13. People in the past haven't shared that sentiment, which is why I made the comment.
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  14. I just wanna share this visual sl&yage with you all.

    Nu'est's JR. Seventeen's S.Coups. NCT's Taeyong. Wanna One's Jisung. ONF's Hyojin. Leaders of five promising boy groups.


    I get the Taeyong hype now.
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  15. Sounds more promising than Read Me at the very least.



  17. It sure has hell stopped me! I deleted all their music after they pulled that stunt + issued an alternate apology in Korean.
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  18. It stopped me for a long time, and I was a huge stan.... but I have to admit that I love Yellow Flower.
  19. Gain found rotting.