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K-Pop Remixes and Mash-Ups

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. I just thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to remixes only, where we all can share our favorite ones.

    Here are three remixes that immediately came to mind.

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  2. Queen of Pop

  3. I'm at work and not digging up stuff, BUT ROBOTAKI ANYTHING.

    And isn't it Aria? Area? Arena? Whoever they are, their remixes are good too.
  4. It's Aeria. They are the ones I've been using at the beginning and ends of the chart vids.
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  5. My first love story kpop song ever!

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  6. Iconic.
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  7. I have a whole playlist of these. I'll post a few when I get some time.
  8. Not sure if this counts.

  9. The remix that the Loonatics & OEC stans deserve.
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  10. MeeeeeeU....
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  11. Wanna One just released remixes of Burn It Up and Energetic.

  12. Mash-up of the year!
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  16. Watch me stan BTS after this.
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  17. Scream. I love this!
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  18. Little Apple + Gentleman