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K-Popjustice Charts - May 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, May 20, 2017.

  1. He


    Ha, poor Twice.

    Yas to Sistar, Lonely is great and has grown on me immensely these past week.
  2. Snatching the #1 in just one day?? Who else but the Queens of Summer!


    K-PopJustice certified, top tier legends until the very end.


    Thank you to everyone that gave my queens the points they deserved. <3
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  3. He


    What show is that gif from? Where they put their name in tier 1? Love it.
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  4. 1:27 Bora didn't even hesitate, she just let them know.
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  5. I could've been shady and sabotaged Sistar. But I love them and Twice lost to legends so I'm not mad.
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  6. He


    Arabic subs, though.
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  7. I know, sorry. The English sub was blocked by MBC and sadly never re-uploaded.
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    No worries, unnie! I was just joking.

    Love that group division. When T-ARA were relevant ::sniff sniff::

    I'm awful at leaving commentary with my scores for rates, so let me leave a few thoughts besides my joy that ACE hunties charted and focus on Sistar.

    They were just so powerful. I had a friend who stanned for them and Hyolyn in a different fandom and just became obsessed with them from seeing her stanning and that led me to listening to more kpop. Touch My Body was my original bop and I grew to love all of their singles.

    This guy I liked who was why I lowkey really got into kpop (dddd) and I joke that all acts I like end up disbanding. I got really into Wonder Girls and they announced their disbanding. miss A is basically inactive. I just didn't expect my original #1s to be taken from me at the height of their careers and disband like this, but Lonely is just everything. It's beautiful for Sistar to show they're not just fun summer bops, but can deliver an amazing and melancholic song that captures the pain and beauty in how definite ends are.

    Sistar were just grown women who handled their business. Hyolyn especially never bragged about it, but charity is so close to her heart for impoverished women, children and animals, and so the group spent much of their free time and charity work on these issues. Their biggest scandal was Bora falling during a show and breaking her thumb. They just knew their talent and their worth and were able to stay true to themselves while becoming one of the most successful girl groups in the world, tying Spice Girls for #1's and having more consecutive #1's in the world than any other group. They just represent something special.

    In the song, Dasom says:
    "With time, everything will be forgotten,
    as will you - that's what's really sad,"
    but Sistar will be remembered.
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  10. #[​IMG]
  11. Pity >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Twice's Rapping Abilities

  12. The lyrics to Lonely have unfortunately sigh been hitting home at bit as of late so I'm glad they came top this week.
  13. *hugs*

    Hope you're doing alright, boo. x
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  14. [​IMG]


    Here are your individual ballots!



    Let's start with our first voter which is, quelle surprise, my one and only, @send photo!

    1. DAY6 - Dance Dance
    2. BoA - Spring Rain
    3. YEZI - Anck Su Namun
    4. VIXX - Shangri-La
    Femme dads
    5. DAY6 - Man In A Movie
    I actually prefer this track but I'm guessing we'll rally for the main song.
    6. Sistar - Lonely
    7. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry
    8. A.C.E - Cactus
    9. EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    10. TWICE - Signal

    1. EXID - Eclipse
    2. Seventeen - Al1
    3. BoA - Kiss My Lips

    I think we have another member of the #Wa$$upSquad. @LightningRider, come through.

    I'm pretty sure nothing's gonna shake up my chart soon so I'm sending these in early!

    1. Signal - TWICE
    2. Will You Go Out With Me - DIA [Hey DIA… listen… why am I still bopping… come on tell me.]
    3. Anck Su Namun - Yezi [Take me to Egypt Yezisus.]
    4. Color TV - Wa$$up
    5. Hwi Hwi - Laboum [No sajaegi occurred in getting this into my top 5 two months in a row.]
    6. Wonderful Love - Momoland [I never listen to this in public because I know I’m gonna accidentally hit that dab ddddd.]
    7. Now, We - Lovelyz
    8. Spotlight - Sohee
    9. Cactus - A.C.E [What kind of pandering kings? Even the tempo caters to the gays.]
    10. Really Really - Winner [The Dreamcatcher version is better but I’m belatedly bopping.]

    1. Color TV - Wa$$up [This is coming for my wig with Every. Damn. Play. Why did it take me so long to get obsessed with this ya’ll I’m a fake Wa$$up fan. I’m a fake Waffle. I’m a Pancake.]
    2. Signal - TWICE [They still have a long way to go but this is their best album by a mile.]
    3. YOLO - DIA

    Here's @Cotton Park and ha more diverse picks for May!

    Here we go... Thanks once again for doing this!

    #1. Girl's Day - "I'll Be Yours"
    The more I hear this song, the more I love it. With elite girl groups dropping like flies, it's refreshing to hear this quartet belting out a ballsy retro number with unapologetic sexuality and artistry. Sojin is going strong, looking and sounding fantastic as ever as she strides past her 31st birthday. I want more. Watch and learn, Mamamoo.
    #2. DEAN (featuring SYD) - "Love"
    I never thought Dean would be the first to really, truly crossover into the Western market, but it's not only looking possible, it might be probable. He definitely has the pipes and the vibe. I love the video.
    #3. Brave Girls - "Past Thoughts" or "Memory" or "옛 생각"
    This is such an uplifting and anthemic song, despite the sad lyrics, or maybe that's why it's uplifting, about finding a way to overcome sadness through music which is why I always come back to KPop anyway.
    #4. EXID - "Night Rather Than Day"
    Butterflies in my mind. Still. And still cleaning up after them. They're making a mess. All those caterpillars...
    #5. Winner - "Really Really"
    Winner is in there, trying to chase the butterflies from my mind, but just making a bigger mess. Seriously, though, I just wonder how much better this would have been with Nam Taehyun. They definitely miss him. I wouldn't be surprised by a reunion and soon.
    #6. Taeyeon - "Fine"
    Or, "Lonely Night" or "Curtain Call" or "Feel So Fine" or "I Got Love" or "Cover Up" or any number of tracks from My Voice. It's the best full album of the year to me. Easily. "Fine" seems to be the song KPJ loves to hate, so here's five points for it. Keke.
    #7. K.A.R.D - "Rumor"
    The third classic in the new sub-genre, K-Reggae, after "Why So Lonely" by the Wonder Girls and "Don't Be Shy" by Choa and Primary. And, no shade intended to the male members, but it's pretty clear now that the strength of this group is Somin and Jisoo. Their vocal arrangement and harmonies are among the sharpest in KPop.
    #8. Suran and Changmo - "Wine"
    I should have voted for Suran months ago, but this one has finally gone into heavy rotation at the House of Cotton. Changmo's part is wonderful and Suran is her usual infectiously inimitable self.
    #9. IU - "Black Out"
    I think this is the real gem of Palette, but next month, I could tell you its one of the other songs. Last month it was "Jam Jam" and I almost voted for that, but I love "Black Out's" retrorock sound and IU's great mix of English and Korean singing. Per usual.
    #10. Exy X Euna Kim - "Love Therapy"
    I'm a sucker for Korean mellow rap a la Kisum. I almost voted for Kisum, but this is better and I love Euna Kim. And Exy. And what is the Korean fascination with starting a song with a scratchy old vinyl record sound? Not that I don't like it. I do. It's kind of cool... and... maybe I answered my own question.

    #1. Hyukoh - 23
    My God, I don't know if this is Korea's best rock band, but they're so good and so versatile. Oh Hyuk has a fantastic, commanding voice and presence. There's so many American rock-and-rollers I know that I would gladly play this for. And will. "Jesus Lived In A Motel Room" alone is worth the price for this LP.
    #2. Taeyeon - My Voice
    Enough's been said. Just listen.
    #3. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    I should have voted for this last month, but I listened to it more this month. The little piece that tipped it for me is the cute but sultry remix of "High Heel" and of course, "Past Thoughts." And the single. Hell, the whole thing. An underrated classic.
    #4. Loco - Bleached
    This is a breakthrough effort for Loco, one of stars of Jay Park's AOMG. Great chill-rap throughout.
    #5. IU - Palette
    Despite my continual sticking up for Taeyeon (like someone even has to?), I'm not a ballad fan and even though IU writes really compelling and interesting ballads, it's "Jam Jam" and "Black Out" and the sleek duet with Oh Hyuk(!) that are my favorites on this, another interesting, thoughtful collection from the Nation's Little Twentyfive-Year-Old.

    Lemme just say that I was so shook we you messaged me first, @He unnie! Thanks though! x

    Giving you my scores early for a change!

    Unnies - Right?

    Queens of making ONES pressed!!
    I loved season 1 of this show (poor Tiffany), and I thought I would not love this cast as much, especially because of Somi, and the absence of the brilliant La Miran and Hyorin, even Jessi, and the great chemistry they all had. But it’s been a great season and just as funny: Jinkyung and Sook remain brilliant, Yewon is unintentionally weird and hilarious, Minzy is so talented and adorable, Chaeyoung is so pretty and funny, and Jinyoung is so quick witted and shameless; Somi also came along, and her dad…

    And they got another hit of out it, which I did not think would happen. I’m really happy for them… This is not as cool as Shut Up, but totally infectious and fun.

    EXID - Boy
    Even though now I know this song took a bit too much inspiration from that Marian Hill song, it still bops so much. The verses are amazing and that Hyerin part! Yas!

    Gfriend - Fingertip
    This song came back to my most listened this month, it’s such a rush. I think it might be my favorite Gfriend release

    Unnies - Lalala Song
    Such a pleasant song from Unnies. They should have recorded a full mini, at least. Minzy takes command here and makes the song great; Somi should rap from now on…

    KARD - Rumor
    Still shamelessly bopping to this inferior copy of Don’t Recall. The chorus is everything!

    EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    Perfect single from the perfect girl group.

    Indie queen making my summer better with these breezy jams. I love how wistful this is.

    Kim Lip - ECLIPSE
    Impressed by this non-filler LOONA release. This girl has star quality! The song and video are super lush, too.

    Hope the subunit she is in is more like this and less beige than what has come before.

    TWICE - Knock Knock
    Twice missing on Spotify makes me listen to them less than I would. This single was terribly underwhelming at first but it remains great, it’s simple but so effective.


    Minzy - NINANO
    Please give Minzy a chance, Korea!


    EXID - Eclipse
    Easily the best release of the year. Queens of everything.

    WJSN - From. WJSN
    Still an incredibly solid release. Hope their comeback is just as good and they get higher in the charts!

    RIP Sistar.

    Pristin - Hi! Pristin
    Why am I still listening to this, it’s as solid as it is basic, and I am basic at heart.

    Also: Yebin.

    Stellar - Sting

    Crayon Pope - Evolution Pop

    Kween of Drunk Voting and Stanning for Beigeness, @ryan_riot92, it's time!

    OKAY GUUURRRLLLL, I may have had a few classes of Lambrusco but it’s all good, I AM READY TOO GO!!! I gotta say though, I had to consult the recent releases quite often because I was cming up short with shit to vite for so I might just have to vote for Lollin lollin lollin again … Oh wait, I planned to do that anyway … #songof2k17 #getoverit #ifyoudon’tlikethissongyou’vegotnotaste


    #1: TWICE “Shignal”
    - Tryn’ ta letchya know … Oh my lawd, I love this song sooo much … In fact it’s probably the only really fantastic release of this month. It’s cute, it’s minimal, and it’s a bop. You don’t need to go all out to be good. The concept is super out of this world literally and it’s something different than what everyone else it trying to do. The only drawback is the rapping because it can get kind of annoying … but I’ve grown to love it! I mean, Momo is doing it so I can’t hate it. SHe’s a queeeen. Haters gonna hate on TWICE but most of them have questionable taste anyway soooo …

    #2 Lovelyz “Now, We”
    - I’m not ashamed that I know most of the choreography to this song. I’m not ashamed that I find this song to be a complete and utter bop. I’m sorry for being beige but I can’t help it. [[I actually love beige as a color but that’s beside the point]] Don’t get me wrong, I loved “WoW!” too but this song is on the same level as “Ah Choo!” with me. There was a pint where I was listening to this song on repeat, screaming it out the windows on my way to work [[and then when I got to work, turned it down because they probably would all think I’m nuts]]. This album is still pretty phenomenal. Too bad ya’ll won’t give it a chance… I’m like TT …


    #3: Brave Girls “Rollin’”
    - *Rolling my romp while standing on a stool* Lollin’ lollin' lollay! …. Lollin' lollin' lollay! [​IMG]

    #4: LABOUM “Hwi Hwi”
    - This is seriously one of the most amazing songs from this year … dare I say it’s LABOUM’s best ever?? It’s seriously catchy and spectacular. The retro vibe really suits them well forget “Sugar Sugar” happened … I did and I hope that they continue with that sound! Let us pray that their next venture isn’t a dud …

    #5: gu9udan “A Girl Like Me”
    - STILL one of the best bops from this year. Let’s hope gu9udan continue this sound instead of retracting back to basic cute girl shit.

    #6: VIXX “Shangri La”
    - It must be impossible to not be attracted to them … Ken’s naked shoulders alone had me all hot and bothered. It’s fantastic to see my boys back with something good again! I was getting worried that they would never again be able to come back and **** but thank the LAWD they proved me wrong! The track is perfect. The choreography is impeccable. Slam dunk boys! Slicey, you better make the image for this song Ken and his shoulder!!

    #7: YEZI “Cinnamon” “Anck Su Namum”
    - There may not be too much to this track but it’s got spitfire raps, a bangin’ instrumental, and a chant that you feel drawn to. Like seriously, how are you not chanting “Anck Su Namum” while listening to this song. Sounds like your summoning an evil Egyptian god card,Mega Ultra Chicken but hey, keep chanting … I’m sure he’ll spare you in the end.

    #8: iKON “B-DAY”
    -Okay but this is really good? Like “Bling Bling” is a fucking mess but this … THIS is fantastic! FIRE to be completely honest … Glad to know that my attraction to half of the group has’t faded. I don’t know what it is about Bobby but I love this man …

    #9: PRISTIN “Wee Woo”
    - You know this sng is still kind of shite … but I LOVE ETT!! I can’t help but sing along to it every time it comes on!

    #10: Kim Lip “Eclipse”
    -How old is she? Should she be this sexy? She is seriously a bombshell and the introduction of her and Vivi really boosts my hype for LOONA to debut. The other releases have been so boring or predictable, but THIS? Completely out of left field and honestly nothing I would have expected from a girl in this group. Bravo gurl!


    #1: TWICE “Signal”
    - It’s got some pretty decent tracks on it. Honestly one of TWICE’s better minis … not their best though.

    #2: Lovelyz “Now, We”
    - Adding a stellar track to an already stellar album?? Stellar!

    #3: Brave Girls “Rollin’”
  15. [​IMG]


    King of Promo, @Alouder98, strikes yet again. My votes are coming, I promise!

    Twice - Signal
    Wonder Girls - One Black Night
    Nine Muses - No Playboy (Debut Singles Rate promo)
    DIA - Somehow (Debut Singles Rate promo)
    TTS - Holler
    Lovelyz - Now We
    LE - Velvet
    IU - Palette
    Kim Lip - Eclipse
    Sistar - Lonely

    Taeyeon - My Voice (This is the third month in a row that this album is my #1. It became one of my top 5 favorite albums in K-Pop and I can't stop listening to it.)
    EXID - Eclipse
    Wonder Girls - Reboot
    Girl's Day - Everyday #5
    Seohyun - Don't Say No

    Everyone's favourite essayist, the always lovely @Squashua unnie is here! I didn't know you stan Baek A Yeon, cyst! I was a stan.

    I'm hereeeee right in the nick of time Sis from another Cystem~

    Not May being one of the most difficult months to limit to 10 songs despite the first three weeks being almost complete trash. Everyone was playing last minute clearly. Here we go <3

    10 Points: LOOΠΔ (but basically Kim Lip) - Eclipse
    KNOCK. ME. SIDEWAYS. What in the world is happening the fabric of space and time - an actual contemporary banger from LOO-table-triangle? Ok I'm being harsh as I quite enjoyed Sonatine by the 1/3 last time around but this is such a jarring leap in quality and sheer force of aesthetics that my senses haven't been the same since. The video, another triumph by Digipedi, is absolutely stunning in all its scarlet pop diva glory (y*ss shoulder roll choreo, y*sss not being another cute song on a tennis court, y*ss blindfolded guys sniffing yo' body, y*ss neon ring braces headgear, y*ss sexy Fraulein blouses, Y*SS conducting your own flawless smoke machine laden dance break in an abandoned housing complex and giving no fxxks that it was probably a crime scene) and we haven't even touched on the silky, simmering mastery of this electro r'n'b jam that has been unleashed upon us. Spoken word intro at the ready, near-whistle register adlibs coming out of the slowed down break, super catchy double chorus repeated an infectious amount of times, even if there's barely any English content outside of "Ee-Cah-Lips"... I honestly can't rave about this enough and I really do hope it doesn't end up being a one-time gig. Kim Lip consider yourself my new bias.

    9 Points: VIXX - Shangri-La
    Last year I laid into VIXX really really harshly but only because I was disappointed. I came into the party at Chained Up, which was boy-pop mastery dressed in no shirt and a dog collar, and was excited by what their three-part mythology series could bring us. Three lead singles later, yawn. Dynamite grew on me true but only because it reminded me of SHINee and the less said about Fantasy/The Closer the better. So my expectations for this were somewhat cagey and yet, those boys gracefully arabesqued their way back into my heart. GIVE ME THAT ABSTRACT EAST ASIAN OPULENCE AESTHETICS KITTENS. In this case specifically a celestial Chinese Dynasty dream fantasy where all the boys look sensational floating on space rocks, shrouded by gold and blossoms and boasting glorious fan-ography like the princes they always were. The use of the Erdu(?), or a Chinese stringed instrument of that ilk, just adds another dimension to what was already a luscious little squelchy r'n'b mid-tempo. A return to pristine form is nothing else.

    8 Points: Sohee - Spotlight
    Enter the new queen of sweatpants and vaguely aerobics class dance moves - Deepened who? The girl exudes confidence already and she hasn't even really debuted yet. This is a real jam and fits comfortably within the same sonic sphere as my top 2 tracks of the month. Why they didn't just turn this into the ELRIS title track and had all five girls performing the sinuous shadow choreography i'll never know...

    7 Points: Yezi - Anck Su Namum
    A lot of concepts get called out for being kinda recyclable in K-Pop (not always unwarranted) so when something so completely left of field enters the fray it's hard to not sit up and take notice. Or in this case have your scalp torn from your incense-dabbled crown by mummified priestess rap-queen fingers and stuffed in the Sl*yophagus for instant burial. Ok it's not perfect, I wanted a little more flesh in the chorus and a relentless final drop, but my Anubis does this go HARD and my Amun-Ra does this go IN. My only wish, asides from success for Yezi's clear rap & visual talents, is that her company can reshoot this with some budget as a completely shot-for-shot recreation of this:

    6 Points: A.C.E. - Cactus
    Rookie boybands tend to fall into one of two categories: boy-next-door teen dream "hey girl" fellas or hip-hop aping wannabe ruffians. Is it any wonder many people who don't fall into the teenage girl bracket are not as ready to invest in a new gaggle of boys? Well KPJ, A.C.E is here to deliver a hunty-centred, completely bonkers EDM track the likes we haven't seen since everyone was serving up metrosexual Clublandia bops back in 2008/9. You can offer us all the hard-hitting (actually impressive) choreo, dog collars, nonsensical 'kidnapped and forced to hold hallucinogenic cacti' MV plots and half shirts you like but who knew that all it took to get people perk'd up were a pair of short shorts? Netizens are calling for their heads for wearing "underwear" in the live performances like they haven't been ogling the girls' actually being forced to be in underwear-esque garments for ages... But realistically this is a stone cold hype jam akin to the I'm Ills and Sugar Frees of old and I for one haven't been able to stop telling myself I'm a cactus for a week now. Send help (and short shorts) - I can't stop the bop.

    5 Points: Marmello - Puppet
    Usually there's K-Pop and then there's K-Rock - no love for the K-Pop-Rock? Despite having a youtube screengrab that suggests another i-ren - Butt debopcle is heading our way, Marmello give us a good solid fist-pumping slice of old school riot grrrl rock that's cute as a button and whip-smart to boot. The "Pahpet pahpet POW!" refrain is such an earworm and I love that their aesthetic is basically Red Velvet's elder sisters who love tattoos and the 50's after a few beers down the local Cavern.

    4 Points: April - Mayday
    This isn't April Story, that's safe to say. Long gone are the balletic wintry fairy-tales and here is... a bit of everything? The verses are kinda iconique for the sheer levels of WTF-kery that the production throws at you including but not limited to traffic cop whistles, gameboy colour jingles, that slightly pained "O" vocal sample, the 2nd verse's hilarious "HALP MEEEE, HALP MEEE" cartoon wobble dance, and cheering crowds. My main, and to be honest only, gripe with it all really is that the video has no idea what it wants to be and poor Jinsol has to dress like Margaret Thatcher despite being the maknae. Why not plonk them in an actual St Louis baseball diamond with a full parade succession, fireworks, confetti and go full tilt video game tailgate? Super Bowl it cystren, why not?

    3 Points: Sistar - Lonely
    A last minute addition but by far from an unworthy entry. Regardless of how we've all felt about Sistar summer specials we're delivered once a year, the lovely but also melancholy holiday vibe to this cements the fact i'm going to miss their place on the K-landscape. Ready to forlornly body-roll by an empty pool in remembrance.

    2 Points: Dean ft. Syd - love
    This would have been a lot higher on first listen and before everything else came to play but them's the breaks. Super polished, sensual, alluring - a cocktail of sleaze wrapped up in glamour and pulsating deep house. This is really a private club dancefloor grinding kind of song and I can't decide if Dean whispering "I'll f u if you let me baby" into my ear is shocking or a massive tu.... i'll stop.

    1 Points: Kyungri - Talk About You
    Yes i'm bias because Kyungri is my favourite Muse but this is glorious as far as one time solo ventures go. I'll always lap up a silky smooth soul-pop kiss-off track but when it has Kyungri's vocals all over it, lashings of brass and that completely ridiculous explosion sound into the "I tak abou u tak abou u" post-chorus i'm sold hook line & sinker. On a more pressing note, WHERE ARE YOU 9(-4) MUSES? We need you in this barren wasteland of broken up classic girlbands, please don't desert us.

    Honorable Mentions -
    Signal / Sun Moon Star / Baby / Dance Dance


    5 Points: Baek A Yeon - Bittersweet
    This is a curveball #1 album for me this month but also completely expected. Curveball because honestly I don't really know anything by A Yeon or anything about her so I certainly wasn't checking for this release. Expected because it ticks all my taste card segments like a melancholy indie-pop sniper.
    Quirky female pop delivery and oddball lyrical content? Tick. Glorious Bossa Nova & heavy jazz elements? Tick.
    A song (in Magic Girl) so laced with the essence of the 80's that I now find myself travelling home for Christmas 1984 inside a John Hughes film where Cyndi Lauper is my drunken aunt and i'm angst-ridden by my high school sweetheart, swamped in denim and neon legwarmers? BOOM. Pure kitschy heaven all around.

    4 Points: TWICE - Signal
    I literally only decided to listen this to fill the 5th spot in the line-up for my ballot and WAIT at every single album track being better than Signal. Not only are songs like Only You, Three Times a Day and Someone Like Me modern, on-trend and high-key bops, they also don't rely on gimmicks like a large part of Signal does (ok Eye Eye Eyes has similar issues but i'll let it slide). Sure, the title track grows on me with each listen, and the video is a charm offensive you can't help but fall for, but the "hey" back-beat sections + the raps are trash as is the flappy choreo (thank Shaman Unnie for that edited version making the rounds). Show us the progression JYP please, this is easily their best mini and I almost wouldn't have realised.

    3 Points: VIXX - Shangri-La
    VIXX don't really do bad EPs and this is no exception. Is anything as good as Fan-gri-La? Nah but there's still a lot of atmospheric things going on. Into the Void, with its creepy orchestral feel, is very of The Closer/Fantasy mode but better than both, Black Out fizzles with those SHINee-esque dance grooves and Into You is how to do a closing ballad/mid-tempo correctly. Moody, ever-changing, emotive with glorious vocals. Welcome back to not being underwhelming VIXX.

    2 Points: Seventeen - A/1
    Look i'm really trying to get past Don't Wanna Cry's chorus "similarities" to a certain bloatedly successful western EDM outfit, because it's the only thing lacking in the song, and that's why it's not on my singles ballot. However, Seventeen can't be faulted for the quality control on their mini albums and this definitely feels like a step for them towards a more mature, top-tier reaching sound. Out of the three separate "team" tracks, shockingly the Performance Team kinda killed it with the bizarrely named Swimming Fool which is a monster banger coming for Laboum's whistle game. My I is also probably better than Don't Wanna Cry but maybe summer is coming and i'm still in a trop-bop haze.

    1 Points: April - Mayday
    You want a girl-band composite in the space of three tracks? Sure, April has just the ticket wrapped up in a sprinkle of pep rally "Hey!"s and arcade game plinky-plonks. Lovesick (formerly Sting) wouldn't sound out of place on one of G-Friend's Schoolgirl trilogy EPs - it even has a post-middle 8 Yuju high note for extra authenticity - whilst Mayday was a better Oh My Girl comeback single than Coloring Book in all its video game kookiness and Yes Sir continues that 80's ultra pop trend Just As We Are started on the Prelude EP. Cute, brief and covering all the bases - DSP continues to not be complete crap and we all remain agog

    Seventeen made it to top 5, @ThighHighs cyst! We should celebrate.

    Hi bb!

    This month's charts are a snooze from me, as I haven't been listening to much new stuff. Bring on the summer releases!

    1) Seventeen- Don't Wanna Cry- The best choreo for a boy group of 2017. My husbands are bringing the feels and the visuals and I couldn't be more smitten. I'd be content if they break the bubbling under charts! #StanSeventeen #StanDK
    2) Twice- Signal- Ok, this song sucks, but I bop every damn time. Every release of theirs I initially hate, but then turn to love. It's... troubling.
    3) Laboum- Hwi Hwi- "I. MISS. THIS. KISSS." is in the top 5 kpop moments of the year.
    4) April- Mayday- This song is 100% fun and adorable and they look so good in the video. Chae Kyung is so good in April it makes me feel bad for being an anti during Produce 101.
    5) L00N^ or whatever or Kim Lip or whatever- Eclipse- I wasn't as bowled over by this as the rest of y'all, but this was cute and fun!
    6) Brave Girls- Rollin- "I just wanna behhhhh witcha" has become a meme among my friends because of my repeated plays. Icons only.
    7) Gfriend- Fingertip- Still a great comeback. Didn't deserve to flop(ish).
    8) Gugudan- A Girl Like Me- STILL KNOCKS HARDER THAN MOST.
    9) SISTAR- Lonely- All my crys. This song is good, but I can't listen to it too much because it makes me genuinely sad.
    10) Astro- Baby- Lemme give these cute twink nugus a point. This song is cute.

    aaand no albums bc I'm trash! Thanks! Love ya da most!

    Okay, but you need to listen to more K-Pop music, @Aries unnie. Don't fail me and Shaman Unnie!

    Hey sis! I had a look at my last.fm charts and I have barely listened to any K-pop this past month so my selections might be a bit... outdated

    01 SISTAR - Lonely
    02 TWICE - Signal
    03 EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    04 IU - Palette (feat. G-Dragon)
    05 K.A.R.D - Rumor
    06 Bolbbagan4 - Galaxy
    07 TWICE - Knock Knock
    08 IU - Ending Scene
    09 Minzy - Ninano
    10 Gugudan - A Girl Like Me

    01 IU - Palette
    02 Red Velvet - Rookie
    03 Bolbbalgan4 - Red Planet
    04 EXID - Eclipse
    05 Taeyeon - My Voice

    @SophiaSophia! It's time to reveal your ballot filled with Seventeen shade ddddd.


    1. Kim Lip - Eclipse This the is first time I paid attention to Loona I'm not a fan of long drawn out pre debut thing so it put me off. But I might look into the other members songs now cause this is so good.
    2. EXID - Night Rather Than Day - Still got butterflies in ma mind this month.
    3. DIA - Will You Go Out With Me
    4. Twice - Signal I still find this jarring to listen to but it's strangely infectious after a while.
    5. Unnies - Right?
    6. EXID - How Why
    7. April - Mayday
    8. Seventeen - Crazy In Love I prefer it when Seventeen do their funky based songs so I prefer this to the title track. Seventeen have found their thang so I don't understand Carats need for a Dark Concept.
    9. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry
    10. Winner - Really Really


    1. EXID - Eclipse
    2. Seventeen - Al1 Not a huge fan of the title track but the rest of this mini is lit.
    3. DIA - YOLO
    4. April - Mayday
    5. IU - Palette
  16. [​IMG]


    Dean superstan, @Ceir unnie, please take the stage!

    (I clearly lied I'll always participate)

    1. Sistar - Lonely

    I want to cry every single time this comes on, but it’s so good! I didn’t think it was catchy, but the chorus has wormed it’s way into my brain. And it’s honestly all that I wanted from them.

    2. Dean - Love (ft. Syd)

    I think I’ve quoted the lyrics in multiple threads on this forum…and to multiple people. It’s laid back, sexually charged, and perfect for this time of year.

    3. Kim Lip - Eclipse

    Can she just go solo? The imagery of was giving me Red Light flashbacks and I was in heaven. It’s another ear worm.

    4. Hyukoh - Wan Li

    I know no one else is going to vote for this, but the song is an amazing slice of k-indie/rock.

    5. Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry

    I don’t know who the emphysema people are, so this song isn’t tainted for me. Everyone sings surprisingly well, the choreography is amazing, and the visuals are glorious. What more do you need?

    6. Vixx - Shang-ri La

    The song is cute, but I’m not here for Ken and this [redacted]** twink phase he’s going through.

    **(Slice if you don't know what it is, please don't google it. I'm begging you.)

    7. Twice - Signal

    Again, it’s cute and the chorus got stuck in my head for a few hours…

    8. Sohee - Spotlight

    I didn’t expect a thing when I first listened to this, but it’s really good! It’s a shame she’s going to wasted in a flop group.

    9. Highlight - Calling You

    Y’all are ignoring B2ST coming back into the game and busting their asses. Sure it sounds kind of like Block B at times, and BigBang at others. But, Junhyung is also from the same scene as Zico and GDragon, so that’s to be expected. I’m just proud of them for not falling apart due to their agency being a cluster of troglodytes.

    10 K.A.R.D - Rumor



    1. Hyukoh - 23

    2. Seventeen - A|1

    3. IU - Palette

    4. Twice - Signal

    5. Exid - Eclipse

    Kween of Relevant Charts, @eccentricsimply, the stage is yours.

    I ended up making a YouTube playlist and adding all May releases so I could have a relevant chart nñn

    1. Triple H - 365 Fresh (10 points)
    It's genuinely the song I listened to the most the last month. I know a lot of people were like "oh this is just a cheap version of Troublemaker" but I found myself enjoying this a lot more. Hyuna takes charisma to another level, Hui's talent is undeniable and E'Dawn's strangeness is almost endearing.

    2. Twice - Signal
    Nñn, it's Wee Woo all over again. I hated it upon first listen but kept singing it the entire day and eventually it became a song I keep going back to all the time. It's a different sound but it's almost intriguing? I don't know, man, it's just plesant.

    3. Sistar - Lonely
    Queens of Summer :( You'll be missed.

    4. Dean (feat. Syd) - Love
    What a jam. Syd is just amazing in anything she does and Dean rarely ever puts out something bad too, so it was bound to be an incredible collab. More please!

    5. Kwon Jinah - Fly Away
    A surprisingly great song to listen to. I doubt it'll chart but if people check out everybody's charts I urge everybody to listen to it!

    6. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    If they keep releasing more songs like this I might lose my bias against them.

    7. Marmello - Puppet
    Okay but Ice Cream Cake era Red Velvet mixed with Day 6??? Sign me the fuck up.

    8. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry
    It's kinda weak at the start but when the beat drops it's really great.

    9. VIXX - Shangri-la
    Very sleek, the music video is sheer art.

    10. YEZI - Anck Su Namun (1 point)
    I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did, so here have a point.

    Honorable mentions: APRIL - MAYDAY, ASTRO - Baby, PSY - New Face, ACE - CACTUS, VAV - Flower.

    1. Triple H - 199X (5 points)
    2. Twice - Signal
    3. VIXX - Shangri-la
    4. Seventeen - Al1
    5. PSY - 4x2=8 (1 point)

    I think you're the first person in the forum to admit that you like the new Berry Good single, @Reboot cyst. I'm shook.


    1. Winner — Really Really
    2. DIA. — Will You Go Out With Me
    3. K.A.R.D — Rumor
    4. Unnies — Right?
    5. INX – 2GETHER
    6. Oh My Girl — Coloring Book
    7. LOOΠΔ — Everyday I Love You
    8. Seventeen – Don’t Wana Cry
    9. BerryGood — BibbidiBobbidiBoo
    10. Wa$$up — Color TV



    YATH NEW MEMBER OF THE GANG!!! @mokimbird, welcome!!! I love your commentary, by the way. Keep em coming!

    Hooray! These are so much fun and I'm thrilled to be a part of the May rate. Sadly I have not listened to enough albums to judge for this month, but I do have ten singles:

    1. IU - Palette
    Nothing this year, K-pop or otherwise, has left as indelible a mark as this song has: I don't think I've hit replay on any song my junior year of college as much as I have with this one. This captures perfectly what it is to grow out of your past without growing out of your history. May we all feel even a glimmer of the peace IU has fought her way towards - and earned.

    2. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    A game-changer for LOONA and a sleeper hit that grows on me more with each listen. This project keeps throwing new curveballs whenever it's about to get old, and I'm excited for the incoming debut of Kim and the Lips.

    3. SISTAR - Lonely
    There's no way I could put one of the most iconic and influential girl groups in K-pop any lower than this. Bonus points for an absolutely gorgeous and apt video.

    4. La Boum - Hwi Hwi
    This is a leaked cut from Carly Rae Jepsen's rumored repackage Emotion: Side C. A fantastic one. Deducting a few points for using tennis outfits, a fresh idea that hasn't been used by every other K-pop group in the last five years.

    5. IU - Jam Jam
    IU x Sunwoo Jung-A is the collaboration I didn't know I needed until I heard this slinky, sensual bop. The vocal layering in that pre-chorus? Gives me chills every time.

    6. Lee Haeri - Pattern
    ...Speaking of Sunwoo Jung-A, she's just creeping into a lot of songs this spring, isn't she? Not that I'm complaining: as a composition, this swells from studied disbelief into something approaching desperation so quietly I don't even notice, but every time Lee Haeri raises her voice into the chorus something in my heart cracks open a little.

    7. TWICE - Signal
    My theory about TWICE's name is that it usually takes about two listens before they Stockholm Syndrome you into admitting you like the hook, and then the part that comes right before the hook, and then before you know it...every part of the song is stuck in your head. EVERY PART. The way Dahyun and Chaeyoung spit SHINE-EUL BONAE, SHIG-NAL BONAE, like they're trying to hack up the cauliflower stuck in their throat. Momo and Mina's "rap." The part where Jihyo and Nayeon ape "Very Very Very." Like space invaders, TWICE takes hooks and sounds that initially repulse yet draw you in with each listen; for that if for nothing else I will signal them back.

    8. APRIL - May Day
    Verses are a bit melodic for my taste, but that chorus slams through my bedroom walls and earns this three points on its own.

    9. APRIL - Lovesick
    The other APRIL release from this month (okay, more like April) is great, too. Safer than "May Day" but sturdier, too, like an IKEA bookshelf with floral patterns. I would deduct more points for using the TENNIS CONCEPT WHY DOES EVERY GIRL GROUP DO THIS but the choreography is actually kind of clever and works with the concept pretty well, so, kudos?

    10. Yezi - Anck Su Namum
    I can't think of a tenth song right now and Yezi would probably murder me in my sleep if I didn't give her at least one point, so.

    Oh, and it's me, @Slice of Life.

    01. Sistar - Lonely
    02. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry
    03. DAY6 - Dance Dance
    04. Twice - Signal
    05. A.C.E - Cactus
    06. VIXX - Shangri-La
    07. Kriesha Chu - Trouble (I tried, my countrywoman, I really did)
    08. LOOΠΔ - Eclipse (Kim Lip)
    09. April - Mayday
    10. Yong Jun Hyung - Wonder If (feat. Heize)

    01. Seventeen - Al1
    02. Twice - Signal
    03. VIXX - Shangri-La
    04. April - Mayday
    05. EXID - Eclipse
  17. [​IMG]


    Oh my God, I actually almost didn't count your votes, @D is for Danger! oppar ddddd. I'm so sorry. I will not make the same mistake again.

    10 Kim Lip - Eclipse
    This is mature, sexy, sophisticated and oh so smooth. Kim Lip is absolutely stunning in this MV and absolutely delivers vocals, dance and visuals. I hope that with this release more forum members (and people) will jump aboard the Loona bandwagon. Stan Loona!

    9 Yezi - Anck Sunamun
    That beat! Those spitfire raps! It's an unusual song and sounds really fresh in 2017. She's angry and commands you to obey her like the true queen she is. I could honestly have her walk all over me, insult me to my face and I'd enjoy every single second of it. She could obliviate my ass any day. Don't kink shame me, okay!

    Also, Yezi deserves praise for being a benevolent queen. She singlehandedly resurrected Truedy (and her dead career) and Hwayoung for cameos in her MV.


    8 Dean ft Syd - love
    I just love grooving to this song. I can't resist shaking my booty whenever it comes on!

    7 Twice - Signal
    The pre-chorus and chorus are undoubtedly the best parts, but I can't say that I hate Momo and Mina's rap like most people. It's strange and quirky, which is why I like it. I wouldn't have minded if they repeated the chorus one final time. I love it that much!

    6 Spacecowboy
    Sometimes you find a gem in the sea of generic dance club music. There are some Daft Punk/Justice elements in there, which I absolutely love. Thanks Youtube for recommending this song to me!

    5 CURV
    Another surprise recommendation from Youtube! I don't know who this guy is, but I like him!

    4 VIXX - Shangri La
    VIXX finally released a song that I can enjoy after an extremely long slump.

    3 ACE - Cactus
    Lemme just quote myself on this:

    2 Solbi Red
    I feel like this is more experimental art than an actual song, but I like it!

    1 Brave Girls - Rollin'
    Still the song with my most plays this year.

    Our Mother Star1, @Sanctuary, is now ready to take the stage.


    Here's my lists:

    1. Cactus - A.C.E.
    2. Lonely - SISTAR
    3. I’m Ready - Map6
    4. Signal - TWICE
    5. Baby - ASTRO
    6. Eclipse - Kim Lip
    7. Swimming Fool - Seventeen
    8. Dance Dance - Day6
    9. Shangri-La - VIXX
    10. Don’t Wanna Cry - Seventeen

    1. Signal - TWICE
    2. Dream Part.01 - ASTRO
    3. HELLO HELLO - B.I.G
    4. Al1 - Seventeen
    5. Shangri-La - VIXX

    Thank God you voted, @Salami cyst! Sistar needed you!

    Ok Sistar have forced me to do this. It's mostly old stuff but you never know!

    1. Sistar - LONELY
    2. Twice - Hold Me Tight
    3. Stellar - Crying
    4. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry
    5. Seohyun - Love & Affection
    6. Blackpink - Playing With Fire
    7. Oh My Girl - Coloring Book
    8. Twice - Eyes Eyes Eyes
    9. Hello Venus - I'm Ill
    10. Stellar - Sting

    You really voted for Dreamcatcher's version of Really Really, @Vesperly unnie. But WINNER needed those points ddddd.

    1. Lonely - Sistar
    2. Anck Su Namun - Yezi
    3. Really Really - Dreamcatcher
    4. Velvet - LE
    5. ING - Minzy
    6. Puppet - Marmello
    7. Right? - Unnies
    8. La La La Song - Unnies
    9. Eclipse - Kim Lip
    10. Signal - Twice

    1. Eclipse - EXID
    2. Work 01. "Uno" - Minzy
    3. Signal - Twice

    And here's @ohnostalgia unnie, Kween of Trying! Love you! xo

    Idk the time zone conversion so I guess here we go

    1. Mystery - Hyoyeon
    2. Boy - EXID
    3. Anck Su Namen - YEZI
    4. Dance Dance - day6
    5. Night Before Day - EXID
    6. Palette - IU
    7. Breathe - Luna
    8. Shangri-La - VIXX
    9. Spotlight - So Hee
    10. I Love You - 2NEI

    ... I tried
  18. [​IMG]


    KNK stan, @BEST FICTION, please reveal your ballot!

    1. Signal - TWICE
    2. Lonely - SISTAR
    3. Night Rather Than Day - EXID
    4. Palette - IU
    5. Sun, Moon, Star - KNK
    6. MAYDAY - April
    7. Shangri La - VIXX
    8. Don't Wanna Cry - Seventeen
    9. TT - Twice
    10. Boy - EXID

    1. Signal - Twice
    2. Eclipse - EXID
    3. Palette - IU
    4. Gravity - KNK
    5. Fingertip - Gfriend

    I'm not used to seeing DAY6 ranked so low in your ballot, @Deja-Boo unnie dddddd.

    1 Kim Lip - Eclipse
    2 BoA - Spring Rain
    3 DAY6 - Dance Dance
    4 SISTAR - Lonely
    5 BIG - Hello Hello
    6 Seventeen - Dont Wanna Cry
    7 April - May day
    8 Kim Lip - Twilight
    9 Sohee - Spotlight
    10 Yezi - Anck su Namum

    1 Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop Vol 1
    2 BIG - Hello Hello
    3 Seventeen - AI1
    4 APRIL - May Day
    5 BoA - Kiss My Lips

    WaiT, I didn't know you were a loud and proud April stan, @junglefish cyst. YATH!

    SISTAR - Lonely
    Sohee - Spotlight
    April - Lovesick
    Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry
    Kim Lip - Eclipse
    April - Yes Sir
    April - MAYDAY
    TWICE - Only You
    Seventeen - Swimming Fool

    April - MAYDAY
    Seventeen - Al1
    DIA - Yolo
    SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer

    Here it is cyst!

    A returnee! Yath! @PopZeitgeist, come through!

    Kamsahamnida for the reminder!

    1: Signal- Twice
    2: Cactus- A.C.E.
    3:Lonely- Sistar
    4: Shangri-La - VIXX
    5: You Drive Me Crazy- T-ara
    6: Eclipse- Kim Lip/LOONA
    7: B-Day- iKON
    8: TT- Twice
    9: Beautiful- Monsta X
    10: Baby- Astro

    Abstain from Albums, I literally can't think of any (that are worthy).
  19. I love Seungjun & Jihun, don't judge me.

    PS. this song from their single is a fucking bop and should've been the title track. Get into it, girls.

    send photo and Slice of Life like this.
  20. [​IMG]


    @Mikl C is NOT a fan of the new Twice single, that's for sure.

    1. Kim lip eclipse
    2. yezi
    3. Sistar lonely
    4. Iu palette
    5. Laboum hwihwi
    6. Girls day illbeyurz
    7. Ns yoon g reason to become a witch
    8. Kard rumour
    9. Brave girls rollin
    10. Gfriend fingertip

    And none for twice

    Seeing all these T-ara songs in your ballot makes me kinda sad, @GeiPanda cyst. I hope to see 6-ara again.

    Sorry for the lateness, Slicey!

    (This is in order of maximum points -> less points - with actual commentary this time, yay)

    1) T-ara - Number Nine [With the news that Soyeon and Boram are leaving, I've been digging into some classics. This is one of the greatest Kpop songs in existence.]

    2) T-ara - Don't Get Married [An album track from the "Again" mini - it's so joyful. Love the disco-y production flourishes. T-ara rarely do wrong with their B-sides, right?]

    3) Twice - Signal [I don't care what people say - Momo's lines are lit. This didn't blow me away like TT and Knock Knock, but I'm glad they experimented with their sound and structure]

    4) IU - Palette [Whenever I'm upset... which is always... this song makes me feel somewhat better. Twenties angst!]

    5) Sistar - Touch My Body [I'm getting ready for summer]

    6) EXID - Night Rather Than Day

    7) WSJN - Secret

    8) Brave Girls - Rollin'

    9) GFriend - Fingertip

    10) Twice - Knock Knock


    1) T-ara - Again
    2) IU - Palette
    3) EXID - Eclipse


    Kween of Saving Boy Groups from Completely Flopping, @Monkey0 unnie, is here!


    1. A.C.E - Cactus KWEENS
    2. SEVENTEEN - Don't Wanna Cry
    3. VIXX - Shangri-La
    4. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    6. K.A.R.D - Rumor
    7. KNK - Sun, Moon, Star
    8. 24K - ONLY YOU
    9. B.I.G - HELLO HELLO
    10. EXID - Rather Night Than Day

    1. EXID - Eclipse
    2. SEVENTEEN - Al1
    3. IU - Palette

    You were not late, @Gintoki babe! So don't worry about it. x

    Hey hey....I'm super late(and busy) but here I am :D
    1. Yezi - Cinnamon
    2. Ji young - Come back
    2. Twice - Signal
    3. Sister - Lonely
    4. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    5. Triple H - 365 fresh
    7. Sistar - Alone
    8. Primary - Don't be shy
    9. IU - Jam jam
    10. Minzy - Ninano