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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Her American Idol reviews are really good!

    From The Hollywood Reporter:

    From Variety:

    From Vulture:

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  2. We love her again.
  3. I caught Idol tonight and those reviews are well-earned. She’s such a likable person and gave excellent critiques.
  4. we just need her to bring that personality to the music.
  5. Katy is one of the most likable people to ever grace the music industry, and especially the idol stage. The flaws and stupidity are there, but she is a genuinely good artist and enjoyable person as far as I'm concerned.
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  6. Haven't been able to watch American Idol yet, but I'm not surprised by the reviews. She was a guest judge on the original I think when Simon was still there and I thought she killed it.
  7. RJF


    That's the last thing we need.
  8. I can't cope with the random Youtube-channel-esque edits of Lionel being chased by an alpaca etc.
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  9. RJF


    Okay but I'm gonna need the overnights sistren. Was it up or down on last season's finale? How did it do in the demo? Let me perch until 5PM.
  10. I GASPED.
  11. It did a 2.1 in the first hour and 2.4 in the second. Season 15 debuted and ended at 3.0. It's a solid premiere all things considered but given that it will plummet over the course of the season as it usually does, I imagine they're second-guessing that $25M paycheck right about now.

    For comparison, the latest season of The Voice did a 2.8 for its premiere in February.
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  12. @ABC

  13. I lowkey didn't realize American Idol already premiered.
  14. 10.3 million viewers and 94% of its audience intact from its previous finale. Not bad at all. They haven't been too heavy on promo either, as far as trotting the judges out on talk shows and the like, so I imagine there will be a steady stream of promo over the next couple months.
  15. Yeah, I know she was on the promo trail this week but I didn't realize it was on until she started live tweeting it (3 hours later since she's on the west coast) nn.
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  16. I always forget @RJF is like the biggest TV ratings nerd.
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    It's a pretty strong start for Idol, but we'll see how much damage The Voice does tonight.
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  18. It usually really dives later in the season, so maybe cutting the episode order will help, but I imagine we'll see it down to the 1.5-1.7 range relatively soon. I believe the lowest it ever went was a 1.3. If it can stick above that, it will be a huge improvement for ABC Sundays.

    I'd be pretty shocked if they get Katy back for another season, though.
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  19. RJF


    The problem genuinely is that Katy's (and most likely Ryan's too) salary is potentially invalidating the ability to survive on lower ratings. Reality television is cheap as fuck to produce against scripted television so theoretically it should still be viable even if it drops in the demo a lot... but I wonder where ABC's pain threshold is in terms of how much they shelled out to bring it back against what they're making back off it.

    It Katy does this for more than one season I'll be surprised. Whether it's because she has other commitments or because ABC decide to chance a second season with another, cheaper judge, I don't know. She's being received well though, so at least it's not going to be the PR nightmare we thought it could be... for now.