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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Without tooting the horn too early, definitely keep your play counts in mind for the 2017 SOTY rate @karmarisma (Shaman above it's come around quick). The intention is to follow the same format as last time of everyone getting to hand in a individual ballot full of your fave songs (& Album tracks) to create the full line-up for the heats, so any tracked data might come in handy for choosing those.

    @Serg. a big three rate of some kind would be super intriguing (& a hardcore mess). I'd be intrigued where we'd align as a sub-forum.
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  3. Yeah, I'm a rare Apple Music user so I have all my plays on hand but I can see why that'd be an issue. I was just throwing ideas.

    That said, I'm digging the 'Big Pop Girls Rate'. If anyone did decide to run it, I'd chuck in the lesser Pledis, Fantagio, Starship, Jellyfish and Cube (let's save FNC the embarrassment). But we all know it'd be a Blackpink vs. Red Velvet vs. Twice showdown.

    This 2017 ballot is going to be impossible...(All my boy groups will flop)
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  4. Would anyone be interested in participating in a rate of songs by the female rappers who participated in all 3 seasons of Unpretty Rapstar? Not so much the songs done for the show, but the songs they did following the show with the new / resurged fame with a focus on singles.

    I could cut it down, but this is a list of what I've seen/know of:
    Season 1:
    Lil Cham - Dangerous ft. Verbal Jint, Jeonguk
    Jace - Not Enough ft. Kisum
    Tymee - Cinderella
    Jimin - God ft. J.Don
    Kisum - You & Me
    Kisum - 2 Beer
    Kisum - No Jam
    Jessi - SSENUNNI
    Jessi - Gucci
    Jessi - Arrived
    Cheetah - My Number

    Season 2:
    Ash-B - By My Side
    Ahn SooMin - Because Of The Alcohol
    Gilme - Success (Don’t Kill My Vibe)
    Kasper - Lean On Me
    Jiyoon - I Do
    Jiyoon - Magnet
    YEZI - Cider
    YEZI - Anck Su Namum
    YEZI - Sse Sse Sse ft. Gilme, SooMin, KittiB
    Heize - Shut Up & Groove ft. Dean
    Heize - And July ft. Dean
    Heize - Star
    Heize - Don’t Know You
    Hyolyn - Love Like This Dok2
    Hyolyn - One Step ft. Jay Park
    Hyolyn - Paradise
    Hyolyn - Fruity w/ Kisum
    Hyolyn - Blue Moon w/ GroovyRoom
    KittiB - Doin’ Good
    KittiB - Nobody’s Perfect

    Season 3:
    Kassy - Dream
    Grace - I’m Fine
    Grace - Trick Or Treat
    Grace - Zombie High
    Euna Kim - Love Therapy ft. EXY
    Miryo - Rock Scissors Paper w/ GIANTPINK
    Nada - Seorae Village
    GIANTPINK - Dumb Dumb w/ Jane Jang & PERC%NT
  5. I'd be keen to give Dumb Dumb/Sse Sse Sse an 11 straight off the bat. (I.e. I'd be keen)
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  6. I am thinking that the KPJ subs should consider a Hall of Fame for our favorite KPop artists and groups. I could draw up the guidelines in a separate proposal/thread. I've thought too much about this, I might even run it.

    My thought would be to start with an original 5 to 10 that could come from everyone submitting a list of about 10 nominations, then a vote to narrow it down, or just take the top five.

    On-going, then we'd induct one member a month (because KPop years are like dog years) with a similar process. All would be added to one thread with pretty artwork like most of our awesome rates, while the monthly voting would happen in a separate one per round.
  7. We need to slow down on the rates.

    Like, wait for a few to finish before y'all start anymore.
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  8. Not like I'm in any hurry.
  9. Sis, @Alouder98 do you think you could re-arrange the OP so it lists what rates are complete, what ones are accepting submissions, what ones are currently occurring, etc. like the main forum’s rate section?

    I think it could help us keep track of everything better.

    Something like:

    [COMPLETE] 2NE1 Discography Rate - Deja-Boo
    [COMPLETE] After School Song Survivor - Hitori
    [COMPLETE] Crayon Pop Discography Rate - Deja-Boo
    [COMPLETE] Girls Generation Singles Rate - Alouder98
    [COMPLETE] MIXX ‘Discography’ Rate - Deja-Boo
    [ONGOING] KARA Singles Rate - 3xS
    [ONGOING] SISTAR Discography Rate - SlowMover
    [ACCEPTING] Orange Caramel Discography Rate - Deja-Boo (Deadline: 9/17)
    [ACCEPTING] Wonder Girls Discography Rate - eccentricsimply (Deadline: 10/6)
    [PENDING] Girls Generation Discography Rate - Shockbox

    [COMPLETE] Girl Groups Debut Singles - Alouder98
    [COMPLETE] Produce 101 Season 1 Rate - roux
    [COMPLETE] SM Girls Versus Rate - ajmkv
    [COMPLETE] Underrated Girl Groups Rate - Squasha
    [ONGOING] Underrated Girl Groups THE REUNION Rate - Squasha
    [ACCEPTING?] Ultimate KPopJustice Albums - Alouder98
    [PENDING] Broduce 101 Rate - mokimbird

    MONTHLY/YEARLY CHARTS (Ran by Slice Of Life):
    [COMPLETE] October 2016 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] November 2016 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] December 2016 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] 2016 Song Of The Year - Squasha
    [COMPLETE] January 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] February 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] March 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] April 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] May 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] June 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] July 2017 K-Charts
    [COMPLETE] August 2017 K-Charts

    [COMPLETE] #01: Gaon #1 Singles
    [COMPLETE] #02: Duos, Trios & Sub-Units
    [COMPLETE] #03: K-ontroversial K-Pop
    [COMPLETE] #04: Shaman Unnie's Retro Mixtape
    [ACCEPTING] #05: K-Indie Justice

    - 4Minute Discography Rate / Miki C
    - Rainbow Discography Rate / ryan_riot92
    - Shinee Discography Rate / eccentricsimply
    - Red Velvet Discography Rate / Serg.
    - Gaon 2017 #1s / Sanctuary

    It helps us see there's three rates that need completion and three accepting ballots (and two-three that got lost in the mix).
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  11. Oh this is great, I updated the original posts + links to the threads. Thanks x
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  12. Okay but can y'all fix your spelling of @Squashua unnie's name? dddddddddddddddd
  13. Sorry, @Squasha can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh...
  14. Dddddd that was an honest mistake.

    I don't know what that SNSD discography rate thread is. I just went through the subforum and noticed it. Did it evolve into the singles rate? I think I saw Shockbox saying they want to eventually do a rate of their Japanese albums.

    "Pending" just meant rates that seemed in limbo.
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  15. It was a mega rate for SNSD's Korean discography + their Japanese Discography + TTS albums + the girls' solo album - the singles that we rated before which was +100 songs and who had the time for that? So it got cancelled.

    The solo albums, as you know, later became part of SM Girls Rate and as for their discography I have a plan to do a rate for them without forcing people to rate all of their songs. It will probably be their Japanese album tracks + some selected songs from their Korean discography (which will be selected by a small pre-rate). I wanted to do it this year for their 10th anniversary but I had the debut rate so i will hopefully do it next year.
  16. Unnies don't forget the Boy Group Debut Singles Rate.

    I'm planning on running it in a month or two when my life starts to chill down and when the current rates are a fair way into their results.
  17. Why even do it when we already know the winner?

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  18. I don't think so, sweatie. xoxo

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  19. Um hello?
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