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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. I guess I shouldn't put in a good word for the absolutely magnificent The Rose, right? (I don't really care how many there are, really, I mean... it couldn't be as big as an SNSD or WG rate either way, right?)

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  2. But did you bop?
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  3. I don't know why, but this really spoke to my soul. That, and the fact that @Slice of Life still remembers that DMTN existed/exists.

    @Cotton Park I actually loved 'The Rose' a lot. I also feel like people don't give Teen Top nearly enough credit for making it as far as they did.

    Well then, Imma grow this list then.
  4. To 2 out of 4 of them. I'll let you figure out which x
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  5. This is literally m K-Pop life!
    You want extra? I'll have plenty of that.
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  6. Cyst, I was a stan! Of course, I will remember!

    RIP my babies!!!

    I'm guessing DMTN and maybe... LC9???? Ddddddddd. I don't know. Just answer the question!
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  7. @Slice of Thirst
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  8. I never really 'got' them until I saw them raise the fucking roof at KCon a couple of years ago. They stole the show and I barely even knew who they were. Great performers. Amazing cohesion and hypnotic footwork. And their stuff with Brave Brothers is excellent, too. Kinda under appreciated.
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  9. Don't tarnish my name like that, okay.

    Let's just say I enjoy a variety of concepts kekeke.
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  10. Alright unnies, the official Boy Group Debut Singles Rate is UP

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  11. oh wow. this is perfect!
  12. Kii at the sub-forum's entries into the next general forum's Winners Rate being (so far):

    2NE1 - Fire
    Luna - Free Somebody
    KARA Rate Winner
    SISTAR Rate Winner
    Orange Caramel Rate Winner
    Wonder Girls Rate Winner
    Underrated Girl Group 2.0 Rate Winner
    Boy Group Debut Rate Winner

    I'm still pressed 2NE1 won in the end dddd.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I see you whore.
  15. Not every hunty can start and complete a rate in less than 70 days, it seems.
  16. Are you still doing the Korean number 1s of 2017 or something rate, babe? I'm perched for it.
  17. Yeah, I just checked what has gone #1 since I last organized it and it's this:
    1. "Your Night” - Infinite Challenge Cast
    2. “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” - Ailee, Goblin OST
    3. “The Song” - Zion.T
    4. “Yesterday” - Block B
    5. “Spring Day” - BTS
    6. “Knock Knock” - TWICE
    7. “Fine” - Taeyeon
    8. “Anymore” - Jung Key
    9. “Plz Don’t Be Sad” - Highlight
    10. “Through The Night” - IU
    11. “Really Really” - WINNER
    12. “I Can’t Love You Anymore” - IU
    13. “Palette” - IU
    14. “Be Well” - Sechskies
    15. “I Luv It” - Psy
    16. “Signal” - TWICE
    17. “Lonely” - Sistar
    18. “Untitled, 2014” - G-Dragon
    19. “We Loved” - Bolbbalgan4
    20. “Don’t Know You” - Heize
    21. “You, Clouds, Rain” - Heize
    22. “Red Flavor” - Red Velvet
    23. “Ko Ko Bop” - EXO
    24. “Energetic” - Wanna One
    25. “Like It” - Jong Shin Yoon
    26. “Gashina” - Sunmi
    27. “We Are” - Woo Won Jae ft. Loco & Gray
    28. “Autumn Morning” - IU
    29. “Something Special” - SECHSKIES
    30. ‘Some” - Bolbbalgan4
    31. “Where You At” - NU’EST W
    32. “Love Story” - Epik High ft. IU
    33. “Likey” - TWICE
    34. ‘When We Were Two” - Urban Zakapa

    It's lowkey an IU rate dddd. There's 7 weeks left to Gaon's year-end, so it should be 40/41 at most.
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  18. I was hoping you'd wait until The East Light finally nails one.
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  19. Wait at this list being actually really good. There's an obvious winner on the list and I know I will have a mental breakdown when my 11 undeservedly ends up in bottom 10 but still I'm perched for this rate.

    Also, I was also thinking about K-Pop entries in Winners Rate the other day and thought maybe we shouldn't send them for Winners Rate anymore dddd. We can have our own winners rate when we have enough winners (some time in 2025 ddd)
  20. Yeah I kinda like the idea of not sending our K-Pop rate winners in that rate. Frankly, I just don't wanna deal with that person anymore.