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K-Popjustice Charts - July 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Hey girls

    Do you know what time it is?

    It must be summer time

    Here we go



    WAIT NO.
    Wrong gif~


    And so it's also summer here! Prepare your summer bodies, your sunblocks (it's bound to be shady but just in case) and your summer bops~

    Welcome to the...


    VOLUME 10???


    We made it to double figure, my babes! And we're still having so much fun, right? Let's forget about the last edition's drama and start anew. Here again are our rules!

    1. Send a chart ranked #1 to #10 for songs and #1 to #5 for albums to me via new conversation. (EDIT: Y'all can now just vote for a minimum of three albums instead of five.)
    2. The albums can be full length, mini album, or single album.
    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, or anything you want.
    4. The songs and albums can be released whenever.
    5. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
    6. Your #1 ranked song gets 10 points and your #1 ranked album gets 5.
    7. The total points earned builds the chart.
    8. Ties are broken by # of voters, then by quality of votes received, and are left as a tie if we still can't break parity.
    9. You can have whatever commentary you'd like with your votes.
    10. Your full ballot will be revealed individually as we build the chart.

    Please read Number 2 rule again:
    The albums can be full length, mini album, or single album.

    Yes, you read it right, cystren. We'll be accepting single albums again BUT THESE ALBUMS SHOULD AT LEAST CONTAIN THREE SONGS. These three songs should not be intros, outros, instrumentals or remixes.

    I decided to include single albums again because frankly, a lot of K-pop artists use this type of release and it would not be fully representative of K-pop if we don't count these releases. I mean, even the Gaon Charts include single albums in their charts. Hehe.

    Because this is a chart for K-pop, only K-pop songs and albums are eligible. For a song or album to be classified as K-pop, it should be released by a Korean artist/group in whatever language. Exception: former foreign members releasing their own material (Meng Jia, Luhan, Kris, Tao). This also means that even Japanese releases are allowed to appear in our charts as long as they are sung by K-pop artists (f(x)'s Cowboy).

    Now let's get to work.
    Deadline is on July 29, 2017, Saturday, 00:00 KST.

    Yes, you read it right, babes. The deadline is earlier because... uh... let me just quote myself real quick.

    So there you go. I hope y'all will still vote though.

    PMs will be sent three days before the deadline to remind/threaten everyone to vote.

    *90 degree bow*
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    Thank you, @Alouder98!

    Thank you, @Sanctuary!

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  3. [​IMG]

    01. Red Velvet - Red Flavor
    180 points

    02. K.A.R.D - Hola Hola
    109 points

    03. Red Velvet - Zoo
    97 points

    04. Red Velvet - You Better Know
    87 points

    05. EXO - Ko Ko Bop
    77 points

    06. Akdong Musician (AKMU) - Dinosaur
    70 points

    07. Dreamcatcher - Fly High
    68 points

    08. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
    63 points

    09. Nine Muses - Remember
    53 points

    10. Lee Hyori - Black
    52 points

    11. T-ara - What's My Name
    42 points

    12. Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes
    38 points

    13. Snuper - The Star of Stars
    35 points

    14. LOOΠΔ / Choerry - Love Cherry Motion
    31 points

    15. BoA - Camo
    30 points

    16. DAY6 - Hi Hello
    28 points

    17. Taemin - Flame of Love
    26 points

    18. Dreamcatcher - Sleep-walking
    22 points

    19. Mamamoo - Yes I Am
    22 points

    20. Red Velvet - Mojito
    16 points


    21. Crush - Outside
    16 points

    22. Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth
    15 points

    23. Jessi - Gucci
    15 points

    24. LOOΠΔ / JinSoul - Singing in the Rain
    15 points

    tie 25. DAY6 - Be Lazy
    15 points

    tie 25. KNK - Rain
    15 points



    01. Red Velvet - Red Summer
    88 points

    02. Lee Hyori - Black
    38 points

    03. K.A.R.D - Hola Hola
    36 points

    04. EXO - The War
    30 points

    05. Dreamcatcher - Prequel
    30 points

    06. Taemin - Flame of Love
    16 points

    07. DAY6 - Sunrise
    14 points

    08. Stellar - Stellar In To The World
    11 points

    09. Nine Muses - Muses Diary Part 2: Identity
    11 points

    10. T-ara - What's My Name
    8 points


    11. Taeyeon - My Voice
    8 points

    12. Jessi - UN2VERSE
    7 points

    13. f(x) - 4 Walls
    7 points

    14. EXID - Eclipse
    6 points

    tie 15. Heize - ///
    6 points

    tie 15. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    6 points
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  4. Ready.

  5. I already know my #1 for both album and song ... unless something significant changes within the next coming weeks:

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  6. FYC because Slice is a flop and missed her rate deadline:

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  7. I'm super busy these days, unnies, so I can't update y'all about the new releases. I promise I'll update this before the deadline is over. xoxo
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  8. Unacceptable. Please make 9Muses the winners of last month's charts and I'll consider forgiving you.
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  9. Here's a list (aka I just steal the one from the most popular kpop reddit and plug in holes by looking at recent releases on K2N + Miusiq):

    - Crush, "Outside" [Digital Single]
    - LAU, "So Sweet" [Digital Single]
    - Twice, #TWICE [Japanese Mini Album]

    - Bang Yongguk (BAP), “Yamazaki” [Digital Single]
    - KissN, "Love Like I Do" ft. HighSoul [Digital Single]
    - VAV, "ABC (Middle Of The Night)" [Digital Single]
    - FAVORITE, My Favorite [Debut Mini Album]
    - Lee Hyori, Black [Full Album]

    - The Barbarettes, "Summer" [Digital Single]
    - BTS, “Come Back Home” [Digital Single]
    - G.Soul, "Bad Habit" [Digital Single]
    - Kassy x Basick, "See You In Heaven" [Digital Single]
    - LOOΠΔ 1/3, "Rain 51db" [Digital Single]
    - Day6, "Hi Hello" + "Be Lazy" [Monthly Project]
    - HALO, Here I Am [Mini Album]

    - Yoo Seungwoo x Sandeul, “Oppa” [Digital Single]
    - Apink, "もっとGo! Go!" [Japanese Single]

    - BADKIZ, "Give It To Me" [Digital Single]
    - LE (EXID), "Cream" (Solo Version) [Digital Single]
    - PPL, "Shoot You" [Digital Single]
    - Xiumin (EXO) X Mark (NCT), “Young & Free” [Digital Single]

    - South Club (TaeHyun), “No” [Digital Single]

    - Red Velvet, The Red Summer [Mini-Album]

    - millic, VIDA [Full Album]

    - ESBEE, "B-Day" ft. Ravi (VIXX) [Digital Single]
    - ONE, "Gettin By" + "heyahe" [Debut Digital Singles]
    - Sophiya, "Therapy" [Digital Single]

    - Dumbfounded, "Water" ft. G.Soul [Digital Single]
    - ZICO (Block B), Television [Mini Album]
    - Boyfriend, Summer [Japanese Mini Album]

    - Lime Soda, "Z Z Z" [Debut Digital Single]
    - VOISPER, "Crush On You" [Digital Single]
    - Park Boram, Orange Moon [Mini Album]
    - Jessi, UN2VERSE [Mini Album]
    - Mind U, Re:Mind [Repackage]

    - Kim Maydoni, "Cooling" [Digital Single]
    - WJSN, "Kiss Me" [Digital Single]
    - LYn, joue avec moi [Mini Album]

    - HOTSHOT, "Jelly" [Digital Single]
    - NU'EST - "Hello (2017 Version)" [Digital Single]
    - T-ARA, "My Love" [OST Single]
    - Surprise U, I Do [Debut Mini Album]

    - 14U, "VVV" [Debut Digital Single]
    - EXO, The War [Full Album]
    - Taemin (SHINee), Flame Of Love [Japanese Mini Album]

    - Soohyun (U-KISS) - "I'll Be There" [Japanese Single]
    - KARD, Hola Hola [Debut Mini Album]
    - Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE), Do Disturb [Mini Album]

    - AKMU, "Dinosaur" + "My Darling" [Digital Singles]
    - Lee Jinah, Random [Mini Album]
    - KNK, Gravity,completed [Repackage]
    - Snuper, The Star of Stars [Repackage]

    - Mark (NCT) x Parc Jae Jung, “Lemonade Love” [Digital Single]

    - offonoff, boy. [Full Album]

    - LABOUM, LABOUM Summer Special [Digital Single]

    - Monsta X, "Newton" [Digital Single]
    - Dreamcatcher, Prequel [Mini Album]

    - JJ Project, Verse'2 [Album]
  10. Yes please consider my husband when voting please:

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  11. Being honest here

    Take at least these two into consideration when submitting your ballot please.

    And let's not forget

  12. I might vote for all of Red Velvet songs.
  13. Is a Red Velvet album track going to snatch my 10 AGAIN!?!? It's a definite possibility.
  14. I love "You Better Know" but it sounds a little like an f(4) song. Now when I hear it I wonder how friggin' amazing it would sound with the f(x) vocal command.
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  15. I just realized a majority of my Korean music consumption this month as been soundcloud tracks.

    I'm apologizing for my ballot ahead of time.
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  16. This is nice:

    The video turns into a kind of T-Ara-style mini movie with Seo Taiji unexpectedly and really, really weirdly...
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  17. Hi.

    I'm finally back at home after a week-long training/seminar. That was the reason why I wasn't as active in this thread, the subforum, and the forum, in general. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, BABES. x

    Also, a tragedy has recently hit me.

    The Tumblr page that I use to update the the ~NEW RELEASES~ section went into semi-hiatus so yeah... I... uh, will have to find a new way to do that section from now on.

    Fortunately, K-Popjustice maknae @Alouder98 was kind enough to render his services and compiled a list of the recent July releases. THANK YOU, MY LOVE. I linked his conversation message in the ~NEW RELEASES~ section so please use that as a guide.

    Thank you also to @Sanctuary unnie for providing a pretty solid release guide. I also quoted ha post in the ~NEW RELEASES~ section.

    Lastly, I promise I will be more active from now. Expect the PMs, the tags, the threats, the mess from me.


    I wanna break the 40 voters mark this month. Kii. Can we do it? I hope so. xoxo
  18. [​IMG]


    Harassment letters PMs will be sent three days before the deadline.

    Public shaming Tagging will be done a day before the deadline.

    Also, our male idol of the month is the newest YG dungeon survivor, One! I know y'all won't vote for his songs so lemme just promo his ridiculously pretty face.
  19. You say as your week long vacation looms on the horizon.