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K-pop Loot!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hanzan, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I decided a while ago that I'll only collect releases by acts that I truly 100% love so here's my AS collection:

    I really debated whether I wanted to buy the Rambling Girls/Because of You (JP) single but decided against it because I would only buy it because I liked the cover.

    Not included in the pic: Kahi's Come Back... and It's Me minis and OC's Bangkok City.

    Non-AS releases I have are Jewelry's Sophisticated album and T-ara's Breaking Heart.
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  2. [​IMG]

    This was my k-pop shrine in my old apartment. Haven't been able to recreate it in the new one due to vandalising cats...

    Since that photo was taken I added After School's Virgin, Sunny Hill's Midnight Circus, SPICA's Painkiller Repackage, Nine Muses' Sweet Rendezvous (a.k.a. greatest K-pop mini ever), SNSD's Run Devil Run and 4Minute's For Muzik & Volume Up (and what I've posted in this thread) to my shelves.
  3. Hanzan, you have flawless taste!
  4. I got them a good 2/3 years ago on YesAsia... Except Bang which I got off eBay.
  5. Why couldn't I have got into k-pop before it was popular?!

    *Bashes head into wall*
  6. Here is my small collection of physical copies. I just threw Namie in as well... just because!

  7. Oh God, I had the most beautiful dream where I lived in an apartment right next to a big record shop, and it had all of the best K-Pop releases available. My dream changed the appearance of most of them, like Code#02 by Ladies' Code, which was a heart-shaped box with the CD and other stuff inside. It was beautiful, and also so sad. I want to have a big physical collection!
  8. If anyone lives in England and around London area, the HMV in Oxford Street sells K-Pop CDs with a stack of collection of them. It's the nearest thing in the UK for K-Pop as opposed to buying it online.
  9. There's a shop in Chinatown, Sydney that sells only Asian Pop. I bought After School's Virgin from there, and my cousin's saw it and thought I bought porn.
  10. My sister-in-law thought the group's name was After School Virgin and gave me very very odd looks until I explained that Virgin was the album name and it refereed to how the music made them feel. Then I handed over SHINee's Hello repackage for her to leaf through and she became much happier.
  11. I just received my first physical piece of Kpop loot!

    I can't tell which signature belongs to which member.

  12. Thank you Danger for bringing this thread back into the light!! It's soo cool seeing what everybody has! My friends and I are doing a K-Pop gift exchange for Christmas so I'll be adding to my current (small) collection after that haha
  13. Oh, I love the idea of this thread.

    I'm such a sucker for good packaging so if one of my bias groups releasing an album with good packaging, I have to have it.

    Current collection:


    I think BTS has the best regular album packaging I've seen thus far.
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  15. All I have are those oddly glue-smelling red bubble t-shirts and everytime I get one, the group evaporates. AOA, Crayon Pop, Orange Caramel... and I just got three more... so.... good luck EXID, Red Velvet, and Odd Eye Circle...

    I better find that spirit stick and fast!

    Oh, and I have this:

    Because she freed somebody.
  16. Basically I have all TWICE albums except Page Two (I'll get that when What Is Love arrives) and some EXO albums (The War, Exodus, Lotto, Sing For You, Universe, Countdown, Mama & Overdose)
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