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K-Popjustice Charts - February 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. He


    Ok, but when do we know of KARD's triumph over evil?

    I'd be surprised if Lookie is still so high up.
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  2. The Top 3 is amazing and I voted for each of those songs (and none of them were my #1 oops), so I'll be happy with any of them taking the throne. Next month, though, is going to be awful, I won't be able to choose just 10 songs.
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  3. He


    I did not vote for one of the top three.

    But that is mostly Spotify's fault... or well, The Asian Soul's.
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  4. Alright, alright.

    I hear you, hennies.

    I know you're all excited for the final results.

    So let's do this.




    from the TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 repackage mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    98 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @BEST FICTION, @ryan_riot92, @GeiPanda
    9 - @Aries, @PopZeitgeist
    8 - @SophiaSophia, @LightningRider, @ajmkv
    7 - @Reboot
    6 - @Salami, @Vesperly
    4 - @Squashua
    2 - @ThighHighs
    1 - @junglefish

    KII. Did I scare y'all, Twice haterzzz?

    Twice once again missed the top spot... and even the second place proved to be elusive for the new Korea's National Girl Group. Just what should they do more before we allow them a taste of a first place finish?

    Develop singing skills? Okay. But what else? I feel like we're collectively being so hard on Twice. Poor it.

    Anyway... Knock Knock is Twice's single off the TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 repackage mini album. It's their first non-Black Eyed Pilseung title track which is surprising because this sounds like your typical Twice-Black Eyed Pilseung collab. And yes, it is currently taking Korea by storm. It ended the Goblin OST's reign of terror on the charts. And it has even successfully fended off strong competition like Taeyeon, BTS and GFriend. They did that. These girls are scary successful. And this just the start.

    I didn't vote for this song not because I don't like it... I actually do. But when I sent in my scores (to myself ddddd), I thought Knock Knock is not as strong as my fave Twice singles, Like Ooh Ahh and TT. I even told my bae send photo that I would drag Twice and this song because I used to find it so unremarkable.

    But I listened to it more... and I. Am. Consumed. By. It. Now.


    It's so darn cute. It reminds me of Christmas songs dddd. It's so sparkly, a little childish, a bit uninspired... but it makes me smile. It's also the first time that I enjoyed Jeongyeon's vocals.

    A few complaints:
    (1) I miss the Momo dance breaks. Bring it back, JYP.
    (2) Tzuyu needs more lines! I like her vocal color. Delete the unnecessary raps. I need more Tzuyu.
    (3) I'm gonna need them to surprise me with their next release. I like this song but it is so Twice on autopilot.

    Okay, I think I talked way too much already. Let's listen to your thoughts now!

    Same thoughts, Squashua cyst!

    This ain't no TT, it's certainly nowhere near as boppable or iconic, but it's probably the first time they've come at us without a massive gimmick visually so props to them for that. The chorus is immensely catchy, I love the fashion choices in the video and the second verse is a career highlight for them so far (largely because Jeongyeon punched out all your bowl-cut/pigtail bun faves).


    Sometimes, all ThighHighs needs is a basic bop, okay.

    This is better than everything they've done except TT, but it's just so... basic. I use it occasionally.

    Even former Twice hater junglefish liked this... for a few days. Kii.

    I can’t pretend to hate TWICE anymore. Knock Knock is a great song and even though I did get bored of it after two days, it deserves a spot in my top 10.

    ajmkv unnie is an upapologetic binch. We know, boo.

    Unapologetically loving this.


    SophiaSophia, cyst, I hope you're fine!

    I was like TT most of this month until TWICE came back and NAK NAK on my door.

    I don't know if ryan_riot92 likes Twice judging from his shade-filled comment but he likes Knock Knock, that's for sure.

    Are you surprised that I would put this as my number 1? Probs not but hey, it’s KILLER! It’s cute, catchy, and a certified bop … by who you ask? Me that’s who. I actually find this to be better than “TT” in that it was quite instant, more appealing musically, and visually appealing. When will your faves be as talentless yet still produce such a massive bop!? Probs never.

    And we'll end it with K-Popjustice's resident Twice stan, BEST FICTION.


    Oh. Okay.

  5. He


    Good, they can have Korea but they can't have our rate!

    Until next month.

    But it'll be Brave Girls' turn, I'm guessing.
  6. Which means our runner up is...



    Red Velvet
    from the Rookie mini album
    SM Entertainment

    116 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @SophiaSophia, @Slice of Life
    9 - @Vesperly, @junglefish, @LightningRider, @ajmkv
    8 - @ThighHighs
    7 - @PopZeitgeist, @Overdose, @He
    6 - @send photo, @Aries, @McQueer
    4 - @BEST FICTION, @GeiPanda
    2 - @Deja-Boo, @Ceir
    1 - @Squashua


    And Red Velvet spoils the Twice-K.A.R.D mega-battle this month. Did y'all expect that? I frankly didn't. I gave this my 10 points not only because I love it to death but more because I thought this needed my saving from becoming a giant flop.

    Number 2 ain't no flop though. Yath!

    Lookie Rookie is the title track of Red Velvet's fourth mini album. And it is a serious bop.

    I know, I know. It sounded like a flop on first listen. But I found myself listening to this again and again... again and again... again and again until the
    "supa lookie lookie" hook is carved on my soul. It's so catchy and memorable.

    The song, to me, sounds like Dumb Dumb mixed with a Crayon Pope chorus with a little Akdong Musician quirkiness. It challenged me. And I like being challenged.

    The music video is cute as well. It's no Russian Roulette or Dumb Dumb though. But it gets the job done: showcase ReVel's beauty. And their horrific fashion.

    Commentary time!

    My beloved co-Red Velvet stan, junglefish, questions why Red Velvet isn't on Twice's level.

    I feel like Red Velvet are so underrated and it’s really annoying me. Rookie is a major bop, the MV is fun, the choreography is great and the live performances are… adequate. What’s not to love????????????????!!?!?

    BEST FICTION loves trash, part 2.

    This is so trash, I love it

    No Squashua unnie! You're hurting me. Stan Red Velvet with meeeehhh!

    I STILL don't know what to make of this. I've listened to it quite a lot and find myself chanting the nonsensical slurry lack-of-elocution chorus but I don't really enjoy it. Like it's catchy, and the girls perform the crap out of it, but I don't really find it a fun listen. It's awkward and a mess but I can't let it go completely. The video is pretty though, even if the flying saucers ending only reminds me of obscure BBC kids' TV show Come Outside:


    An exclusive tutorial of the lyrics courtesy of Ceir unnie!


    I swear I didn't force send photo to vote for this! I'm innocent!

    My gift 2 u

    ThighHighs is... going crazy. Yath, join me in the RV craze, boo.

    Irritating af, but also amazing! It's so stupid and catchy and joyous. I can't stop listening.

    Overdose praises Red Velvet's choreography.

    This was so jarring at first but as always the girls got me hooked with great choreography for the chorus

    He is slowly but surely warming up to my factory faves.

    Another great bop from the SM factory.

    My co-10-point giver, SophiaSophia, tried to deny ha love for this... but she failed. Hehehe.


    We'll end this post with ajmkv panicking for ha life dddddd. Thank God he found the gif.

    Ugh, I wanted to hate this but I couldn't and when I accepted this gospel into my heart and soul I couldn't stop jamming. I don't remember which of you posted THIS GIF but THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS INTO MY LIFE. No joke, I only started appreciating this song once I watched this gif while playing the chorus...



    It was Best Fiction who posted it.♥

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  7. He


    Yas, bring our Kings and Jokers Queens for the month!
  8. And our number one song for February is...

    I mean, do I even have to tease this?

    I'm sleepy. No teasing anymore. Kekeke.



    from the K.A.R.D Project, Vol. 2 - Don't Recall single album
    DSP Entertainment


    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Cotton Park, @send photo, @Monkey0, @Vesperly, @Reboot, @Ceir, @junglefish, @LightningRider, @Overdose, @He
    9 - @ThisIsRogue, @BEST FICTION, @Squashua, @ThighHighs
    8 - @Aries, @ryan_riot92
    7 - @GeiPanda
    6 - @ajmkv, @Slice of Life
    4 - @eccentricsimply, @PopZeitgeist
    1 - @D is for Danger!


    Did y'all really think this wouldn't make the very top spot? I mean, really?

    Not with those BM thirst posts, no. I don't think so.

    K.A.R.D absolutely destroyed the competition for this edition of the KPJC. With 180 points, the group is the first to score two number 1 songs on our chart. They. Did. That. And they haven't even debuted yet. *cackles*

    This song has now become a part of my daily life. I listen to it while commuting to and from work. I listen to it while doing work. I listen to it while sleeping. I listen to it while I perform extravagant production numbers while I shower. I'm addicted to it. I can't stop. Mom, I need help.

    I even love it more than Oh NaNa now. I think Don't Recall has richer production and more replay value. Every time I listen to it, I discover another part of it that I haven't heard before. I love the Somin chorus! She's a star!


    This got tons and tons of commentary so we better go to that part of the post now. Hehe.

    D is for Danger! keeps it simple.

    Lady Gaga video goes here.

    ajmkv unnie hates the English version... a version that I haven't heard yet. Kii. I'm a flop stan.

    But only the (Hidden Ver.)....

    ....just kidding. I love this song, and it's nice that they released an English version, though the original is far superior - the final section with the girls harmonizing with each other is not as good in English. FIX IT KARD.

    ryan_riot92 unnie, you are to die for!

    Another tropical smash! This one isn’t as catchy but there seems to be more darkness and emotion in this one yet it maintains the vibe of “Oh NaNa”. The last 30 seconds of the song is pure ecstasy and that an understatement. The vocal harmonies and the intensity are to die for!

    Even Twice stan BEST FICTION couldn't help but give in to this.

    I wanted to put this at #10 because I know it's going to win, but it's such a bop.

    Squashua cyst, I don't support ahjumma-shaming but I agree.

    Didn't hit me as hard as Oh NaNa on first listen, definitely not as catchy, but this is by far the cleverer, more elaborate piece of the two. Jiwoo is spitting barbed raps Minzy style, Somin is classy as always (the black and the white) and the lads' back and forth lines seem to demonstrate both anger and sadness (the blue vs the red of the chess game). It's trop-house but used sparingly for the gorilla-walk dance breakdown and the eventual descent of madness in those last moments. If they can continue to deliver at this level (not to mention with the awareness to deliver a perfectly usable English Ver. for the International fanbase) I really hope that Korea and/or the rest of the world takes them to heart. KARD is what we need and the ahjummas can deal.

    ThighHighs loves BM and shorts. He got both. R u ok, babe?

    More male K-Idols in shorts please.

    He sounds like a proud mom! I love it.

    They did it again! I love these kids. They have such a good feel about them. I hate tropical house but KARD just does it so well, that I do not care how on-trend it is. They just have it, and I want them to have all the success. J.Seph is gorgeous.

    Don’t recall seems like the more mature version of Oh Nana and it just goes off.

    While send photo stans McDonalds. Same.

    I'm lovin' it.

    Monkey0 is another shorts enthusiast, I see.

    Saviours of K-Pop + BM's shorts

    No explanations needed, Ceir. We totally get it.

    Do I really need to explain anything? I played the song almost exclusively the week it came out.

    Overdose shades Oh NaNa... I'll let you, babe, because I don't have the energy to drag you now. Kekeke.

    #1 for me and practically every other voter I'm sure, but unlike with 'Oh Nana' I actually understood the hype this time. I'm ready for them to officially debut.

    And here we have junglefish being a mess. You know what part I'm talking about.

    K-Popjustice is SHOOK! Even @roux is (probably) bald. Another great release from my husband and his friends and already one of my most played songs of the year (which only started a few weeks ago, but still.) I can’t wait for their third tropical bop and for them to officially debut and end everyone’s careers (except GFRIEND.)

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  9. I'm so glad that Don't Recall is a song that exists. I have been listening to it almost daily since it came out, and I was very much NOT on board of the KARD bandwagon before. I am eagerly anticipating their album/proper debut because I bet it's amazing and I need to see them perform on a big stage.
  10. He


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  11. Amazing result and Pop JUSTICE that Rookie beat out Korea's evil empresses for the #2 spot!

    As with every month, amazing work @Slice of Life! Saranghae!
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  12. Ready for Rollin' to snatch the top spot this March. Thank you once again Slicey for hosting these!
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  13. True Gorilla Dance Talent Always Wins.

    When I grow up, I aspire to be @Slice of Life - fabulous hosting as always unnie!
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  14. Pretty incredible results, and incredible hosting as well. @Slice of Life saranghae mami!
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  15. I still think Rookie is shite But I also bop to it so who am I kidding. I want everyone to notice how I didn't ONCE mention how hot God BM is in my commentary..... Really, I'm so shocked I didn't ...

    Now hurry up and end March already. Lollin lollin lollin is already number one. You know what, just shut down 2017. We have that winner too.

    I'll get to work on the video #soon Slicey! I work a crap ton this week but it'll come eventually!!
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  16. So glad Don't Recall pushed through and won. Also glad BoA was generous enough to give everyone else a chance for this month and delay. Queen is coming though.

  17. I'll wrap everything later unnies! Thank you all for your kind words.
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  18. No one else could have won, really. I gotta say it's the first time I'm really surprised by some of the songs present in the chart! I really didn't expect Melody Day for example or even DAY6 to chart at all.
    Next month is gonna be tough.
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  19. Are we all ready for the reveal of your individual ballots?

    I'm ready.



    First up is our lovely new voter, Kween of Brazil, @eccentricsimply!

    OKAY SO I'm sending mine a bit early because I have a lot to catch up to so I'm just sending the ones that clicked with me immediately and then next month hopefully I will be more caught up and can send more recent releases.

    1. Free Someody - Luna (5 points)
    2. You Never Walk Alone - BTS
    3. Press It - Taemin
    4. Why - Taeyeon
    5. I Just Wanna Dance - Tiffany (1 point)

    1. Get The Treasure - Shinee (10 points)
    2. Blood, Sweat & Tears - BTS
    3. Boombayah - Blackpink
    4. Free Somebody - Luna
    5. Mystery Lover - Taemin
    6. TT - Twice
    7. Don't Recall - K.A.R.D
    8. Drip Drop - Taemin
    9. Lie - BTS
    10. Magic - Seohyun (1 point)

    Oh, look! Another newbie! @Cotton Park, welcome to the club!

    I don't know if they have had to be released in February but this is my jam as of the 21st.

    #1. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall
    #2. I Don't Wanna Love You - Krystal Jung and Joon Won Kim (hope that counts)
    #3. Happily Ever After - Red Velvet
    #4. Suzy - Yes No Maybe
    #5. BTS - Spring Day
    #6. By Your Side - Hoody
    #7. Talk To Me - Red Velvet
    #8. Paradise - S.E.S
    #9. Me Like Yuh - Jay Park
    #10. Goodbye - 2NE1

    Biggest disappointment (we should have a chart for these): Solar/Luna/Hani

    #1. Rookie - Red Velvet
    #2. Suzy - Yes? No? (Did not expect to like this as much as I do!)
    #3. On and On - Hoody
    #4. Red Planet - Bolbbalgan4 (More and more every day....)
    #5. AKMU - Winter (Growing on me...)

    Biggest Disappointment - Zion T.

    Hope this all works. Look forward to the results....

    My better half, @send photo, is next.

    1. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall
    I'm lovin' it.
    2. DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
    I liked this ever since you posted it. Slicey you are beautiful.
    3. Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam - Cave Me In
    Nn at this unintentional bottom anthem.
    4. Wonder Girls - Draw Me
    5. Red Velvet - Rookie
    My gift 2 u
    6. Taeyeon - I Got Love
    Damn it this is a slinky bop. I'm still coming to terms with liking Taeyeon, give me more time.
    7. Luna - Breathe
    Had this playing a lot again since @Alouder98's rate. Thanks hunny xx
    8. NCT Dream - My First and Last
    9. AOA - Excuse Me
    I actually didn't care for this when it first came out but it grew on me. I was actually team Bing Bing, nn.
    10. BoA - Kiss My Lips
    I guess I can plug this one last time before her next opus takes over.

    1. BoA - Kiss My Lips
    2. SHINee - Five
    Not their best but I'm pressed for album releases this month nn.
    3. NCT Dream - The First (hehehe - Slicey)
    4. Red Velvet - Rookie
    I don't like them but I know you do so let me throw them a point or two.
    5. Lee Hyori - Monochrome

    Perennial early bird, @Aries, it's your turn, sweetheart!

    01 S.E.S. - Paradise
    02 Twice - Knock Knock
    03 KARD - Don't Recall
    04 Red Velvet - Little Little
    05 Red Velvet - Rookie
    06 Seohyun - Don't Say No
    07 Taeyeon - I Got Love
    08 AOA - Bing Bing
    09 S.E.S. - Remember
    10 BTS - Spring Day

    01 S.E.S. - Remember
    02 Akdong Musician - Winter
    03 Red Velvet - Rookie
    04 Twice - Twicecoaster
    05 Seohyun - Don't Say No

    We'll end this post with the truly iconic MIXX superstan, @Deja-Boo!


    1 Day6 - You Were beautiful
    2 BTS - Spring Day
    3 BIG - 123
    4 Masc - Tina
    5 Cross Gene - Black or White
    6 Melody Day - Kiss on the Lips
    7 100% - Sketch U
    8 BTS - Not Today
    9 Red Velvet - Rookie
    10 100% - 해몽

    1 BTS - You never walk alone
    2 100% - Sketchbook
    3 Cross Gene - Mirror
    4 Red Velvet - Rookie
    5 Melody Day - kiss on the lips
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  20. [​IMG]


    Starting this post is the Comeback Kween, @Monkey0!

    You got me on my sick leave so I have no excuse now!

    #1 K.A.R.D - Don't Recall - Saviours of K-Pop + BM's shorts
    #2 B.I.G - 1.2.3.
    #3 VAV - Dance With Me - When in doubt go with producer of EXO's Love Me Right
    #4 MELODYDAY - Kiis On Lips - When in doubt go with subtle tropical bop
    #5 BTS - Spring Day
    #6 CROSS GENE - Black or White
    #7 DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
    #8 MASC - Tina *cackles*
    #9 DAY6 - I Wait
    #10 Dreamcacther- Chase Me

    #2 SUBIN - Circle's Dream RECOGNISE THE ART Y'ALL
    #3 Nieah - TIMLESS
    #5 100% -SKETCHBOOK

    And NONE for TWICE #StopTWICE2k17

    Haebin superstan, @D is for Danger! oppar, is up next!

    Dream Catcher - Chase Me
    This song still leaves me bald on the daily. This group needs to blow up big time.

    Gugudan - A Girl Like Me
    From zeros to heroes. This is so much better than Wonderland. The song is a mess, but I love it. Nayoung's parts are amazing. I love her sultry, raspy voice.The only downside is that my girl Horsebin barely got any screentime despite being a lead vocal. #justiceforhorsebin

    Subin - Circle's Dream
    This is how you do coffee chop music. It's way more interesting than those lame ballads SK loves so much.

    Melody Day - Kiss On The Lips
    This feels like a sequel to Wonder Girls' Why So Lonely both sonically and visually.

    Sunny Girls - Taxi
    This should tide me over until GFRIEND unleash their magnum opus on us in the coming days.

    Hello Venus - Mysterious
    He's so dreamy, hot and creamy. Uh huh, we know what you're talking about Yooyoung.

    Top Secret - She
    Another Sweetune charity single for the nuguest of nugus. Much like SNUPER's Platonic Love, this hits all the marks on the retro 80's track checklist.

    BIG - 123
    Oh look, a boy group song that doesn't suck!

    Uhm Jung Hwa - Watch Me Move

    KARD - Don't Recall
    Lady Gaga video goes here.

    Did I ever tell you that I love your avi, @McQueer baby?


    1. Suzy - Yes No Maybe

    2. Mixx - Love is a Sudden

    3. Oh My Girl - Knock Knock [I've just been listening to this non-stop since I found out TWICE's new single would share the title, shame it's not nearly as good as this album track....]

    4. CLC - Hobgoblin

    5. Red Velvet - Rookie

    6. AOA - Excuse Me

    7. KARD - Oh NaNa

    8. SES - Paradise

    9. Seohyun - Don't Say No

    10. gugudan - A Girl Like Me


    1. CLC - Crystyle

    2. Red Velvet - Rookie

    3. Suzy - Yes? No?

    4. Seohyun - Don't Say No

    5. TWICE - TWICEcoaster : Lane 2

    He finally discovered Fantastic Baby! Welcome to the new world, @PopZeitgeist sweetie!

    1- Excuse Me- AOA
    2- Knock Knock- Twice
    3- Hobgoblin- CLC
    4- Rookie- Red Velvet
    5- Fantastic Baby- Big Bang
    6- Meow Meow- CLC
    7- Don't Recall- KARD
    8- A Girl Like Me- Nu9udan
    9- LIAR- CLC
    10- Body Talk- Red Velvet

    1- Crystyle- CLC
    2- Rookie- Red Velvet
    3- Twicecoaster Lane 2
    4- AOA- Angel's Knock
    5- Alive- Big Bang

    Another perennial early voter (yes, I love early voters), @Salami, is gonna take the stage now!


    1. Taeyeon - I Got Love
    2. BTS - Spring Day
    3. SHINee - Get the Treasure
    4. BTS - Not Today
    5. Twice - Knock Knock
    6. Black Pink - Playing With Fire
    7. Mamamoo - Decalcomanie
    8. Got 7 - Hard Carry
    9. AOA - Heart Attack
    10. BTS - Blood Sweat and Tears


    1. BTS - You Never Walk Alone
    2. SHINee - Five
    3. Twice - Twicecoaster Lane 2
    4. EXID - Street
    5. Taeyeon - My Voice
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