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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Monsta X have just won their 2nd music show ever with Jealousy’s 1st win.

    They just barely beat out EXID but they already have one win with Lady so I’m okay with them sharing.
  2. I'm ready for Twice's Super Trouper.
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  3. Queens of infinitely improving mainstream guff:
  4. Eaux.
    I guess this won't be a mature concept then ddd. Umji, SinB and Sowon look amazing.
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  5. And we're happy!

    (People are speculating that this is just the 1st of 4 concepts, similar to the military/knight and love/whisper versions of their previous minis)
  6. He


    Gfriend are serving LOONA teaser realness.

    Hope the music follows the LOONA pattern too.
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  7. Eunha sitting there like it's school picture day, I can't. Serve us some face, sis.
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  8. Between Yerin's gummy smile, Eunha's haunted doll look and Yuju's... everything, that pic is a mess.
  9. GFriend probably has the worst teaser photos in K-Pop... which is a shame because the girls are fucking gorgeous.

    When your Instagram selfies are better than actual teaser photos, then we know there's a problem. Fix it, @Source Music.
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  10. The Awakening's teasers were great though. They really don't know how to pose, but they all looked gorgeous and the styling was nice.
    Anyway, speaking of shitty teasers, here's Berry Good's release schedule:
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  11. Summer Rain had great teasers too. I don't think they've ever taken better pictures than those.
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  12. He


    The font!

    Suddenly BBC are masters of teasers.
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  13. Excited for their KISS LATER!
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  14. Completely off-topic (and I hate myself a little for promoting Tex-Mex Dddd) but did anyone post this from a couple weeks ago? I didn't know the Jewelry original too well but WHAT A DISCO BARNSTORMER. Stop giving them dumpster fires as title tracks @Fantagio.
  15. I am familiar with the original, and I think this is a lot better. Is there a studio version available?
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  16. Ready to stan pretty legends Umji & Eunha

    Sana we get it you're gay

  18. I'm blocking you on every form of social media.
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  19. Thank you sir.
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