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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. I slipped MIXX in kii.
  2. Oh while we're at it, Debuts Rate is already started.
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  3. The Winners Rate is open in the charts subforum and there's six k-pop gems competing!
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  4. I might head over just to give Closer an 11 and score everything else 0-2.
  5. Whatever happened to the 2008 and 2013 ₩on Prize rates? I can't find them anywhere...

    EDIT: Thanks Google. I found 2008. Was the 2013 ever even finished? I can't remember...
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  6. And it's going to win.
    If we all 11 it.... You know you wanna...
  7. I reserve Sistar rate! I'd like to do it sooner rather than later to capitalise on their disbandment but happy to wait a bit to give everyone breathing room for Monthly Charts, Kpopvision and Girl Group Debuts.
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  8. I am going to make a list for the third winners rate (cause the one @send photo is co-hosting has a deadline that has passed). If a song wins a rate here feel free to @me so I can add it (cause I do not follow this part of the forum closely).
  9. I had a dream we did a K-Indie Girls rate and Neon Bunny won with "Oh My Prince". The only other details I remember where Nieah, Hoody, Satbyeol, Aseul, and MISO where contenders. If I find the time this summer, maybe I can throw this together and make a dream come true.
  10. Can someone please do a quick post-2015 rate for Wonder Girls so I can give everything on Reboot 10/10 ? I started listening to the album since April and I can finally say that I love every track now and it's the best K-Pop album ever.
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  11. Listen to Wonder World next, boo! It's what made me a Wonder Girls stan. Thank me later. xxxxx
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  12. I actually wanted to ask you about their good albums a few days ago so thanks xx

    Also I found out that there are some albums that really need to be rated like Reboot and a few others from other groups but they don't because their own artists' discographies are so big and to be honest rating 120 songs from a K-Pop group is a waste of everyone's time. So I have a good plan for those albums after my current rate but I want to keep it a secret for now cause I'm still unsure about it * wink wink *
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  13. In all honesty, I haven't listened to their albums pre-Wonder World dddddddd. But I plan to when @BEST FICTION (hopefully) hosts the Wonder Girls Discography Rate. xxxxx

    BUT TRUST ME ON THIS: Wonder World is topnotch. It lacks the cohesion of Reboot but the bops are such stunners. Also if you don't find yourself not liking Me, In and/or Stop! from Wonder World, I don't think we can be friends dddddddddd.

    You always have plans! I'm excited!
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  14. Always! I also think I'm overthinking about the rates. Sometimes I tell myself '' STOP, you already have another one to finish'' but then I ignore that thought and think about a new idea n n n.

    Don't do this to me, I'm already frightened. No but seriously I loved your suggestions for Miss A so I think I will like this album too.
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  15. For a Wonder Girls rate we could skip that dark period between Wonder World and Reboot where they kept trying to break the US.
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  16. But Like This is a bop....
  17. Sadly, this is an unpopular opinion. But I love it. Yath, fight me.

    Like This Dance Practice Video >>>>>> your unnies' dance practice videos

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  18. Plus the Wonder Party mini gave us this masterpiece.

    Like honestly, it's not a million miles away from a BLACKPINK track.
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  19. And this heartbreaking hymn...

    Ugh, I miss my girls so much! Come back to us, babes!
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  20. Iconic. On my "Why I Love KPop" playlist. Sorry if that's an unpopular opinion.
    Well, not really sorry. What's not to love?
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