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K-Popjustice Charts - February 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]


    I love you for sending eight albums, @ThisIsRogue! Yath!

    My submissions will usually be weird because they'll mostly be dictated by whatever is on the K-Pop Daebak playlist on Spotify!

    Top 10 songs:
    1. KARD - Oh NaNa
    2. KARD - Don't Recall
    3. TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down - I've had a bit of a TVXQ obsession this month, with this song in particular being in high rotation.
    4. BlackPink - Playing With Fire
    5. TWICE - TT
    6. BlackPink - Whistle
    7. BlackPink - BoomBaYah
    8. EXO - Call Me Baby
    9. CLC - Hobgoblin
    10. EXO - Lotto

    I've included 7 albums just in case you don't count the KARD singles as albums.
    Top 5 albums:
    1. BlackPink - Square Two
    2. TWICE - TWICEcoaster: LANE1
    3. TVXQ - Tone
    4. TVXQ - 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)
    5. NCT127 - NCT#127 LIMITLESS - The 2nd Mini Album

    I see you voting for one of Plastic Gangnam Unnie's hit songs, @Vesperly! Yath.

    1. Don't Recall - KARD
    2. Rookie - Red Velvet
    3. A Girl Like Me - Gugudan
    4. Beep Beep - SNSD
    5. Knock Knock - Twice
    6. Body Talk - Red Velvet
    7. I Got Love - Taeyeon
    8. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
    9. Chase Me - Dreamcatcher
    10. Tornado - 4TEN

    1. Rookie - Red Velvet
    2. The Red - Red Velvet
    3. Twicecoaster: Lane 2 - Twice
    4. Love & Peace - SNSD
    5. My Voice - Taeyeon

    My fellow cute Pokemon lover @Reboot, it's your turn to take the stage!

    Hi! Here they are:

    1. K.A.R.D. – Don’t Recall
    2. Seventeen – VERY NICE
    3. BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears
    4. TWICE – Knock Knock
    5. NCT DREAM – My First And Last
    6. BTS – Spring Day
    7. Seohyun – Don’t Say No
    8. Melody Day – Kiss On The Lips
    9. Matilda – You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry
    10. Mixx – Love Is A Sudden

    n/a (I haven't listened to enough albums, sorry!

    Kween of Repetitive Usernames, @SophiaSophia, it's your time!


    1. Red Velvet - Rookie - I wasn't feeling this at first but then I was like LOOKIE LOOKIE MY SUPER LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE MAJJI MAJJI GEU NEUKKIMJEOGIN NEUKKIM NEUKKIM

    2. SHINee - Get The Treasure

    3. TWICE - KNOCK KNOCK - I was like TT most of this month until TWICE came back and NAK NAK on my door.

    4. AOA - Bing Bing

    5. Red Velvet - Russian Roulette - I just can't stop listening to this.

    6. SHINee - 1 of 1 (Japanese Version)

    7. AOA - Excuse Me

    8. AOA - Heart Attack

    9. CLC - Hobgoblin

    10. SHINee - Diamond Sky


    1. SHINee - Five

    2. Red Velvet - Rookie

    3. BTS - You Never Walk Alone

    4. AOA - Angel's Knock

    5. Girls Generation - Girls Generation 2 (Girls and Peace)

    And we have @BEST FICTION! I'm so happy you finally joined our little chart, cyst!

    1. Knock Knock - TWICE

    2. Don't Recall - KARD
    I wanted to put this at #10 because I know it's going to win, but it's such a bop.

    3. Draw Me - Wonder Girls
    RIP my original queens.

    4. Excuse Me - AOA
    I only discovered this song this month, fuck y'all for not tagging me

    5. TT - TWICE

    6. Very Very Very - I.O.I
    What a stupid bop

    7. Rookie - Red Velvet
    This is so trash, I love it

    8. I Wish - Cosmic Girls
    Just tell me why!

    9. Yes? No? Maybe - Suzy
    I forgot this song existed, but it's good.

    10. I Got Love - Taeyeon
    Trash... *bops to non-chorus*

    1. Twicecoaster: Lane 2 - TWICE
    I know it's a re-release, but it technically has more than 2 tracks, so take that!

    2. REBOOT - Wonder Girls
    The best K-pop album of all time, don't @ me

    3. STREET - EXID

    Shut up.

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    Your latest rate is causing me major meltdowns but I still love you @Squashua cyst!


    10 Points: Subin - Circle's Dream
    I don't like to say this too often but:
    Be still my flop indie-girl heart. This is my absolute favourite kind of music - genuinely quirky, interesting pop music with naturally melodic hooks that gives no fuks about having to be a banger or an OST ballad or replicating whoever was big 8 months ago. Subin where has this deep soulful voice been hiding? Why has your finger twirl dance not been in my life? How have I never realised what a true visual goddess you are? Suzy who? Why is this MV so pretty? This is a Melody Gardot meets Feist meets Indie film soundtrack meets Lim Kim masterclass and I was happy to be alive to witness it. I'm like T.T you guys...

    8 Points: KARD - Don't Recall
    Didn't hit me as hard as Oh NaNa on first listen, definitely not as catchy, but this is by far the cleverer, more elaborate piece of the two. Jiwoo is spitting barbed raps Minzy style, Somin is classy as always (the black and the white) and the lads' back and forth lines seem to demonstrate both anger and sadness (the blue vs the red of the chess game). It's trop-house but used sparingly for the gorilla-walk dance breakdown and the eventual descent of madness in those last moments. If they can continue to deliver at this level (not to mention with the awareness to deliver a perfectly usable English Ver. for the International fanbase) I really hope that Korea and/or the rest of the world takes them to heart. KARD is what we need and the ahjummas can deal.

    8 Points: MASC - Tina
    I respect a nugu artist that thinks a bit outside the box in terms of sound. I really respect any group that can pull seriously impressive music out of their back pockets with a name as deliciously cackle-worthy as MASC. This time our lesson in Masc-4-Masc (hopefully the name of their 4th Mini Album) is that boys like art galleries, horn-heavy Maroon 5 aping choruses and neon dogstooth suits. HOWL. The song itself is actually amazing so I'm not mad ~ in fact consider me well & truly on the MASC-train (it's a sweaty place with closets for bedrooms).

    7 Points: Cross Gene - Black or White
    What a tune. The strings swirl like a tempest, the vocals are great, the rapping is executed effectively and those creepy trap pre-choruses have me concerned for my mental health. So what if the video is epitome of extra (like seriously, it's one of the worst things i've seen this year so far)? They know their way around a song and I can jam happily along to this.

    6 Points: Taeyeon - I Got Love
    This wasn't what I expected to come from Taeyeon AT ALL. Listening to her back catalog in @Alouder98's rate makes it even more surprising. Who knew she could pull of such a dark sonic landscape? I've grown to appreciate it, creaky cabin door breakdown and all. It's very mysterious, very deep south, very True Blood soundtrack. Personally i'm just very happy to see Tae try a different tack from MoR ballads and I'm ever more shocked that she just about manages to pull off the Vampire Queen of the Arkansas Crystal Mines vibe she's gone for.

    5 Points: NCT Dream - My First and Last
    Yes Slicey, my train has finally arrived and i'm heading towards the NCT Dreamland. This is exponentially superior to the playschool romp of Chewing Gum and they can now stay. Also I love how the young 'uns have far surpassed their elders in terms of success. NCT 127 sit crying atop their GOT7 Fire Truck as their redundancy approaches..

    4 Points: TWICE - Knock Knock
    This ain't no TT, it's certainly nowhere near as boppable or iconic, but it's probably the first time they've come at us without a massive gimmick visually so props to them for that. The chorus is immensely catchy, I love the fashion choices in the video and the second verse is a career highlight for them so far (largely because Jeongyeon punched out all your bowl-cut/pigtail bun faves).

    3 Points: Gu9udan - A Girl Like Me
    COCKS FLAPPING ABOUT. GLORY HOLES FULL OF LIKES. ENDLESS VANITY & DELUSION. No this isn't the description of your local LGBT nightclub, this is the visual kii gifted to us by the formerly Whitney Houston whistle note mermaids that are Nugudan. It's possibly a little ratchet in all honesty (if K-Pop can even be that) but I can dig & this will no doubt grow on me. I'm still howling at the video - it's perfect.

    2 Points: 100% - Sketch U
    God how I miss the tag team that was Better Day & Jackpot (by equally unknown long-term guy group Boyfriend) - seriously i'm still bopping. Sketch U doesn't quite reach those heights but it aims for the Day6 sound of guitars and soaring vocals and succeeds. It's not better than I Wait though it did replace You Were Beautiful for these points (as much as I do like that song too).

    1 Point: Red Velvet - Rookie
    I STILL don't know what to make of this. I've listened to it quite a lot and find myself chanting the nonsensical slurry lack-of-elocution chorus but I don't really enjoy it. Like it's catchy, and the girls perform the crap out of it, but I don't really find it a fun listen. It's awkward and a mess but I can't let it go completely. The video is pretty though, even if the flying saucers ending only reminds me of obscure BBC kids' TV show Come Outside:


    5 Points: Red Velvet - Rookie
    Rookie the song? The weakest track on the EP by far. If they wanted something manic and ADHD then they should have gone for Happily Ever After. Thankfully the girls always know how to turn out a mini and we could see them scaling the Top 5 again with this one. Little Little is really beautiful, with ridiculously lush vocals, Talk to Me is pure Ariana and I can't say enough good things about Body Talk's monolithic decimation of my senses. It's one of the best things they've ever done pure & simple.

    4 Points: Lovelyz - R U Ready?
    Honestly i was going to ignore this. Lovelyz haven't managed to properly impress me since Ah-Choo and WoW! didn't really change that, despite the Sigur Ros/Jonsi hiccups in the verses. But then I saw a Sweetune had a hand in two of the songs and was more than intrigued. Lo and behold, the Gods amongst K-Producers has done it again. Both Cameo and The are J-Pop all-out handclap masterpieces that work perfectly for the group. It's the lane that fits them best, like the cotton candy Anime Magic Girl to Dreamcatcher's Harajuku Emo Groupie. More of this please. Really WoW! should never have been the lead - there's about 6 songs I liked better (even Night & Day's In The Same Place melody snatch). Oops.

    3 Points: 100% - Sketchbook
    I'm guessing the Eurovision bangers didn't work out quite as well as you hoped lads? A shame because Better Day was a proper belter and I wanted a whole album's worth. Luckily, they've kept up the quality with this great lil EP albeit with a more Day6 style of guitars, balladry and e~mo~tion. One Day has a few 80's crystalline synths floating about to give the piano serenade an extra retro punch (it's actually better than Sketch U) and I'm also a big fan of Dreaming's future-whimsy Daft Punk appropriation from the days before they became a Chic tribute band. Nothing is as good as Better Day but they're still on my radar.

    2 Points: Gu9udan - Act 2. Narcissus
    For all my stanning of Wonderland that basically no one else was here for, I admit I never bothered listening to their Little Mermaid EP. Diary was nice but I don't feel I missed anything major. On the flipside, I shan't be making that mistake twice with them serving us something a smidgen more modern - i'm glad I went there. It seems the memo this time around was give the knocks to the sweetness & keep y'all guessing. Rainbow is a bright burst of sunlight on the right side of cute, Hate You is actually quite fierce, especially the second verse hiccups and filthy breakdown, which is probably down to Ravi's co-write, and obvious the main single was a kii so what's good? It's highly doubtful this will pull in the KPJ masses like CLC's 4Minute themed revival did, and I am gonna have to ask them to carve out a niche asap, but hey, more Nugudan for me I guess.

    1 Point: Melody Day - Kiss on the Lips
    Sometimes concepts get stale but by the same token i'm not sure that basing your entire EP on the work of different bands is the way forward either. Regardless, Kiss on the Lips has a surprisingly serviceable level of sunshiney uptempos that sound like BESTie doing a Wonder Girls covers album. When your only output was Speed Up and a thousand OST ballads that's better than nothing.

    Sexy librarian @Ceir, please show us your ballot!

    I'm only doing singles, because I've been a tired-as-fuck little librarian.

    1. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall

    Do I really need to explain anything? I played the song almost exclusively the week it came out.

    2. Taeyeon - Cover Up

    Y'all black ocean wannabe haters can try to fight me. This like airy tropical successor to Why is glorious and I'm hooked. I wasn't expecting this from the queen of coffeeshop OSTs.

    3. BTS- Not Today

    I don't even know what it is about this song.

    4. B.I.G. - 1,2,3

    Y'all've been sleeping on the flop boyband bops and it needs to stop. Guguwho?

    5. NCT - My First and Last

    Speaking of boybands (tho not flops) that need more love on this forum.

    6. Crossgene - White Mind
    I was very "eh" about Black and White, but White Mind on its own is a cute little song.

    7. Cosmic Girls - I Wish
    Shamanic Queens

    8. K.A.R.D - Oh Nana

    9. Red Velvet - Rookie

    10. AOA - Excuse Me

    OH MY GOD I NEED TO STILL WORK ON MY SCORES FOR YOUR RATE. I'm so sorry, please forgive my lazy ass @Alouder98 babe!

    #1 . Taeyeon - Fine
    AOA - Heart Attack
    Girl's Day - Something
    Tiffany - Hearbreak Hotel
    AOA - Excuse Me
    Brave Girls - High Heels
    CLC - Hobgoblin
    Sleepless Night
    AOA - Bing Bing
    Seohyun - Bad Love

    #1 . Taeyeon - My Voice
    Seohyun - Don't Say No
    Taeyeon - Why
    Taeyeon - I Just Wanna Dance
    AOA - Angel's Knock

    Kween of Giving 10s to Album Tracks, @ThighHighs, I salute you!

    1) Red Velvet- Body Talk- This song is everything I didn't know I needed from RV. The extended into is stunning, the vocals are amazing, and the overall melody is just so impactful. This should have been the title track, but Korea would have paid it absolute dust. I will always have a soft spot for an emotional mid-tempo banger, and this ticks every box. Probably my favorite Kpop song of the year so far, and I will be S T A N N I N G D O W N in the year-end rate for this one.
    2) KARD- Don't Recall- More male K-Idols in shorts please.
    3) Red Velvet- Rookie- Irritating af, but also amazing! It's so stupid and catchy and joyous. I can't stop listening.
    4) Gugudan- A Girl Like Me- On first listen, this song was trash, but it's really grown on me. Nayoung really gets ha time to shine, and her part after the first chorus is amazing. I'm so glad she gets more time to show off her husky tone after being shafted in Wonderland.
    5) Melody Day- Kiss on the Lips- This Wonder Girls aping masterpiece. The video and vibe of the song are a bit too on the nose, but it's a bop and they all look stunning. Who knows, this might have allowed them to make the Floppy Gurls final and avoid being lumped in with Wassup and CLC.
    6) Seventeen- Highlight- My sweet boys, I can't believe I didn't get into this song until this month. I beg forgiveness from King DK, the one true visual Jun, and bb Vernon, my babes. This song is sweet and the production is amazing. Keep killing me, boys.
    7) NCT Dream- My First and Last- They are actually adorable and this song is perfectly adorable pre-teen pop. Gwan, boys.
    8) April- April Story- No lie, I left them off my ballot last month out of sheer stupidity, so let me repent by throwing them 3 points this month. What kind of bare-minimum
    9) Twice- Knock Knock- This is better than everything they've done except TT, but it's just so... basic. I use it occasionally.
    10) Wonder Girls- Draw Me- RIP Queens. This song is beautiful, but they deserved better for their swan song.

    1) Red Velvet- Rookie- All of the original songs are great and I even like Wendy's ballad cover. Obviously Body Talk and Rookie are great, as they made my songs chart, but Happily Ever After also deserves a mention for the hilarious car-locking sound effect.
    2) Seventeen- Going Seventeen- Kings of Pop, singing, dancing, and being adorable. Getting into Highlight has also gotten me into their album and it's totally solid.
    3) Uhm Jung Hwa- Cloud Dream of the Nine- Still an iconic album.
    4) AOA- Angels Knock
    5) Seohyun- Don't Say No- I gave this album a listen after really enjoying the single, and it's just ok, but the Eric Nam song is cute and chill.

    I need to see that SNSD video you're referencing here, @junglefish sweetie! Come through!


    1 Don’t Recall - KARD
    K-Popjustice is SHOOK! Even @roux is (probably) bald. Another great release from my husband and his friends and already one of my most played songs of the year (which only started a few weeks ago, but still.) I can’t wait for their third tropical bop and for them to officially debut and end everyone’s careers (except GFRIEND.)

    2 Rookie - Red Velvet
    I feel like Red Velvet are so underrated and it’s really annoying me. Rookie is a major bop, the MV is fun, the choreography is great and the live performances are… adequate. What’s not to love????????????????!!?!?

    3 Circle’s Dream - Subin
    I really hope I'm not gonna be the only one voting for this. True talent and better than 90% of her group’s discography… and the best part is that it’s gonna sound even better this summer.

    4 A Girl Like Me - gugudan
    A goddamn mess. 8.5/10

    5 Meow Meow - CLC
    Still amazing. I keep listening to the mini a lot, but this is the one I never, ever skip and comes back to the most.

    6 Like That Sun - DAY6
    Thank you @Deja-Boo, thank you @Slice of Life.

    7 Excuse Me - AOA
    It ALWAYS comes up on shuffle and I never skip it. Amazing song. I still hate AOA though.

    8 You Were Beautiful - DAY6
    I don’t really have anything to say, just listen to the video linked in this thread.

    9 Divine - SNSD
    ddddddd I had never Divine before stumbling upon a video of Jessica being ignored by her former evil bandmates, beautifully soundtracked by it. The Power of Nine, etc.

    10 Knock Knock - TWICE
    I can’t pretend to hate TWICE anymore. Knock Knock is a great song and even though I did get bored of it after two days, it deserves a spot in my top 10.


    1 Circle’s Dream EP - Subin
    2 Rookie - Red Velvet
    3 The Day - DAY6
    4 Crystyle - CLC
    5 TWICEcoaster: LANE 2 - TWICE TT
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  3. The lack of gugu votes in them ballots ....

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    Since when did you become a Twice stan, @ryan_riot92 unnie? I don't recall.

    Alright alright ... I think I made up my mind .........


    #1: TWICE “Knock Knock”
    - Are you surprised that I would put this as my number 1? Probs not but hey, it’s KILLER! It’s cute, catchy, and a certified bop … by who you ask? Me that’s who. I actually find this to be better than “TT” in that it was quite instant, more appealing musically, and visually appealing. When will your faves be as talentless yet still produce such a massive bop!? Probs never.

    #2: gu9udan ”A Girl Like Me”
    - Talk about a change for the better! I really couldn’t be bothered with that other song they released. It was cute but it wasn’t memorable at all. THIS on the other hand is a TUNE! It’s quirky instrumental and power vocals all come together in such a fantastic way. Imma have to keep my eyes on these girls in the future because they’ve got huge potential! Just don’t fall from grace like VIXX did last year …

    #3: KARD “Don’t Recall”
    - Another tropical smash! This one isn’t as catchy but there seems to be more darkness and emotion in this one yet it maintains the vibe of “Oh NaNa”. The last 30 seconds of the song is pure ecstasy and that an understatement. The vocal harmonies and the intensity are to die for!

    #4: Lovelyz “WoW!”
    - It’s a shame that the forum doesn’t like Lovelyz … I’ll just stan them in my own little corner. This little bop is just one of a few amazing tracks on the album. It’s got that normal Lovelyz charm with some retro influences mixed in. I love it! I feel y'all judgment already...

    #5: Melody Day “Kiss On The Lips”
    - This really should have been released later in the year. It’s such a summery, reggae style that it’s kind of out of place right now. Even the video exudes the flavors of summer … but that doesn’t stop me from loving it so much right now! Truly a high moment for Melody Day just like “Speed Up” was. I ruined this song for my friend though by saying it reminded me of the Cops theme song… oops.

    #6: BTS “Spring Day”
    - I stan these boys and I seriously love everything they put out. They added two brilliantly lovely tracks to an already impeccable album. This track is so sincere. It’s nice seeing this side of BTS every once in awhile and not the base drop/dance break side all the time. The fangirls go nuts for this I'm sure but I'm just happy it's toned down.

    #7: BLOCK B “Yesterday”
    - I like this style from Block B. It’s quirky and fun just like “HER” was which is my favorite track of theirs. The video is also amazing with that 90s sitcom storyline and such. 10/10 boys! Keep it up!

    #8: B.I.G “1.2.3”
    - To this day there is something about this track that makes me think of “Your Disco Needs You”. I have no doubt that it’s the reason why this song is such a jam to me. B.I.G have never really been on my radar they are pretty d-list but this track is anything but. I remember watching them on Simply K-Pop and thinking that they would be a group that would fall off the face of the Earth and nobody would notice … Look at them now (still kind of that way but with a decent song). If they keep this up, they may have another new fan on their hands.

    #9: AOA “Excuse Me”
    - Still one of the biggest bops of the year for me. “Bing Bing” has completely left my playlists but this banger keeps holding strong and probably will for awhile!

    #10: S.E.S “Paradise”
    - I just can’t get enough of this! This retro thing that’s happening in K-Pop right now is glorious and I hope it continues.


    #1: TWICE “TWICEcoaster: LANE 2”
    - “Knock Knock” and “TT” are like a one-two punch. KNOCKOUT! Those two tracks alone make this album amazing. Some of the other tracks are good too but they’ve had better previously.

    #2: Lovelyz “R U Ready?”
    - So like “My Little Lover” is lovely (no pun intended). There are some other really solid bops on this album like “Cameo” and “Emotion”. That’s one thing Lovelyz have going for them with me; they have some outstanding album tracks in their arsenal.

    #3: BTS “You Never Walk Alone”
    - Already an amazing album. Tack on some additional lovely tracks and you’re just spoiling us. I do however wish there was a new album or mini full of new masterpieces but these boys deserve a break so it’s all good.

    #4: Red Velvet “Rookie”
    - I have to say that “Talk To Me” and “Little Little” really make this mini album. Forget “Rookie”, those two tracks are where it’s at.

    #5: AOA “Angel’s Knock”

    Kween of Giving Me My 7000th Like (hehe), @LightningRider, is up next!

    Here you go boo!

    1. Don’t Recall - K.A.R.D
    2. Rookie - Red Velvet
    3. Knock Knock - Twice
    4. Dunk Shot - NCT Dream
    5. WoW! - Lovelyz
    6. Kiss On The Lips - MelodyDay
    7. Venus (Dance With Me) - VAV
    8. Sketch U - 100%
    9. My First & Last - NCT Dream
    10. 1.2.3 - B.I.G

    1. Rookie - Red Velvet
    2. R U Ready? - Lovelyz
    3. TWICEcoaster : Lane 2 - Twice
    4. The First - NCT Dream
    5. Sketchbook - 100%

    I love walls of text, @Overdose babe! Keep em coming!

    Dddd I am SO sorry for making you look at this wall of text but I just spent a lot of time appreciating K-POP this month and had to share my thoughts somewhere.


    1. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall (#1 for me and practically every other voter I'm sure, but unlike with 'Oh Nana' I actually understood the hype this time. I'm ready for them to officially debut.)
    2. Red Velvet - Body Talk (Probably zero chance of this charting but I'm still shook by this track. Moody 80's synth is an instant way to my heart and I'm recommending this to anyone who'll listen. THAT INCLUDES YOU SHAMAN UNNIE!)
    3. BLACKPINK - PLAYING WITH FIRE (Is anyone else still playing this 3 at least times a day? Just me? Oh.)
    4. Red Velvet - Rookie (This was so jarring at first but as always the girls got me hooked with great choreography for the chorus)
    5. Soyou x Baekhyun - Rain (Soyou's breathy vocals are so essential, I can't imagine life without them. Baekhyun is also there.)
    6. Seohyun - Don't Say No (An inspiration to maknae's everywhere. Serving chainmail spaghetti to her boyfriend? Just for the aesthetic?? Like... who is this girl?? LOVE her!)
    7. AOA - Bing Bing (Fuck an Excuse Me, this is the real bop.)
    8. BTS - NOT TODAY (Oh y'all wanted a twist? As my foray into male groups that aren't Seventeen continues to move at a glacial pace, discovering just how extra these boys are was a trip. The video is just something else.)
    9. Uhm Jung Hwa - Watch Me Move (Still living for this, as we all should be!)
    10. AOA - Excuse Me (I love Excuse Me, she's my favourite.)


    2. Seventeen - Going Seventeen (Kings)
    3. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of Nine (Watch Me STAN. I'm sure I'll be giving this votes until August. Queen really did that.)
    4. Seohyun - Don't Say No
    5. Lovelyz - R U Ready?

    Once again it's been a pleasure fucking up your charts.


    Sorn superstan, @ajmkv unnie, it's time to reveal your ballot!

    OK, unnie! It's all done. Hope you have a chuckle or two with my basic humor~


    1. CLC - Hobgoblin

    Honestly, I wanted to switch up my votes but Hobgoblin is still my favorite K-Pop release of the year and I'm still jamming... on the bus, in the shower, in the kitchen, in the classroom, in bed...
    And Sorn is still #lifegoals if I was a girl. I'm feeling my fantasy.
    *insert Y*sss Gaga you look so good~ reaction video*

    2. Red Velvet - Rookie
    Ugh, I wanted to hate this but I couldn't and when I accepted this gospel into my heart and soul I couldn't stop jamming. I don't remember which of you posted THIS GIF but THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS INTO MY LIFE. No joke, I only started appreciating this song once I watched this gif while playing the chorus...

    3. Twice - Knock Knock
    Unapologetically loving this.

    4. CLC - Meow Meow
    You know, CLC really own this sound and I hope they continue releasing things like this. Please don't go back to things like High Heels!

    5. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall

    But only the (Hidden Ver.)....

    ....just kidding. I love this song, and it's nice that they released an English version, though the original is far superior - the final section with the girls harmonizing with each other is not as good in English. FIX IT KARD.

    6. AOA - Excuse Me
    My gorls still making me bop.

    7. K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
    I continue to pop my puss to this.

    8. AOA - Bing Bing
    Well, too little too late, but I finally gave this song some points because it grew on me. It's a cute little ditty.

    9. Berry Good - Don't Believe
    Thanks to the 2016 rate, I've learned to love this. What a jam!

    10. Melody Day - Kiss On The Lips
    Good job, honeys. This was pretty great.

    Just missed out...
    Lovelyz - WoW!
    Mysterious - Hello Venus


    1. CLC - Crystyle
    I. Just. Can't. Stop. Shaking. My. Whole. Body. To. This.

    Send. Help. 911. Pls.
    *CHOOCHI* (Or whatever she says~~)

    2. Red Velvet - Rookie
    I wanted to give Body Talk points in the song chart but I didn't so I gave the mini some points instead. It's pretty solid.

    3. AOA - Angel's Knock
    Yeah, it's still a pretty solid album.

    4. Twice - Twicecoaster (Lane 2, I guess, though it's pretty much just Lane 1 + two songs so....)
    Yeah, it's basic. Yeah, it's cheap. But yeah, so am I, and yeah, I love it.

    5. Melody Day - Kiss On The Lips
    There are some solid tunes on this.

    Oh and I, @Slice of Life, also voted. Hehe. It's also my first time voting for an album track.

    1. Red Velvet - Rookie
    2. DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
    3. Wonder Girls - Draw Me
    4. NCT Dream - My First and Last
    5. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall
    6. 2NE1 - Goodbye
    7. DAY6 - Goodbye Winter
    8. gugudan - A Girl Like Me
    9. Akdong Musician - Play Ugly
    10. Seohyun - Don't Say No

    1. Red Velvet - Rookie
    2. NCT Dream - The First
    3. Seohyun - Don't Say No
    4. B1A4 - Good Timing
    5. BLACKPINK - Square Two
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  5. I'm low-key crying at @ajmkv 's Xtina gif panic for the Rookie comms. It's the most sought-after she's been in years...
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  6. [​IMG]


    Kween of K-Popjustice GIFs, @GeiPanda, it's your time to shine!

    No albums for me this month, hen!

    1) Twice - Knock Knock
    2) Gugudan - A Girl Like Me
    3) Taeyeon - Fine
    4) Kard - Don't Recall
    5) Berry Good - Don't Believe
    6) SHINee - 1 Of 1
    7) Red Velvet - Rookie
    8) Taeyeon - Why
    9) Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
    10) Brave Girls - High Heels

    I know you've been busy but you still voted... Saranghae @He unnie!



    I hate their 4minute tribute actness, but the songs are so so so good! Like really, CUBE were sitting on these tracks and now have made good use of them. I’m guessing they won’t keep recording more left overs since this did not do very well, but still, one of the best minis of the year. I pretend that last song is not there.

    Red Velvet - Rookie

    These girls keep delivering, I just wish I cared for them individually; I think Red Velvet is the group I like the most that I can’t tell who is who nor I care. Anyhow, this mini is good from beginning to end. Body Talk sounds like a Carly Rae song, and Talk to Me is amazing.

    No to that closing ballad.

    WJSN - from.whateverthisis

    My favorite new group keeps slaying thanks to queen snake Yeunjung and Cheng Xiao. There is no waste in this mini, even the slower songs are good.

    GUGUDAN - Act 2

    The first single knocks so hard! I’m proud of my Produce 101 girls for finally getting a bop out! That live version is quite impressive vocally, too. The mini is still on rotation and it has some pleasant songs, but not sure I love it yet.

    Gain - Let’s talk about S

    Bloom is such a great song! Queen. Thanks to babyboi J Kwon for bringing this to my attention in Golden Tambourine. The mini is pretty varied and actually high quality.


    KARD - Don’t recall

    They did it again! I love these kids. They have such a good feel about them. I hate tropical house but KARD just does it so well, that I do not care how on-trend it is. They just have it, and I want them to have all the success. J.Seph is gorgeous.

    Don’t recall seems like the more mature version of Oh Nana and it just goes off.

    GUGUDAN - A girl like me

    Such an infections high energy track. I’m so glad they already found a winning formula with this song and image. It shows the members much better, and their different strengths vocally (except that “rapper” girl who seems quite useless here). Sejeong continues to be perfection, Mina is the cutest rapper, and Nayoung sounds so sexy and looks amazing with that hair. Elsewhere, the older girl can definitely sing, and the maknae is almost as cute as Mina. The other three look the same.

    WJSN - I Wish

    A bop and a half. And the WJSN mob will the defend it against the non-believers!

    Red Velvet - Rookie

    Another great bop from the SM factory.

    CLC - Liar

    Such a breezy and great track. Bring back 4Minute :(

    CLC - Meow Meow

    Another great track from this beyond solid mini. Baby Hyuna grates, though.


    J-pop bop by our intergalactic zodiac emoji lover queens.

    Gain - Bloom

    f(x) - Hot Summer

    Taeyeon - Why

    And finally, another Comeback Kween! @Robinho#1, welcome back, bae!


    1. Wonder Girls - Draw Me
    2. Code Kunst Feat. G Soul & Tablo - Fire Water
    3. BTS - Supplement Story: You Never Walk Alone
    4. Kidd King Feat. Donutman - 날아야겠어
    5. Dean Feat. Baek Yerin - Limbo
    6. Lovelyz - Night & Day
    7. BTS - Spring Day
    8. VAV - Dance With Me
    9. Perc&nt - Snowball
    10. MelodyDay - Kiss On The Lips

  7. He made me scream, cyst!

    Let me link his "post of joy" when he finally found the mysterious gif.

    love you @ajmkv unnie
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  8. What kind of 'you can copy my ballot but don't make it obvious' teas??? Perfect taste @ThighHighs.

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  9. He was referencing to this video below which was clearly made by some dramatic teenagers. They were exactly trying to do something that happened to T-ara , which they picked some of the scenes that members were truly joking in them, and tried to show them like the other members were ignoring and hurting her. Gross is the only word that i can use for them.

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  10. And with that, another edition of the K-Popjustice Charts is done! See you all again when I open the March 2017 Edition thread in, like, a few days from now ddddd. I have updated the first page with links to the results, etc so feel free to like that post. Hehe.

    I would also like to use this space to explain why this edition of the KPJC has been rather... all over the place. It took more than two days to reveal the complete results, my write-ups have been severely lacking, [insert more issues here].

    I apologize.

    I have just started a new job and it's honestly taking up all my time and energy. When I first started KPJC, I was unemployed so I was able to give focus to it. But now, my work has become my priority so KPJC is suddenly looking very shabby (not that it looked great before hehehe).

    I'm not gonna stop hosting KPJC though. No ma'am no. The future editions might even be messier than this one but I will push through. Because I love doing this. And I love y'all. Kii. I hope you forgive me for my future fuck-ups but I will try my very best to be a good host still.

    I hope the new voters won't be driven away by the incompetence I displayed in this thread. Please vote still, my babes! x

    Lastly, I want to thank everyone for your support. Shaman Unnie and I are forever grateful for your undying adoration. <3


    Slice of Life

  11. Child, it was still fine!

    Plus, this was a learning experience (with the new job added into running this...). Next time might actually go smoother for you!
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  12. He


    I did not notice any more messiness than usual, unnie. It was deliciously extra and great as usual!

    Don't fret.
  13. Don't sweat it henny, your job is more important so you can buy me diamonds.
  14. Love you mamis. But honestly, if you knew how long I spent looking for that gif and all I did to be able to embed it. Like, looked on my phone, found it, tried to copy it into the message on mobile, failed, e-mailed it to myself, failed to embed it, wanted to post it on an image hosting site, was too lazy, wanted to attach it as a file, failed, and finally I just trawled through the main thread and found it buried like 50 pages back. It was an odyssey.

    @Slice of Life unnie, the charts were amazing! You may think that you didn't do a good job, but it was pretty excellent, as usual. Good luck with your new job!
  15. Y'all have good taste. I liked at least half the things on everyone else's ballot. And @Slice of Life - Great job...
  16. Great work @Slice of Life ! No messiness detected (except for the messiness of all of us hennys).
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  17. Yeah gurl, it wasn't messy at all! Perfection as always!

    Also that ignoring Jessica video had me cackling!!
  18. Poor Sica.
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