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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Isn’t Ryan a bit problematic?
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  2. The only reason Fox dumped it in the first place was that production costs outweighed what they were making, which is why I thought it was insane that they threw $25 Million at Katy. I get that they needed a big name, but it makes me believe that they weren't thinking about longevity at all. They would have been smarter to invest in 3 judges that could potentially stick around. Katy is indeed getting great reviews, so it will likely be a big blow to the show for her to step away next year and leave Lionel and Luke. That said, this years' ratings will dictate what they get from advertisers next year, so if Katy can bring in the ratings for now and then walks and they pay a new judge considerably less, they could be fine.

    Not according to E! or ABC, apparently.
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  3. I reckon she'll want to do at least another year of American Idol. She's managed to juggle the tour and the show well at this point, and this time next year she'll have a much clearer diary than what she has now. Am I right in thinking that by the time the live shows come around, she'll be on tour in Mexico or Asia or something? That seems like someone who is really keen for American Idol.
  4. Idol was down to a 1.7 / 1.9 last night, versus The Voice at 2.2 / 2.5 (both were 2 hours).
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  5. RJF


    dd here we go!
  6. Even worse, apparently the 1.7-1.9 range is what ABC touted as their projected season average to advertisers and it's only going to continue sinking so... they're going to get significantly less $ for the show next year. I don't think they'd be able to bring Katy back even if she wants to do it.
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  7. Well, a lot of people I know seem to be watching clips on it online so there's that. I don't know why they got Katy though, considering she's never seemed to be a "need to watch" popstar. In fact, most pop girls aren't really ratings magnets... the last pop girl I recall that seemed to be a sure ratings win was Britney last decade (pre-X Factor).
  8. Confirmed, season 17 will be a YouTube exclusive with Charli XCX, Tinashe and Tony Bennet judging.
  9. Okay but this would be incredible.
  10. [​IMG]

  11. I'm not shocked the ratings are already slipping. I don't even watch The Voice anymore either, they need to cool it with the two seasons a year thing. I'm a bit over singing competition shows in general.

    Do we know if they are planning to shake the actual format of the competition up when we get to Hollywood or will it be the same shit from the original?
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    So it turns out The Voice... kind of thrashed it. A difference of three million overall viewers and a full half-point in the demo. Like, I think The Voice is old enough these days for networks to be scheduling against it aggressively, but... not with Idol.

    It's insane how the television industry has changed, nearly as much as music. I remember the days where other networks genuinely cleared their schedules because Idol was at the Top 24 stage, running three nights a week, pulling over thirty million viewers with double digit demos and anything that went against it was crushed. Season 6 premiered to over forty million people. These days you're lucky to get that amount of people watching live across an entire night on every network combined.

    Also, like @VicePresidentJocasta stated, Idol will only fall further. It always tailed off in the latter half of its season (as did a lot of shows, usually down to the weather getting better and more people not being around their televisions) and I don't see that trend reversing. Hmm...
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  13. In Idol's heyday people basically chose between shows on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX... HBO if they were boujee. Now there's FX, FXX, AMC, Freeform, Showtime, Starz, Lifetime, etc. Plus streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu and 1000 specialty channels. There's no need to watch shows live anymore because anyone can watch anything whenever they want. Nearly every show on TV sees massive year-to-year declines. Viewers seem to prefer binge-watching, which is why successful dramas are so hard to come by for broadcast networks these days.

    There are a few exceptions, which is why ABC was willing to throw $20M at Ellen Pompeo to keep Grey's Anatomy going (Grey's scored the same demo for their 11th episode in season 14 this year as they did for the 11th episode of season 11; a higher demo than the 11th episode of season 10). Branding 'TGIT' was the smartest marketing by a network in ages, because they convinced fans that they needed to tune in to Greys / Scandal / Murder live or they'd miss out. But pretty soon there will be more shows below a 1.0 than above it (most dramas on broadcast right now are falling below 1.0. This Is Us & Grey's are the only dramas on broadcast averaging above 2.0 this season).

    Pretty much anyone who pays any attention to television has known from the start that this Idol reboot was going to be a big misstep for ABC. I get that they wanted something to compete with The Voice, but they did everything wrong - brought it back too early, got a boring panel of judges, and waaaay over-spent on Katy. There's no way it's going to be viable long-term.
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  14. Here's an exclusive first look at this panel in action:

  15. Surely tv figures aren’t the b-all anymore, and Katy’s there to bring in the online views on YouTube etc?
  16. I feel like this AI season will help Katy more than Katy will be able to help it. The videos I’ve been seeing of her are so endearing! I wonder if they will have a Katy Perry week in the finals.
  17. I think most of us have been thinking that since we found out she'd be on the show. It's definitely an opportunity for image rehab.
  18. Especially with a show like Idol, live viewing is hugely important. With scripted shows they get additional fees from syndication, streaming, etc. But shows like Idol & The Voice rely on advertiser dollars from first-run airings. Certainly they won't be mad at Katy giving them good YouTube numbers, but in this case the ratings really are important. Their best hope now is that they're able to find a noteworthy talent.
  19. [​IMG]
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