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Katy Perry - 4th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Yeah, it's starting to really fall on radio now after peaking at 7/8. It should go Platinum, which is a strong enough outcome, but the album lead in needs to be a bit bigger.
  2. Especially for someone like Katy.

    Is there any show planned with her or is she maybe hosting something where she could debut her second single?
  3. Inevitably she will host and/or perform SNL.
  4. May 13 and 20 are the only SNL dates left this season without a musical guest. She definitely isn't hosting this season, all 3 final slots are filled.
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  5. Yeah, lots of TV (an NBC show w/ a bigger audience than SNL, an awards show, talk shows, etc). But traditional promo isn't going to do much other than satiate the fans who crave it. Television appearances spark a Twitter discussion and generate a few headlines that will be buried three hours later (see: Britney's last album).
  6. This isn't 2011 anymore. Everyone knows who Katy Perry is. Promo is almost pointless. All she needs to do is release the album and people will talk.
  7. Yeah...1 or 2 big slots to remind casual fans will do 95% of the legwork.

    Print interviews generally feel much more interesting and deep than awkward TV ones so I'm always here for them.
  8. Any chance she could do that eurovision final performance like Timberlake did last year?
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  9. In some fairness to the Holy Spearit when she performed Make Me on tv it did have a second wind (with a discount).
  10. Apparently she shot a music video yesterday?

    Sending all my good vibes into the universe that we get something at 11pm on iTunes tonight.
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  11. Guessing we're getting "Goddess" as the second single following the Instagram post from today (or yesterday).
  12. I Won't Know
    I Won't Apologize
    I Will Not, Will Not Subscribe
    Don't Ask Me, Ask Me to Normalize!

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  13. I think the thread has been trying to forget that clip for a few weeks
  14. I'm not wowed by what we've heard of Goddess but hopefully the full song is better.
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  15. The clip that starts off the video is still great. I hope it makes it.
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  16. She was wearing a tank top at Coachella that said Goddess on it and I think some of her friends have commented on her instagram posts with "goddess". Part of me is thinking it might be the album title? Although I also thought goldsoundz said a few days ago the song might be called Glow? Maybe I misread that though.
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  17. I like Goddess as an album title but I feel like the alterna-gays who stan for BANKS are gonna lose their shit.
  18. You can @ me you know.
  19. -"Together. Wherever. With [......] Until we.."
    -The fun doodle bop at :27
    -Goddess, duh
    -"You can't clip my wings..." (is this part of Goddess? I forget the context of the instavideo)

    All sound amazing.
  20. I probably should've clarified that I too fall into that demographic.