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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. I would enjoy this immensely.
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  2. @Deja-Boo just an idea but since you're in the queue for BoA maybe you could do her j-pop catalogue there and then k-pop here? That way you don't have to queue up all over again.
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  3. I think I've settled on doing a combined singles rate in the end. It's a lot, but not unreasonable. And I'm taking the Jpop angle as an excuse to not do it over here because it would get more attention and likes in the Lists section.
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  4. We had a BoA rate before did we not? 3xs?
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  6. I haven't heard anything from Rainbow , but i love rates so i'll participate. 4Minute would be great too, cause i'm actually listening to their old material , these days. Or someone can do a T-ara singles rate next month as a tribute to them after disbanding.
  7. Lord, now that I've popped my Rate cherry I am so ready to do more. 4minute, Nine Muses (are they even ever coming back?), BEG... all rates I would love to do.
  8. I would love an f(x) discography rate, considering they have a shitload of album cuts that actually stand a chance at doing well.
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  9. I'd be here for that.
  10. Isn't it better to host a rate for a disbanded group? I'm sure f(x) will eventually comeback with the bop to end all bops and I would hate to not rate it.
  11. @R92 was interested in hosting that one but everyone wanted to wait for them to disband.
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  12. Just ask @Deja-Boo to start the rate then, they'll disband and @R92 can take over.
  13. I'd love someone to host a massive singles vs rate of all the classic groups.

  14. SAME.
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  15. I need someone to host the Wonder Girls rate. @BEST FICTION Please do it. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  16. Not to get too ahead of myself but.... for their 10th anniversary next year someone should host a Shinee rate.
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  17. This would be so iconic...

    But it might kill us all.
  18. Gurl, if I had the time I definitely would!
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  19. I've never hosted a rate before, but I'll consider it.

  20. I still think we need a rate for the horrible outfits Kara wore in "Step."

    Here's my number 1: Nicole's pink jumper.

    Horrible f(x) outfits would take us into 2019, otherwise I'd have suggested that, but here's my number 1 for that.... just in case:

    Luna's spiked blazer in "Danger (Pinocchio)."

    Or we could just narrow it down to Sulli's shoe collection. I could do that...

    I think this needs to go into the Drunk KPop section. Apologies. Sarangae.
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