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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Someone.... seems to be missing... from this list...
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  2. I'm literally crying. The 2010 thread...the song choices.

    People actually giving Hoot points.
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  3. I've opened this year's PJ Monthly Song Chart rate which features some K-Pop. It's a Eurovision style ballot so people won't be tanking K-Pop songs with zeros. If you want to come out and vote, I'd love to have you!
  4. Here is the so far winners list for the winners rate 3.0. I think I added all the winning songs where I was tagged for. But I made some mistakes elsewhere. So please check to prevent problems down the road:

    01 // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins, Not Tragedies // Panic! At The Disco Discography // @Wills, @GhettoPrincess and @ohnostalgia
    02 // The Veronicas - 4Ever // The Veronicas Discography // @Mina
    03 // Janet Jackson - If // Janet Jackson Discography (part 1) // @P'NutButter
    04 // JoJo - Too Little Too Late // JoJo Discography // @RainOnFire
    05 // ADELE - Rolling In The Deep // ADELE Discography // @2014
    06 // Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance // 1989 Rate - Part 2 // @VivaForever
    07 // Luna - Free Somebody // SM Girls VS Rate // @ajmkv
    08 // Pussycat Dolls - Buttons // Pussycat Dolls discography // @LA Hallucinations
    09 // 2NE1 - Fire // Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate // @Alouder98
    10 // Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell // Pop Girls Freshman Class // @slaybellz

    11 // Garbage - You Look So Fine // Garbage discography // @NecessaryVoodoo
    12 // Sufjan Stevens - Should Have Known Better // Sufjan Stevens selected discography // @HeartSwells
    13 // Solange - Cranes In The Sky // Solange discography // @Sprockrooster
    14 // Utada Hikaru - Traveling // Utada Hikaru discography // @TheChoirgirlHotel
    15 // Tinashé - 2 On // Tinashé discography // @Kuhleezi
    16 // Aaliyah - Try Again // Timbaland selected discography // @KingBruno
    17 // Brandy - Full Moon // Brandy discography // @Angeleyes
    18 // Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls // Pet Shop Boys discography (part 1) // @Ray
    19 // Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely // Wonder Girls discography // @Sanctuary
    20 // Goldfrapp - A&E // Goldfrapp discography // @One Stop Candy Shop

    21 // Fifth Harmony - Work From Home (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) // Fifth Harmony Discography // @GhettoPrincess
    22 // 9Muses - Remember // Underrated Girl Groups // @Squashua
    23 // SISTAR - I Like That // SISTAR Discography Rate // @SloMover
    24 // Koda Kumi - No Tricks // Koda Kumi discography - part 1 // @evilsin
    25 // Ayumi Hamasaki - M // Ayumi Hamasaki discography - part 1 // @aaronhansome + @ThisIsRogue + @send photo
    26 // KARA - Step // KARA singles rate // @3Xs
    27 // Halsey - Strangers (Feat. Lauren Jauregui) // Fifth Harmony solo efforts // @GhettoPrincess
    28 // Azealia Banks - 212 (Feat. Lazy Jay) // Black Girl Debut Magic // @Mr.Arroz
    29 // Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind // Disney Classics // @Animalia
    30 // Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart // Alicia Keys Discography // @D.F.P. + @Heaven on Earth + @Sprockrooster + @londonrain

    31 // Lorde - Green Light // Big Pop Girls Rate 2017 + Alt Girls Rate 2017 // @Laura Vanderbooben + @constantino
    32 // Lorde - Perfect Places // Alt Girls Rate 2017 // @constantino

    Ineligible as it was part of a previous winners rate
    01 // Girls Aloud - Call The Shots // Xenomania selected discography // @CorgiCorgiCorgi
    02 // Madonna - Like A Prayer // PJ Favourites Rate (part 1) // @ufint
    03 // ABBA - The Winner Takes It All // ABBA discography // @Remorque
  5. Everything's correct, I believe. Thank you x
  6. Ddd poor Orange Caramel rate.

    I should have the #1s rate finished on the 24th (I actually worry I go through my rates too fast ddd), so that could end up included depending on when the next Winners Rate launches.
  7. I hate one a day elims especially when there's like hundreds of songs. No tea no shade to anyone who does that because I know people have actual life stuff to do.
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  8. I usually format everything before it starts so it's usually just copying/pasting it all into one post when the actual rate starts, but I know not everyone is as... high-strung as I am to do that dddd.
  9. This feels pointed, Jimmy.
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  10. Ddd my pokérate write-ups were all complete by like #50
  11. [​IMG]
    *sobbing at being savaged and generally being a mess at life in every way sobs*
  12. When you transcribed fucking YouTube videos and made beautiful graphics and fun posts dragging @send photo during the Tegan and Sara rate, but it wasn’t enough because you paced it to 1-2 elims a day. Some of us need our artistic oats time okay.
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  13. I suppose it shows in my dumpster fire rates, kii
  14. Did anyone try Miss A rate
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  15. Remember when it took me seven hours to write an elimination and you did yours in fifteen minutes? I am not blessed with your talent to write quickly.
  16. Bored with no K-Pop rates to complete? It's not K-Pop but I know there's a lot of crossover fans, so here's the Namie Amuro Rate due February 27th.

    And when you finish with that one I've got the Ayumi Hamasaki Rate due April 1st!
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  17. So....

    I really wanted to do the SHINee rate for their 10 years anniversary......... If y'all think you can do it/are willing to participate.
  18. To elaborate on this;

    I thought about doing it with the Korean discography and the Japanese singles and split it into two. The first half starting before May and including the mini/albums from 2008-2012 and then the second half happening after May with 2013-2018, including the album they'll most likely release for their 10th anniversary. It's mostly because they have a very extensive discography and it'd be a shame not to rate at least all their Korean songs, but it'd be easier to split in two, both for me to do it and for whoever participates to vote.
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  19. What do you mean by that, it's a fucking bop.

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  20. I feel like we're in a lull without rates to follow. Would you guys like a rip-off of @ohnostalgia's PJ Song Chart?
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