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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Katy taking inspiration from Lana Del Rey, of all people, is hilarious. No. Never. Let it die.
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  2. I'm not sure why it'd be hilarious for her to be inspired by a talented, successful, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter but work.
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  3. Ask @Utopia
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  4. You have misunderstood. That is merely an example interchangeable with other recent Rick produced artists such as Kesha, Adele + Marina & The Diamonds (all of which differ in style from not only Lana but also each other).

    My actual reference (Belinda Carlisle) was apparently too subtle, I only mentioned that Lana album to demonstrate the writer’s most recent creative & commercial peaks are not in fact two decades old (as someone else stated) & are in truth, from Summer 2017.

    Lana is absolutely NOT the A&R direction Rick Nowels should steer Katy in, on her next Album (if she is sensible & chooses to work with him). Belinda Carlisle however, absolutely IS the A&R direction Rick Nowels should be allowed to steer Katy in on her next Album.

    A Rick Nowels produced Katy Album would fit her signature Style like a glove.
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  5. Haven't heard it. I liked "Blue Jeans."
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  6. I can confirm

    that was the biggest eye roll of my life.
  7. Me bopping to the Lana-Katy fight etc etc.

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  8. And I thought this thread couldn’t get any worse
  9. I HIGH-KEY wanna know who the other bodyguard was in the background tho. Looking on like he was looking at me like a slice of bread.

    DVeciJaUQAASykL (1).jpg

    Strange revelation alert - I was bopping so hard to PRISM on my brand new headphones the other day. It is truly the selfempowerment, prismastactic album that keeps delivering.
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  10. The album wasn't bad enough, huh?
  11. An Original Joke
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. She should have kept "Long Shot."
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Did this thread really start a comparison of Katy with Lana? Yikes...

    In other news, I'm currently bopping to Legendary Lovers at my desk.
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  16. A Katy Lana fight sounds about right for the mess that this era is.
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  17. Listening to PRISM right now. I adore the message of this album.
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  18. Prism is such a solid album. I think the only song I never come back to is ‘Double Rainbow’ and even that is kind of solid in its dreamy airy production.
  19. Katana Del Perry

    I'm sorry.
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  20. I still want her to attempt that Joni Mitchell album.