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K-Popjustice Charts - March 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Mar 20, 2017.


How many albums should we vote for every month?

  1. Maximum of five, no more no less

    2 vote(s)
  2. Maximum of five, minimum of three

    16 vote(s)
  1. I'm dead! @Mikl C is the best.

    Also I'm glad that you finally realized i have the range @Slice of Life , kekeke.
  2. [​IMG]


    A new member of the club! Welcome @LOOΠΔ!

    1. Gfriend - Fingertip
    2. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    3. B.A.P - Wake Me Up
    4. Gfriend - Rain in the Spring Time
    5. Taeyeon - Fine
    6. LOOΠΔ 1/3 - You & Me Together
    7. Brave Girls - Memory
    8. Gugudan - A Girl Like Me
    9. Lovelyz - WoW
    10. CNBLUE - Between Us

    Wait I forgot we can have foreign releases, in that case the albums are...

    1. Gfriend - The Awakening
    2. Taeyeon - My Voice
    3. LOOΠΔ 1/3 - Love&Live
    4. SHINee - Five
    5. Brave Girls - Rollin'

    You don't have to do Twice like that, @PopZeitgeist cyst!

    1: Wee Woo - Pristin
    2: Black Widow- Pristin (You're all up in my Zaone)
    3: A Girl Like Me- Gugudan (ooh baybay)
    4: Do You Know Me- T-ara (hey baby yo baby yo) Come back flat affect queen Boram
    5: Hobgoblin- CLC (I'm in the ZAONE)
    6: Meow Meow- CLC
    7: Plz Don't Be Sad- Highlight (i.e. Doojoon and friends)
    8: Beautiful- Monsta X
    9: Excuse Me- AOA
    10: Rookie- Red Velvet

    Knock Knock Knocked out. Poor Dat.

    1: Hi! Pristin- Pristin
    2: Again 1977- T-ara
    3: Crystyle- CLC
    4: Russian Roulette- Red Velvet
    5: f(x)- Nu ABO

    Kween of Voting For An Outro, @ThisIsRogue, it's showtime!

    Hi, here's my ballot!

    Brave Girls - Rollin'
    Brave Girls - Outro (does this count?)
    KARD - Don't Recall
    KARD - Oh NaNa
    Brave Girls - Memory
    TWICE - TT
    BlackPink - Playing With Fire
    BlackPink - BoomBaYah
    NCT127 - Limitless
    Pristin - WEE WOO
    Pristin - Black Widow

    Brave Girls - Rollin'
    BlackPink - Square Two
    NCT127 - Limitless 2nd mini album
    Pristin - Hi Pristin 1st mini album
    Twice - TWICEcoaster: LANE1

    This ballot from @ryan_riot92 unnie is everything! I love it too much.


    I’m still kind of drunk bur Ican still manage to do this:

    #!: Brave Girls “Rollin’”
    - I swear if anyone DOESN’T vote for this one, I’ll find them and follow them like Sonia followed that obviously gay guy in the video for “You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You” but with hatred instead of stalker obsession. Seriously though, if we thought “Deepened” and “High Heels” were killer, this one just takes the cake. If Brave Brothers keep this sound going, I want EVERYONE to work with them this year. It’s got those subtle hints of Kylie in it that I live for along with stool choreography for days. This track is truly one of the greatest tracks to come from this year so far and I’m hoping that they’ll get at least one more comeback before 2018.

    #6: LUCY “B-DAY”
    - I actually misread this at first. I thought it was Luna and honestly, probably could have been. It fits the “Free Somebody” vibe with that 90s/early 00s dance music that I love so much. To think she was also a former member of GLAM is kind of amazing. Will this get the recognition it deserves? Probably not because Korea’s taste in music sucks more than a gay porn star sucks dick but what-evs … It’s a bop. It’s catchy as fuck too.

    #7: OOHYO “Pizza”
    - Talk about relatable in every way, shape, and form. Not only do the lyrics speak to me but the track is a massive jam!

    #9: Humming Urban Stereo “Milky Way”
    - There are subtle hints of 90s video game music vibes in this song and that’s probably why I love it so much. Such an underrated bop.

    #2: GFRIEND “Fingertip”
    - TANG TANG TANG!!! MY HEART! I must confess I adore this track! I may be your resident GFRIEND hater (hey gurl hey) but I cannot deny this absolute banger! Like I’ve said so many times before, you can never go wrong with retro … at least not yet … This is an 80s pop glam masterpiece blended into the K-Pop genre. I’m so proud of these girls for trying something new that I dug up my stan card and dusted off the massive amounts of dog shit on it. Keep this up ladies!!

    #3: gugudan “A Girl Like Me”
    - I still jam to this on a daily basis. It’s so quirky and fun yet massively sassy and confident.

    #4: TWICE “Knock Knock”
    - This may have gotten crap reviews from the majority of the K-Popjustice community but they all have quite questionable taste anyway so … suck it, I love it, I bop to it, fuck off. Kay? But seriously though, it’s cute and it’s catchy. What more could you ask for. Don’t say vocal training … but vocal training yes. Also more MOMO!!

    #8: K.A.R.D “Don’t Recall”
    - Tropical bop for the masses! These guys are going places and they haven’t even technically debuted yet! QUEENS/KINGS I don’t really know what to call them… ROYALTY? Sure why not.

    #5: PRISTIN “Wee Woo”
    - ANNYEONG GURLS! To be completely honest, my hopes for them were pretty low. I was for certain that they flop and become the next Afterschool nobody group that was under the same management as SEVENTEEN. Call me brash and sassy (*wink Y&R reference) but this blows anything SEVENTWEEN have done out of the water … and that’s saying something. Seriously though. It’s got that university vibe to it and it’s super catchy! Production may not be 100% but I live for it!

    #10: MIXX “Love Is A Sudden”
    - R.I.P my gurls … K-Pop needed more acts like you … but sadly … poof …

    GURL I’m so lazy I can’t put them in order!!! Can you fix that for me??? Love you babe! MMMMUAAH! muah Muah MUAH!~


    #1: Brave Girls “Rollin’”
    #2: TWICE: TWICEcoaster: LANE 2
    #3: Lovelyz: R U Ready?


    #5: BTS: You Never Walk Alone

    Sorry that I couldn't vote for Highlight, @Cotton Park! Let's tag-team and vote for Winner next month though. xoxo

    1. Plz Don't Be Sad - Highlight
    The Artist Formerly Known As Beast bucks the byzantine South Korean music industry, starts their own label and loses their name to their dickhead (former) company, then absolutely crushes it with a wild, upbeat, irresistible jam performed with the kind of loose, fresh, ballsy Beautiful Night swagger that was kind of lost in their usual brooding steampunky Fiction/Ribbon style as good as that was. There's nothing I don't like about this. True KPop Justice! Best of luck to them.

    2. Happily Ever After - Red Velvet
    Quickly becoming my favorite Led Bellbet song ever, which is saying a lot. I don't think anyone else will vote for this, but I can't resist their harmonies and sound effects and the way they hit the chorus.

    3. Wee Woo - Pristin
    I really didn't want to like this but these chicks are so much more fun than Twice, who they're obviously trying to emulate. Maybe they just have more of an edge. This is a hot mess, I know, but the nasty neodisco rhythm guitar, cool prechorus, Pinky, Na Young, even Kyla's wink are just too priceless.

    4. Time Lapse - Taeyeon

    Taeyeon has been slaying me lately. The album is so much better than I thought it would be and this track is a dramatic, stunning vehicle for her significant vocal skills. I stopped thinking she was overrated the moment I finished listening to this track.

    5. Rollin' - Brave Girls
    Jesus, what's not to like? Maybe the weird little stretchy dance they do after the chorus, I don't know. I love Yuna's killer Engrish, the bouncy mix of anthem and bop, and Minyoung's weirdly almost cackling vocals shoehorned into the chorus, and Yujeong's Mona Lisa smile.

    6. I Don't Wanna Love You - Krystal Jung and Jun One Kim

    It would be so fucking tragic if f(x) implodes due to Amber's all-to-American temper tantrum, even if it's warranted. Luna's killing it on her own, or with Amber in EDM station tracks, and this thing from Krystal is amazing... I can only imagine how transcendent album five would be. Who knows what Victoria's doing or if she even matters anymore, but as much as Amber annoys me, there's no f(x) without her. Or Krystal. I mean, what's the point?

    7. Fine - Taeyeon

    I love this song even more when she sings it live. There's not a lot of songs and singers you can say that about.

    8. Hear The Wind Sing - GFriend

    GFriend reminds me of ABBA. They're so amazingly not cool and so ridiculously not trendy that they're actually amazingly cool and ridiculously trendy.

    9. Fingertip - GFriend
    Sometimes I imagine Crayon Pop doing this song and like it much more. But as weird and otherworldly as this thing is, I'm glad they did it. They had to.

    10. Lucky Strike - Dreamcatcher
    Fuck yeah. More, please.

    1. My Voice - Taeyeon

    For reasons expounded upon above.

    2. Rookie - Red Velvet

    "Happily Ever After," "Talk To Me," and "Body Talk" are the three best back to back tracks since "Rum Pum Pum Pum," "Shadow," and "Pretty Girl." And "Little Little" may sound really schlocky at first, but it's a really slick little little R&B jam.

    3. The Awakening - GFriend

    I was always fascinated and mystified by how much people love these girls who kind of look and sound like they come from some weird alternate Asian version of some dusty little Mormon town in Utah. But I kinda get it. The world is going to shit moment by moment, but it can't be THAT bad if there's a thing called GFriend in it.

    4. Electric Shock - f(x)

    Just been really hooked on "Zig Zag" and "Let's Try" lately. I always loved "Jet."

    5. First Love - Afterschool

    And another oldie that I've had on repeat lately. Seriously underrated album. "Dressing Room," in particular.
  3. [​IMG]


    MY CHOOCHI UNNIE!!! @ajmkv unnie, let's hear your messy thoughts.

    1. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    Beyond the fact that it sounds like they're saying "Lonely lonely lonelaaaaay", it also sounds like they're straight up asking all the boys if they want to touch their no-no holes in Spanish. I can't. I adore it. It's been my "I'm sad but I'm still DTF boys" anthem ever since it came out. I'll be waiting on my stool for someone to come touch mi ano, just like this
    (I'll see myself out.)

    No but honestly this is exquisite K-Pop, masterfully produced and fun; an absolute stomper that's good in the club, good on walks home, good in the shower, good everywhere damn it. It's K-Pop at its finest.

    2. Seohyun - Don't Say No
    After doing the SM Girls rate, I've found a new appreciation for it after it initially kind of just passed me by. It's a great song, and Seohyun really showed off how great she can be outside of SNSD and TTS. I won't say no to this delicious bop.

    3. G-Friend - Fingertip
    Yeah, I'm still hearing "tongue tongue tongue, fingertip"... it's the rimming anthem I never knew I needed (I need to stop talking about that part of the body, lord help me please.)

    4. CLC - Hobgoblin
    One word:

    (Haha, if you search "clc sorn choochi gif" on google images, you're directed to one of my posts on this forum, my impact.)

    5. Pristin - Wee Woo
    (S)XIYEON FINALLY DEBUTED! This is a fun little bop, I'm happy that they went with something like this. It's not the best thing I've heard but I've been using it quite a bit. The video is also fun, and Xiyeon looks gooooooooooooooorg.
    My baby is growing up!

    Also, scream at all the sexual references... shaking my damn head, Pledis.

    6. CLC - Meow Meow
    Yeah, I still love this and listen to this on the regular. Queens of longevity.

    7. KARD - Don't Recall
    Still that jam.

    8. AOA - Excuse Me
    Did I expect anything less from my basic bop ladies? Excuse Me has been consistently in my Top 10 since its release and it doesn't look to be going anywhere soon.

    9. Melody Day - Kiss On The Lips
    Have some points, girls. This is a great song.

    10. Red Velvet - Rookie
    Lookie lookie! Mai supa lookie lookie lookie!
    Also it took me way too long to realize that one of the girls is wearing a shirt that says "TACKY" on it. Accurate!

    1. Park Ji Yoon - parkjiyoon9
    I was expecting to adore her new album after everything she has released since like 2009 has impacted my life in so many ways, but I didn't expect that this would absolutely obliterate everything else music-wise this past month. I've cried, I've yaaaasssed, I've smiled, I've listened to this endlessly everywhere and at all times of the day. This is another album to add to my list of all-time favorite albums and I'm sure I'll keep coming to this all the time. It's timeless, just like Tree of Life is. Every single song is perfect. Every. Single. Song.

    2. Seohyun - Don't Say No
    I like everything on this, since when is Seohyun the one to watch in SNSD? I never expected something of this quality to come from her, and not only did she put her name to this, but she also wrote most of the tracks? She is someone to watch, for sure. I love this.

    3. CLC - Crystyle
    Oh girls, I'm still your biggest fan. This is going to end up in my Top 5 of the year, definitely.

    4. Taeyeon - My Voice
    This has several great songs on it, and I'm excited for the deluxe release. An actual K-Pop album with 16 tracks on it? What kind of miracle?

    5. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    Rollin' is the best song on this, but I like all the others, too. The High Heels remix is cute.

    I also voted, babes. It's me, @Slice of Life. Kekeke.


    1. GFriend - Fingertip
    3. DAY6 - How Can I Say
    4. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    5. Produce 101 Season 2 - Pick Me
    6. Subin - Circle's Dream
    7. K.A.R.D - Don't Recall
    8. Monsta X - Beautiful
    9. Twice - Knock Knock
    10. CNBlue - Between Us


    1. VICTON - Ready - I'M SORRY SEJUN BBY!
    2. Pristin - Hi! Pristin
    3. Lovelyz - R U Ready?
    4. GFriend - The Awakening
    5. Brave Girls - Rollin'

    Kween of Vernonie~ GIFs, @Overdose, hurry, the stage is calling!

    Oh am I late with votes again?


    Ddd since no one else would've been listening to Stellar's Vibrato 50+ times in March this took me a while. Apologies for the delay Shaman Unnie!)

    BLACKPINK - PLAYING WITH FIRE (Yes I know it's been 5 months but I really don't care. THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING.)
    Ailee - Reminiscing (Vocal runs for days. Queen.)
    K.A.R.D - Don't Recall (Changed the game. Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Spectacular. Never the same. Totally unique.)
    Lucy - B-Day (Vogue-worthy bop. Give me that subdued 'Free Somebody' vibe that I love.)
    GFRIEND - FINGERTIP (I'm usually not here for GFRIEND on account of their permanent expressionless state. However this is funky and pretty fun overall, if only their faces would reflect that.)
    Red Velvet - Body Talk (Still THAT song.)
    Red Velvet - Rookie (Queens of hallucinogenic flower trips.)
    IU - Through the Night (Queen sending me to sleep with a smile on my face.)
    BTS — Blood Sweat & Tears (Cause baby if it's right, it's right.)
    Highlight - Please Don't Be Sad (Great colours. Beautiful colours.)

    Red Velvet - ROOKIE (Queens of quality.)
    Girls' Day - GIRLS DAY EVERYDAY (Thirsty. What a bop.)
    AOA - Angels Knock (Bing Bing still owns my booty. Excuse me is also there.)

    See you in April.


    @Vesperly almost missed the deadline but the good cyst came through! Thank you, boo.

    Sorry, hope I haven't missed the deadline!

    Fingertip - GFriend
    A Girl Like Me - Gugudan
    Hobgoblin - CLC
    Oh! - SNSD
    Three - Sunny
    Liar - CLC
    Dystopia - B.A.P
    Wake Me Up - B.A.P
    Echo - Seven O'Clock
    Wee Woo - Pristin

    Rose - B.A.P
    Crystyle - CLC
    Rookie - Red Velvet
    The Awakening - GFriend
    Hi! Pristin - Pristin

    The newest member of the KPJC family, @R92, your time has come! Hope you still participate next month!

    1. Rollin' - Brave Girls
    2. A Girl Like Me - Gugudan
    3. Why So Lonely - Wonder Girls
    4. Wee Woo - Pristin
    5. Secret - WJSN
    6. Rookie - Red Velvet
    7. Body Talk - Red Velvet
    8. Feel Good - Shinee
    9. Time Lapse - Taeyeon
    10. Fire - Taeyeon

    1. My Voice - Taeyeon
    2. 4 Walls - f(x)
    3. Hi! Pristin - Pristin
    4. 1of1 - Shinee
    5. Rookie - Red Velvet
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  4. [​IMG]


    Wait, what is happening? @Salami is our last voter? What happened to my sweet early-bird girl? Still love you though. x

    Wait lemme do it quick just the songs

    1. Brave girls rollin
    2. Girls day thirsty
    3. Girls day I'll be yours
    4. Gfriend fingertip
    5. Taeyeon I got love
    6. Taeyeon cover up
    7. BTs spring day
    8. Blackpink playing with Fire
    9. Berry good don't believe
    10. Twice knock knock

    I'm in the back of a taxi on the way home so this is poor grammar excuse me



    Amber Super Stan @ohnostalgia, here's your vote!

    My ballot:


    Cutie mod, @Charley, come back for the April edition, okay?

    And of course, how could I forget the Kween of Meltdowns, @junglefish!

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  5. Ddddddd expose my drunk ass a bit binch.
    I will vote next month, only because y'all can't be trusted with your flop taste.
  6. [​IMG]

    You didn't vote for "Pizza" unnie!!!!????? ... But it sucks without you gurl. At least I got @Squashua to give it a vote. Y'all did it so wrong!

  7. I'M SO SORRY. I didn't listen to it enough so I can't vote for it.

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  8. I literally forgot about Pizza until the results started...

    Even though I was listening to it multiple times a day...
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  9. It's okay unnie. Because you host such an amazing chart every month, I can forgive ... But I will never forget... teehee

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    Please notice the poll above and cast your votes!

    A little background:

    A few voters have expressed their struggle to come up with 5 albums to vote for every month. And I can totally relate. As y'all probably observed by now, I don't listen that much to albums these days. And because of that, I always have a hard time choosing 5 albums to vote for.

    So I consulted with my dear Shaman Unnie.

    We agreed that you, the people of K-Popjusticelandia, should have the final say about this issue. That's why that poll exists right now. So please take part and vote!

    The first option is pretty simple. If you choose the first option, no changes we'll be made. We'll still be voting for 5 albums per month.

    The second option is a bit tricky. If you choose that option, it means you agree that we should lower the minimum amount of albums to be voted for to 3. That means y'all can just vote for just 3 or 4 albums. If you decide to just vote for 3 albums, your number 1 ranked album will NOT get 5 points --- only 3 points just to still keep things fair.

    Alright. I hope I explained this well. If not, please leave a comment here or in my inbox.

  11. As long as I still get to rack up points for Kiss My Lips in the year-end charts.
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  12. Dddddddddddddddd I actually don't keep track of the total points racked up by songs and albums. Kii. I should probably do it though.
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  13. Couple things:
    1. GREAT JOB, SLICE! I will personally listen to Day6 today. (Maybe a Dreamcatcher/Day6/(random FNC group) playlist.)

    2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loved "Hear the Wind Sing". It's the song little babies hear when they take their first blissful little nap in mommy's arms... (It's not Gee anymore.)

    3. I voted for 5 minimum albums to vote for, but I changed my mind. Three is good.

    4. Great fucking lists. Seriously. A lot of good taste here...
  14. [​IMG]
  15. I love this level of extra

    I'll be coming to you for help with graphics for the rate sis x
  16. I mean, I can always just vote for Shinee's albums repeatedly if I don't have any albums to include.
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  17. I know in the non kpop monthly charts some people just submit songs and no albums.
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  18. You can do that here. Just if you're submitting albums there was a rule of needing 5 in the list.
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  19. K-Pop albums are so hit and miss that I think 3 is plenty.
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