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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Idol was going to tank and will continue to tank. She did it because who wouldn’t for $25 million? Haven’t seen it, but she’s not nervous like Mariah, unprofessional like Niki, or sometimes aloof like Britney, so she’s not going to humiliate herself. She’ll have a few “aww shucks” moments for Hollywood Life to turn into clickbait, and if Capitol lets her put a single out in May, great.
  2. This does not explain why she has been so successful for that long. These same perfumists make fragrances for popular non-celebrity fragrances as well as other celebrities.

  3. I bought Mariah's Luscious Pink. Definitely had her trademark glam/diva vibe.

    Also had like 3 copies of E=MC2 ddd.
  4. I know it was just a cute moment, but this is exactly where my mind went when I saw it happen.
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  5. I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm, and probably just wanted to give the guy something to brag about, but this was a really poorly judged (don’t) decision on her part. People have all sorts of attitudes about physical contact, and being Katy Perry isn’t an excuse to disregard personal boundaries.
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  6. So this post aged well.
  7. Lord, I saw the article and thought of course this happens.
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  8. Here for legitimate discourse about young boys/men experiencing sexual harassment or assault.

    Not here for the “KATY PERRY CAN GIVE THE BOY A PECK ON THE LIPS AND IT’S FINE BUT I CAN’T GRAB RANDOM WOMEN’S ASSES ON THE STREET?!?” nonsense I’m already seeing on twitter.
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  9. Oh boy... as soon as I saw that I was like, this is so on-brand for Katy circa 2010 "wink wink nudge nudge", family-friendly but a bit cheeky entertainment but so not on brand for 2018 "if it were a man doing it to a woman" blah blah blah. I have to say the guys quotes in those articles are a kii... I'm guessing he hasn't made it any further in the competition? "I wanted my first kiss to be special" is just brutal.
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  10. RJF


    dd same.
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  11. I mean it was certainly out of line but jesus, reading that 19 year old’s quotes is like reading my prepubescent diary.
  12. I’m not surprised a network that still is okay with Ryan Seacrest thought this was an excellent marketing opportunity in 2018.

    As for Katy..... she needs to think more before she acts on all her “wacky” impulses.
  13. We are truly in the age of neo-puritanicals.
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  14. If roles were reversed and Lionel Richie kissed some 19-year-old girl on the mouth without her permission people would be rightfully pissed. Katy shouldn't be exempt because she's a pretty female pop star. That said, she clearly didn't mean any harm and just wasn't thinking, which is unfortunate on her part. It's not our place to judge the kid for being conservative / wanting to wait. This is... an odd situation.
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  15. This is exactly the sort of situation where Katy apologizes and we move the fuck on.
  16. Sis...
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  17. No? We’re in the age of respecting people’s personal boundaries and space and asking for consent before we pop off and kiss somebody. Especially in a power differential situation.
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  18. The clip, for anyone interested.

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  19. If it were 2013 she still had long black hair would he have been has put off by Katy Perry pecking him on the lips? - A Groupthink.
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