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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by send photo, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    [Left to right: J.Seph, Somin, BM, Jiwoo]

    KARD is a co-ed group from DSP Media, and is more or less a spiritual successor to KARA. Their music is generally dancehall-inspired, aka bops galore.

    Fan name: Hidden Kard
    Fan colour: :(

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    Also thank God you now know Somin's name is not Siwon. I love character development. x
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  4. I hope this well constructed contribution to the forum doesn't get ignored in favour of "General discussion" spam.

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  5. I Don't Recall this occurrence that hypothetically would've happened assembling a certain K-Pop chart at 2am.
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  6. I'll try and get show links when I get back to my laptop at the end of the week.
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  7. The debut is supposed to be this July right? I'm ready Kings (and two female vocalists).
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  8. Why aren't we talking about their new show?

    This is the first episode:

    J.Seph and Jiwoo are my kind of people. Shopping and going to Starbucks instead of working out? SIGN ME UP.
  9. Still my favorite KARD jam!
  10. *mentally objectifies and screenshots abs shot*
  11. Happy birthday, J.Seph!
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  12. BM can work out all he wants but he'll never be as naturally handsome as Jseph oop

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  14. J.Seph looks especially good with the lighter brown hair OPPA~~~

    May as well keep the fly-on-the-wall TV ball rolling:

  15. God I'm such a flop fan I'm finally getting around to these.
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  17. I always find myself going back to Oh Nana. The feeling of finding love again, the blissfulness of that emotion, and excitement and happiness you'd hope it possibly brings... I hope the debut single is on that vein thematically.; more on the positive side of love. Don't Recall and Rumor were kinda sad/angry.
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  18. It gives me Cuban feeling.
  19. Looking forward to a 'colorful' KARD era - visually.
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