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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. We're 100% not getting anything tomorrow, are we?

    So annoying.
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  2. It won't be long now. She (and others) will probably want a few days to generate some hype before dropping it.

    Agreed. The hyperbole in the track doesn't bother me at all, but as an album title...not a big fan of encouraging idolatry.

    I dig her [​IMG] logo. I'm surprised that it hasn't been registered as a design mark yet w/ the USPTO since (1) its being used in connection with her shoes, and (2) its displayed in advertising for her shoe collection. I would definitely be in favor of licensing its use to Capitol for display on all of her artwork.
  3. The logo is amazing.
  4. "Witness" is mastered now, too.

    ETA: snippets of songs still not w/ publisher, unless named something else/untitled: "Pendulum," "Bon Appétit." I think that some of those clips in the montage above are from the same song.
  5. Just get on with it Katheryn.
  6. Hope they make the album
  7. Another week, no music/album news. But here she is on the set of something in a blonde wig.

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  8. Her G.U.Y. is coming.
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  9. The devil has won for another week.

    At least she has a long blond wig on.
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  10. Even in the dark she glows, etc. I'm sure that her real hair makes a cameo, too. Big budget MV.
  11. Nah. Looks like it's going to be hot.
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  12. Hmm there's that word again....
  13. Isn't that the lyric? I'm just a big fan of that R&B harmony!

    Edit: oop
  14. I realized basically just as I clicked post that thats what she's singing in the clip! Didn't pick up on that. As long as Goddess isn't the album title, cuz that would indeed be a choice.
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  15. Dem boobies in the actual Instagram story, though.
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  16. The Unicorn Frappe is like the liquefied version of Katy Perry.
  17. She now appears to be in the second look of whatever she is shooting on her instastory, still has the wig on and now it is braided.

    I never want to see her yellow Mel C Goin' Down hair appear in any video or photoshoot....
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  18. I cannot...
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  19. She looks great with the long blonde hair. I liked her original short cut, but the new even shorter one doesn't suit her as well to me.

    I wish she would have some continuity again. Prism was all over the place visually right out the gate, and this one doesn't seem like its off to a much better start.
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  20. Chained To The Rhythm is better and better with each listen it has me shook. I think cause I've not been actively seeking it out, instead just enjoying it as it's popped up now and then.

    I don't need a new single yet. But an album cover maybe.