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K-Popjustice Charts - February 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. I feel like the most irrelevant person after reading the results.
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  2. For your consideration:

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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Annyeong haseyo!

    Are you ready for more results?

    Let's go!



    from the Every DAY6 February single album
    JYP Entertainment (Studio J)

    35 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 8
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Deja-Boo
    9 - @send photo, @Slice of Life
    4 - @Monkey0
    3 - @junglefish

    What a triumph! A true Popjustice moment. After not getting a top 10 hit last month with I Wait, the boys of DAY6 served sweet revenge this month. Truly well-deserved.

    I admit I wasn't crazy about this at first. It felt like a non-event after the harmonious noise that is I Wait. But then I watched the music video... and listened to the song again while thinking about my past (dddd)... and I...

    I was snatched right back into DAY6's arms.

    Proof of me being an extra mess:

    I can't.

    But what about you, hennies? Were you as equally emotional as me?

    President of the Cute Hairy Faces Association, junglefish, is left speechless.

    I don’t really have anything to say, just listen to the video linked in this thread.

    While send photo... I... I'm blushing. Kii. <3

    I liked this ever since you posted it. Slicey you are beautiful.

    My impacT.

  5. Oh for fu-- Burn this sub-forum, part 2.
  6. I'm so sorry for my incompetence, everyone. I would like to explain why this edition of the KPJC has been really slow... but Imma do that after the reveal of results is over. Because I need all the attention. Kii.

    Anyway, let's do this again, shall we?



    Melody Day
    from the Kiss On The Lips mini album
    Cre.ker Entertainment

    41 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 1

    7 - @Monkey0, @D is for Danger!
    6 - @ThighHighs, @ryan_riot92
    5 - @Deja-Boo, @LightningRider
    3 - @Reboot
    1 - @ajmkv, @Robinho#1

    It's the year of our Lord Shaman Unnie, 2017. And Melody Day doesn't suck.



    Let's do it again.

    Melody Day doesn't suck.

    Yes, unnies. Melody Day just came back with Kiss On The Lips, a song that completely erased their beige-ness.

    Do any of y'all remember rating them late last year for the Underrated Queens of K-Pop Rate? Do y'all remember listening to their brand of lullabies... I mean, music?

    Yeah, me neither.

    Seriously, their music before 2017 was just... unnecessary. I mean, Korea already have a very successful market for boring OST ballads. We didn't need more boring ballads in our K-pop. No ma'am no.

    I don't know what sort of shady sponsorship their company managed to get how much they bribed Shaman Unnie for them to get hold of this song. It doesn't matter. The bottomline is - these unnies are now okay in my book. Yath! But will they earn a GRAMAMA nomination for Most Improved Artist? Well, stay tuned! Kii.

    But what about you, unnies? What do you think of this bop?

    Highest scorer Monkey0 has some serious advice to our K-pop faves.

    When in doubt go with subtle tropical bop

    ryan_riot92 unnie outs haself as a life ruiner.

    This really should have been released later in the year. It’s such a summery, reggae style that it’s kind of out of place right now. Even the video exudes the flavors of summer … but that doesn’t stop me from loving it so much right now! Truly a high moment for Melody Day just like “Speed Up” was. I ruined this song for my friend though by saying it reminded me of the Cops theme song… oops.

    ajmkv is surprisingly not shady this time around. What's happening, babe?

    Good job, honeys. This was pretty great.

    I see ThighHighs is already looking forward to the Underrated Queens of K-Pop Rate Season 2. Squashua unnie, ha impacT!

    This Wonder Girls aping masterpiece. The video and vibe of the song are a bit too on the nose, but it's a bop and they all look stunning. Who knows, this might have allowed them to make the Floppy Gurls final and avoid being lumped in with Wassup and CLC.

    And D is for Danger! oppar clocks the Wonder Girls homage... but lives for it anyway.

    This feels like a sequel to Wonder Girls' Why So Lonely both sonically and visually.

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  7. And our unlucky sixth placer for the month of February is...



    from the You Never Walk Alone repackage album
    Big Hit Entertainment

    45 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 6
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Deja-Boo, @Salami
    6 - @Cotton Park, @Monkey0
    5 - @Reboot, @ryan_riot92
    4 - @Robinho#1
    1 - @Aries

    Kings of Making EXO-Ls Foam In Their Mouths, BTS, once again show their prowess on our chart and land another top 10 hit after October's Blood, Sweat & Tears.

    Spring Day is one of the their title tracks for the You Never Walk Alone repackage album and is probably their most successful single yet... I'm not sure. Gaon Chart Expert Squashua unnie, back me up here, will ya?

    As for my opinion of the song... wait let me listen to it again. I always forget how it sounds ddddd.

    Oh it's the ~bogoshipda~ song! Kii.

    It's cute. I probably won't use it as much as Blood, Sweat & Tears though. But the music video is beyond beautiful. I had such a hard time choosing what still to use for the cover art. I see a GRAMAMA nomination in your future, BTS kids!

    Despite almost making the top 5, this only got one commentary... and it's from the ever reliable ryan_riot92!

    I stan these boys and I seriously love everything they put out. They added two brilliantly lovely tracks to an already impeccable album. This track is so sincere. It’s nice seeing this side of BTS every once in awhile and not the base drop/dance break side all the time. The fangirls go nuts for this I'm sure but I'm just happy it's toned down.

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  8. Let's begin the top 5 with this banger, shall we?



    from the Angel's Knock album
    FNC Entertainment

    47 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 1
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @PopZeitgeist
    6 - @Alouder98
    5 - @McQueer, @ajmkv
    4 - @SophiaSophia, @junglefish
    2 - @send photo, @ryan_riot92
    1 - @Ceir, @Overdose

    And January's number 1 song dips to the fifth spot. I mean, that's actually very impressive. With the amount of competition, spending another month in the top 5 is a cute little achievement. Choa AOA did that!

    Excuse Me is the better of the two title tracks off AOA's first full album, Angel's Knock. Bing Bing stans, please shut your mouth. Love you. x

    This was one of their lowest charting singles which is a shame because this is, like, 624.77% better than the number 2-peaking Good Luck. Ugh, why did that Japanese scandal have to happen? Why did Seolhyun have to date

    But let's not care too much about numbers and shit. The important thing is... Excuse Me remains a bop and if you don't like it, keep it yourself. #NoExcuseMeHateOnThisThreadThankU

    send photo, babe, good thing you saw the light. Or I will divorce your ass real quick.

    I actually didn't care for this when it first came out but it grew on me. I was actually team Bing Bing, nn.

    junglefish, cyst, why the AOA hate? I don't think Jimin's squeaky voice is that annoying...

    It ALWAYS comes up on shuffle and I never skip it. Amazing song. I still hate AOA though.

    I know Overdose is Team Boring Boring but he voted for Excuse Me so I'll let ha live.

    I love Excuse Me, she's my favourite.

    AOA super stan ajmkv is still pussy-popping to this, I'm sure.

    My gorls still making me bop.

    And BEST FICTION unnie hates us all...

    I only discovered this song this month, fuck y'all for not tagging me

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  9. Excuse Me is still up there as one of 2017's best so far and probably will continue to be for a while yet.
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  10. 4


    from the Act 2 - Narcissus mini album
    Jellyfish Entertainment

    68 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @D is for Danger!, @ryan_riot92, @GeiPanda, @He
    8 - @Vesperly
    7 - @ThighHighs, @junglefish
    3 - @PopZeitgeist, @Squashua, @Slice of Life
    1 - @McQueer


    ~geum nawara wara nope
    eun nawara wara nope
    neo nawara wara
    ttukttak nice~

    And hello,

    ~na na gateun ae
    na na na gateun ae eottae Uh~


    After being rightfully dragged to the pits for the snoozefest that was Wonderland, gu9udan redeems themselves with this crazy bawp. And oh, they debut on our chart too! YATH.

    This is such a divisive release... even dividing the K-Popjustice unnies. There are wrong people who called this trash. And there are 11 of us who voted for it this month because We. Have. Taste. Yath, fight me.

    But in all seriousness, I totally get the criticisms towards this song. Yes, it practically rivals Girl's Day's Ring My Bell when it comes to being extra. Yes, it's such a departure from their previous sound. But I can't help but like it. It's so K-pop! It's jarring! It's all over the place! It doesn't really make sense! But it bops!

    And the music video really help elevate the song too. The music video is so iconic, it actually made me stan Mina.

    I mean...



    I also love that Nayoung is showcased more now. She's really beautiful in a ssen unnie kinda way... like she eats Instagram hate comments for breakfast. I love that. And her second verse is probably my favourite part of the song.

    BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Let's go to YOUR comments.

    The Nayoung reign is just getting started and ThighHighs is one of the pioneers.

    On first listen, this song was trash, but it's really grown on me. Nayoung really gets ha time to shine, and her part after the first chorus is amazing. I'm so glad she gets more time to show off her husky tone after being shafted in Wonderland.

    I just know junglefish unnie is shook.

    A goddamn mess. 8.5/10

    Meanwhile, Squashua cyst continues ha love story with the 9u9us! Stan away, boo.

    COCKS FLAPPING ABOUT. GLORY HOLES FULL OF LIKES. ENDLESS VANITY & DELUSION. No this isn't the description of your local LGBT nightclub, this is the visual kii gifted to us by the formerly Whitney Houston whistle note mermaids that are Nugudan. It's possibly a little ratchet in all honesty (if K-Pop can even be that) but I can dig & this will no doubt grow on me. I'm still howling at the video - it's perfect.

    I don't know if D is for Danger! is a fan or not of Horsebin... I mean, Haebin. Either way, he gave them points so stan away too, oppar-nim.

    From zeros to heroes. This is so much better than Wonderland. The song is a mess, but I love it. Nayoung's parts are amazing. I love her sultry, raspy voice. The only downside is that my girl Horsebin barely got any screentime despite being a lead vocal. #justiceforhorsebin

    He's commentary is all over the place but I totally get it.

    Such an infections high energy track. I’m so glad they already found a winning formula with this song and image. It shows the members much better, and their different strengths vocally (except that “rapper” girl who seems quite useless here). Sejeong continues to be perfection, Mina is the cutest rapper, and Nayoung sounds so sexy and looks amazing with that hair. Elsewhere, the older girl can definitely sing, and the maknae is almost as cute as Mina. The other three look the same.

    "the older girl"... ddddd you're a mess, cyst!

    We'll end with ryan_riot92 who, like me, has also finally seen the 9u9u light. I see that VIXX drag though. I agree.

    Talk about a change for the better! I really couldn’t be bothered with that other song they released. It was cute but it wasn’t memorable at all. THIS on the other hand is a TUNE! It’s quirky instrumental and power vocals all come together in such a fantastic way. Imma have to keep my eyes on these girls in the future because they’ve got huge potential! Just don’t fall from grace like VIXX did last year …

  11. I've not really been able to keep up with this thread, but I like the charts so far. A Girl Like Me has really grown on me!
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  12. Tomorrow, our top 3 songs will finally be revealed.

    Why not reveal the third placer so we'll only be left with two songs to match up though?

    Well, that's a secret. But I will say that I'm just trying to... prepare y'all for the meltdowns that could be caused by our results.



    Good night from the Philippines, my babes! x

    Also please leave a comment or two. I want to post the final results on page 6 and not at the very end of page 5. Thanks. Hehe.
  13. I will gag if KARD gets kna kna kna kna knocked out at #3 but I know that's just unrealistic.
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  14. He


    KARD better take it all.

    Happy to see A Girl Like Me up here, yas!
  15. I'm WAITING for Twice to get knocked out. We're better than this, sistren!

    KARD for #1, then Rookie, then Knock Knock.
  16. Rookie is top 3? I didn't even remember it existed.
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  17. I'm expecting (and hoping for):
    #1 - Don't Recall
    #2 - Knock Knock
    #3 - Rookie
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  18. AOA and gugudan in Top5? Some brave choices.
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  19. [​IMG]
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