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K-Popjustice Charts - October 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. MISSION #5:


    50 - ACTIVE
    5 - INACTIVE

    Okay, I feel heartless doing this without your knowledge of the consequences (kii) so lemme give y'all 50 points. Yes, all of you will get 50 points each. #GenerousKween

    But next time, I can't promise my generosity. xoxo



    32 @Deja-Boo 292
    31 @PopZeitgeist 296
    28 @eliminathan 305
    28 @Island 305
    28 @ohnostalgia 305
    24 @ajmkv 315
    24 @digitalkaiser 315
    24 @Lego 315
    24 @Serg. 315
    21 @Aries 320
    21 @GeiPanda 320
    21 @mokimbird 320
    20 @ThisIsRogue 363
    16 @Alouder98 382
    16 @eccentricsimply 382
    16 @He 382
    16 @SophiaSophia 382
    15 @LightningRider 386
    14 @karmarisma 395
    13 @LA Hallucinations 401
    11 @BEST FICTION 410
    11 @Monkey0 410
    10 @Mikl C 420


    9 @send photo 476
    8 @ryan_riot92 495
    7 @Kuhleezi 500
    6 @junglefish 510
    4 @Ceir 572
    4 @ThighHighs 572
    3 @Cotton Park 580
    2 @Squashua 581
    1 @Sanctuary 600
  2. The PM, boo.

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  3. Reading our PM history, it's understandable why did I miss it kii.
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  4. Dddddddd I know. Poor @Deja-Boo unnie and @send photo. They didn't even get to know about the question because I didn't PM them kii.

    I'm so sorry, babes. I'll give you extra points next time around. Love you all.
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  5. I wanted to finish everything tonight but it's super late here already and I have work tomorrow so I'll wrap things up tomorrow night, Philippine time.

    Honestly, all that's left is my choices for the songs and/or albums that were robbed.

    Y'all can post about the songs and/or albums that you think deserved better too. I'll look forward to them.

    In the meantime, let's enjoy @junglefish unnie's iconique meltdowns. Goodnight! xoxo
  6. Yas I'm serving Pinky realness at #6.
    @Deja-Boo FLOP. Maybe you can join STELLAR or something.
  7. I'm legitimately wheezing.
    The top-tier trolling.
    Sulli who?
  8. In charge of snacks.
  9. What kind of NU'EST at Produce 101 realness is this?! So close to Top 10... Obviously I'm JR and @BEST FICTION is Ren.
  10. I've finally got to listen to TWICE's latest and let me tell you, me no likey likey.

    Was originally going to put that in 1 but that #7 surprise hit position is already going to my head. Can't wait for my comeback/reinvention as Wee Naer and subsequent 'underperformance' at #28.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  11. NAWWWWWT me making the final lineup like Queen YuJeong scraping in there
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Oh my shaman unnie top 5. Lets hope this is a reverse Top Answer Game expedition and i dont totally bomb out after this month (I was first place round one and never top 20 after that dddd.mp3). Im too competitive for this game.

  14. He


    What a flop have I been.

    I'm Chaekyung, so at least I debuted.

    Most talented vocalist here, teebs.

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  15. He


    Scream at the unfairness of this competition. I see you're a YG alumni after all.
  16. This had something to do with naming songs that will have the month sloan. But then I guess I did it. I was in full Eeyore mode when I did my list last month, despite the excitement about the dance practice versions of the @Slicé title track and b-side so I could enjoy that singular power and artistry without that gawd-awful M-Countdown/Show Champeen/Inkigayo/Music Back/Show! Music Core/The Show video production and the pisspoor Arirang audio. Anyway. I like you all. Better chart this month. Promise.
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  17. I guess I'm the Gretchen Weiners of the forums.
  18. Oh

  19. You've already made a name for yourself in this industry Trash sunbaenim.
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