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K-Popjustice Charts - June 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. He


    Poor Flop Muses, they had the better song. But I see you're all under Shaman Unnie's spell still.

    I do like blackpink's quite a bit but this month had better tracks.

    Gotta Be You just came on my Spotify. Hmm.
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  2. They're perfect, they're beautiful, they sound like Bom. You guys eat them up EVERY SINGLE TIME they release a damn song... They ftsdbsds. They could release a fucking 2NE1 reject and ya'll would be like : "BLACK PINK! You saved K-Pop!"
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  3. I was listening to "Hate You" (my previous favorite "fuck you" song) the other day in my car and thought, "Wow. What a great Blackpink song..." Then I realized it was Bom with those priceless spiteful, nasty vocal slings and not more of Jennie's yell-singing.

    Aw well. The people have spoken. I didn't vote for BP at all. Namyu needed a bullet vote... but...

    I bow to Jisoo. Cuz nobody else does. She's getting better. They all are, actually, at least in their live sets, so props are due for that.

    EDIT: And they have a great dungeon.
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  4. Okay, but babe, you also voted for BLACKPINK though. xo
  5. As lovely fifth alternates. What they deserve.
    First Sasha Velour winning Drag Race and now THIS? Do you want my death?
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  6. Ddd why is this chart turning me into a blackpink hater??
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  7. I'm Sera. Forever the best member of 9Muses.
  8. I'm Hyemi.
    Slipping into a bathtub wet on the set of Mr. Mr.'s "Do You Feel Me?" video and emerging from another completely dry in some homeless person's camp in the forest.... where I magically change shoes while exploring it.... then even more mysteriously renew my contract with Star Empire.
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  9. In hindsight I wouldn't give my 10 to BlackPink if I voted today. It just happened to be released around the time I submitted my scores... but it's gotten stale quicker than all my other most-played songs. Still a fun, inoffensive tune though.

    So girls, let's just all shadily clap and give our congratulations to this month's fan-favorite... while seething inside.

  10. Don't even try to join us in the 9Muses gang.
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  11. I'm Moon Hyuna obv.
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  12. Me tossing your BoA stan card where it belongs, traitor.
  14. Oops! I'm sorry that future icon and popstar of the world Kim Lip is so talented!

    and CAMO is no Kiss My Lips kii
  15. [​IMG]


    Well guess what Mimi, you did.

  16. Me getting my life to both Blackpink & Nine Muses' songs, but still being mad that Hyori was fucking robbed: