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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Sis you're in for such an amazing and filled with gems discography you're going to change your mind #soon
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  2. Our thing progresses, I call and you come through
    Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you
    But we're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre
    Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre

    — Lorde, about @Kuhleezi and Luna
  3. To be fair, Gaon only started in 2010. There was an industry chart from 1999-2008, I believe, called MIAK, that was a monthly chart, but somehow.. most of the information is no longer online? ddd. I think the individual monthly charts are archived somewhere untranslated. Somehow some physical single albums charted so there's some data for singles, but digital single charts didn't become a thing until 2010.

    Album figures are the only relevant ones pre-2010.

    I just need to know people's opinions on:

    1) If they prefer a traditional rate, ie: people rate everything. Or if they prefer a Eurovision style ballot. It's like 51~ songs for women and 35~ songs for men (obviously though the girl groups the more appealing rate to do first since it's K-PJ).

    2) Should songs that previously won rates (ie: I Like That, Why So Lonely) not be included? Would people have an issue with them being included or would be fine with them in it?
  4. I don't see why they shouldn't be included personally.
    I'm fine with either a Eurovision style rate or a traditional rate, even though I feel Eurovision style ballots are easier to do and less time consuming ddd. No need to adjust scores etc.
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    I still prefer traditional rates but I wouldn't be too mad with Eurovision style.
  6. Yeah I also prefer traditional rates, cause they are a bit more fun. But yeah I'd vote in ESC style as well.
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  7. OKAY I MADE SOME DECISIONS for the SHINee rate.

    The first half is either going to run March 17th-April 21st OR March 24th-April 28th because I think five weeks is enough time to rate the songs (that could change of course.) And then the second one would start whenever I'm done with the results for the first one, maybe a week or so after so I have Time to prepare.

    First half would be:
    The Shinee World
    2009, Year of Us
    Misconceptions of Me

    Second half would be:
    Misconceptions of You
    1 of 1
    (10th year anniversary album)
    Japanese singles

    With the possibility of doing an EXTRA very quick one for solo/subunit tracks of each member (except Minho because he doesn't have any, sorry Minho.)

    I thought it'd be better to make them in chronological order so the first albums would have more of a chance? I do think Shinee's discography aged like fine wine, but not everybody might agree with me SO.
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  8. What am I doing?
  9. Start listening to SHINee.
  10. Someone needs to start an AOA rate so Heart Attack can get my 11.
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  11. Yes please! I'm too lazy to participate in most rates but trust and believe I won't pass up on a chance to spread A.O.A Cream's gospel.
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  12. The only rate that the top 4 (Heart Attack, Like A Cat, Miniskirt and Excuse Me) all will have 10+ averages.
  13. We should do a LOONA "pre-debut" rate.
  14. Better wait for EDEN's subunit album before that.
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  15. ddddd yes please.
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  16. Wouldn't Kim Lip just win by default.

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  17. JK I know you flops would probably rate it 5th overall or something.
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  18. He


    Yes, let's do a rate after Eden repackage. So maybe around August?

    Kim Lip or Yves, maybe even Olivia could win.

    But it'd be interesting to see where the others rank.

    (this is not an invitation to post your personal rankings, kii).
  19. Sis you know damn well the top 5 would be:
    #1 Eclipse
    #2 Singin In The Rain
    #3 Love Cherry Motion
    #4 Sweet Crazy Love
    #5 Girl Front
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  20. He


    It’s not totally incorrect. Kii.

    But I do think Yves will be number 2.

    I actually would love a co-number 1 of Eclipse and new.

    But my ranking after that varies too much between OEC and Eden, so that’s why I’m curious about a vote.