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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Wait this would kinda be iconic and the latter would open up options to spawn two/three rates, like a Girl Group #1s first, then a Boy Group #1s after, and then a Solo #1s (dddd) after if people wanted that.

    This is what the girl group #1s from 2010-2016, look like.

    Oh! - SNSD
    Try To Follow Me - 2NE1
    Lupin - Kara
    I Go Crazy Because Of You - T-ara
    Run Devil Run - SNSD
    2 Different Tears - Wonder Girls
    Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A
    Madonna - Secret
    Go Away - 2NE1
    Hoot - SNSD

    Danger - f(x)
    Lonely - 2NE1
    Goodbye Baby - miss A
    So Cool - Sistar
    Sixth Sens - BEG
    The Boys - SNSD
    Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
    Cry Cry - T-ara

    Lovey-Dovey - T-ara
    Alone - Sistar
    Twinkle - GG-TTS
    Electric Shock - f(x)
    Loving U - Sistar
    I Love You - 2NE1
    Dancing Queen - SNSD

    I Got A Boy - SNSD
    Gone Not Around Any Longer - Sistar19
    What’s Your Name? - 4minute
    Give It To Me - Sistar
    Falling In Love - 2NE1
    Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x)
    Missing You - 2NE1

    Mr. Mr. - SNSD
    Come Back Home - 2NE1
    Whatcha Doin’ Today - 4minute
    Darling - Girl’s Day
    Touch My Body - Sistar
    I Swear - Sistar

    Up & Down - EXID
    Only You - miss A
    Shake It - Sistar
    Party - SNSD

    Rough - GFRIEND
    You’re The Best - Mamamoo
    Cheer Up - Twce
    I Like That - Sistar
    Why So Lonely - Wonder Girls
    Navillera - GFRIEND
    Whistle - Blackpink
    Very Very Very - IOI
    TT - Twice

    That's 51~ I believe. I don't think I missed any, but for reference:
  2. This was me but I don't want to run it myself, it was just a suggestion.

    I think a versus singles rate for big boy groups would be good since the sub is not that much boy group-friendly to run discography rates for each of them.

    I wanted to suggest this when the 2017 rate was finished but then I looked at the #1s of 2016 and literally half of the list were OSTs of a certain series. A girl group exclusive sounds fun though.
  3. Oh and I need some help for my next rate ghurls. I won't start it until like May/June but I need to know which one I'm gonna run.

    So there are two ideas. The first is the SNSD rate that I've talked about a few times. I decided to cut everything they've released pre-2011 and their singles (since we rated them before) so there are about 60 songs to rate. But the question is are there enough people who care about those 60 songs like I do?

    B plan: The SM Rate was brilliant so I'm willing to do a second season if people are interested. The line-up would be :

    Taeyeon - My Voice (except the songs we rated from it in the first rate)
    Jessica - My Decade
    Victoria's upcoming album
    Tiffany or Yuri possible albums
    And like 10 singles by other girls

    (I wanted to add the BoA mini since it's brilliant but @send photo sent me death threats to not include it)

    Tell me your (honest) thoughts x
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  4. A Eurovision-style voting could work for those type of rates if it's a lot of songs (and to avoid people trolling on acts they don't like). I feel like a rate hog so I don't want to rush to offer to do them, but I'd be willing to do one of them (either boy group #1s or girl group #1s) if no one else is eager to do them (though I do think girl group #1s is smarter to do first since K-PJ is more pro-girl groups).

    Does that include their Japanese releases in that timeframe? I'd participate if it does.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Yeah. These are the albums we will rate :

    3 Japanese Albums
    The Boys
    I Got A Boy
    Mr Mr
    Lion Heart
    Holiday Night
  7. @Alouder98 do me a solid and start the SNSD one after the first half of the SHINee one is over so people will actually participate in mine okay thank you xx
  8. I'll pull extra promo and even force @ohnostalgia and @R92 to vote, our oppas deserve it. I just bought the Replay mini too ddd.
  9. Nñn I bought the repackage of Taemin's album in December and it still hasn't arrived so I even though I wanna buy their 10th anniversary album, I lowkey quit buying kpop albums from now on teebs
  10. Here's the #1 for boy groups (if you include FT Island and CNBlue as boy groups):
    Can't Let You Go Even If I Die - 2AM
    Without U - 2PM
    Love Love Love - FT Island
    You Wouldn't Answer My Calls - 2AM

    Tonight - BIG BANG
    Intuition - CN Blue
    Love Song - BIG BANG
    Hands UP - 2PM

    I Knew It - Beast
    I Wonder If You Hurt Like ME - 2AM
    Sherlock - Shinee
    Hey You - CN Blue
    Monster - BIG BANG

    Dream Girl - Shinee
    Will You Be Okay? - Beast
    Everybody - Shinee

    The Lone Duckling - g.o.d.
    No More - Beast
    Good Luck - Beast
    Empty - Winner
    December, 2014 - EXO

    Loser - BIG BANG
    View - Shinee
    Bang Bang Bang - BIG BANG
    Love Me Right - BIG BANG
    If You - BIG BANG
    Let’s Not Fall In Love - BIG BANG
    My Type - iKON
    Apology - iKON

    Monster - EXO
    Three Words - Sechskies
    Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS
    Fxxk It - BIG BANG

    Again, a Eurovision-style rate would probably be best cause it's dudes ddd.

    If no one eventually claims either for awhile, I'll look into tackling them.
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  11. That would be iconique. Please run it, unnie.
    I can’t wait to give my 0 to M***MOO.
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  12. I love talent.
  13. I like the idea @Sanctuary, but I'm not ready for these girls to give half of those badly aged songs from the early decade really high scores while they decimate the newer girl groups.
  14. Ddd wait what happened here?

    Edit: Bye it's a group called Secret with a song called Madonna.

  15. ddd
    oh wait you edited your post.
  16. I thought the Eurovision style would block the latter (the unfair decimating) from happening ddd.

    It's a song called "Madonna" by a group called Secret. See above ddddd.
  17. Can't wait to see my friendship with @Kuhleezi getting ruined when we see each others' scores for f(x) and SNSD.
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  18. Yeah this was what I was thinking would be better and more iconique
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  19. R92


    @eccentricsimply Comsider this post my preemptive 11 for Feel Good.
  20. I went to google BoA to see how many Gaon #1's she has (none) and she's finally the first result before Bank of America. Impact!