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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Not sure iconic is the right word.
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  2. Katy needs to work with Rick Nowels & Ellen Shipley, they know what a Commercial Female Californian Artist in the Pop/ Soft Rick Category should sound like.
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  3. Hopefully making it more accessible could go some way to restoring her public image. Going off how many people actually bought Witness, it would probably be even fewer investing in a full price DVD.
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  4. Witness Tour release + ‘Act My Age’ thanks.
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  5. I'm here for a DVD/Netflix special. This tour looks brilliant.
  6. Prismatic was shot really well actually so I hope we get similar cinematography.

    I'm so glad "Wide Awake" was permanently added too. "Save As Draft" did not go over well as the chosen ballad.
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  7. I miss Nicki Minaj.
  8. I should've put "Netflix-only release". Similar to what Taylor did with her 1989 film and Apple Music.
  9. Who
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  10. Those writers peaked two decades ago.
  11. We love a sleeper hit!
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  12. Two platinum singles and a gold album's not too shabby for a ""flop"" era.
  13. This 2017, Billboard Number One, Rick Nowels produced Studio Album, says Hi.
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  14. ...

    So does this one:

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  15. RJF


    Yeah but Lust For Life is good.
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  16. It is also certified ‘Wood’.
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  17. This isn't the hill to die on in this of all eras.
  18. Katy needs fellow Californian Rick because a fresh contemporary take on this soft rock production style (one of his OTHER sounds), is the A&R direction of Katy’s destiny and Rick is also the true master behind the sound Dr Luke was intentionally channeling through Katy’s first two most commercially successful albums.

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