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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.


    [COMPLETE] After School Song Survivor - Hitori
    [COMPLETE] Girls Generation Singles Rate - Alouder98
    [COMPLETE] 2NE1 Discography Rate - Deja-Boo
    [COMPLETE] Crayon Pop Discography Rate - Deja-Boo
    [COMPLETE] MIXX ‘Discography’ Rate - Deja-Boo
    [ONGOING] KARA Singles Rate - 3xS
    [ONGOING] SISTAR Discography Rate - SloMover
    [ONGOING] Orange Caramel Discography Rate - Deja-Boo
    [ACCEPTING] Wonder Girls Discography Rate - Sanctuary (Deadline: 10/30)

    [COMPLETE] Produce 101 Season 1 Rate - roux
    [COMPLETE] Underrated Girl Groups Rate - Squashua
    [COMPLETE] SM Girls Versus Rate - ajmkv
    [COMPLETE] Girl Groups Debut Singles - Alouder98
    [ONGOING] Underrated Girl Groups THE REUNION Rate - Squashua
    [ACCEPTING] Ultimate K-PopJustice Albums - Alouder98 (Deadline: October 15)
    [PENDING] Broduce 101 Rate - mokimbird

    MONTHLY/YEARLY CHARTS (Ran by Slice Of Life):
    [COMPLETE] October 2016 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] November 2016 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] December 2016 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] 2016 Song Of The Year - Squashua
    [COMPLETE] January 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] February 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] March 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] April 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] May 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] June 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] July 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] August 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] September 2017 K-Charts

    KPOPJUSTICE CONTESNTS (Ran by Squashua):
    [COMPLETE] #01: Gaon #1 Singles
    [COMPLETE] #02: Duos, Trios & Sub-Units
    [COMPLETE] #03: K-ontroversial K-Pop
    [COMPLETE] #04: Shaman Unnie's Retro Mixtape
    [COMPLETE] #05: K-Indie Justice

    - 4Minute Discography Rate / Mikl C
    - Rainbow Discography Rate / ryan_riot92
    - Shinee Discography Rate / eccentricsimply
    - Red Velvet Discography Rate / Serg.
    - Gaon 2017 #1s / Sanctuary
    - Girls' Generation Discography / Alouder98
    - Big 3 Girl Groups 2017 / Serg.
    - Classic Girl Groups vs Rate / Mikl C
    - Perfect All-Kill Singles / ThisIsRogue
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  3. I like this one better. I'll participate for sure.

    Also, may I just ask, why do you spell Seohyun as Soehyon? I'm just really curious. Hehe.
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  4. I like the solo EPS idea too. I'm not familiar with all of them, but having only EPs should be pretty easy to do.
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  5. Haha , seems like I can never learn this and I had problems with it recently. My friend told me her album is on Spotify and I search her name many times and couldn't find it. And when I googled it , i found my mistake but I did it again here. Maybe she should change it :)

    And glad to hear you like solos rate xx
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  6. Also, if you can wait, Krystal of f(x) will release her debut single/album in February, I believe. That is, if you want a bigger set of songs.
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  7. Yeah i was exactly thinkng about this. And yeah since people are still working on their scores for 2016 rate , I will wait for Krystal. And including her depends on the EP's quality. Flops (Amber) are not invited.
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  8. Would Jessica's EPs count?
  9. Officially her EPs are not under SM's name. And I don't think her EPs bring something to rate , and maybe they just make people don't want to participate . But I'm open to ideas , so if everybody wants to rate them , I will include her. But currently , no she isn't on my list.
  10. I'm down for a solo SM Girls rate. After listening to Seohyun's EP it makes sense to collect them all. Also kinda feel we should subject ourselves to an Amber EP purely for the sake of someone to leave first and the level of scathing in the commentary...
  11. I agree with @Squashua. I need to murder Shake That Brass.
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  13. Okay she is included , Burn her.
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  14. @Deja-Boo
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  15. Ok, I was just checking!
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  16. You know WHOO needs a rate (along with 4MINUTE)?

  17. Include Jessica in the SM rate. She's a SM girl at heart.

    And I need to drag the hell out of the Fly (English Version)

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  18. Her albums are full of basic filler tracks and make people don't want to participate. But I will add her 3 singles just for you . The other Jung Sister will probably be in the rate, by the way.
  19. Hmm, I'm not sure about including Jessica since her album is not an SM production. But still I would participate, @Alouder98 boo. x
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  20. Jessica can be a wildcard entry and y'all will deal.

    You are not ready for my dragging of Fly. Put dissertations to shame.
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