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Keep On Ratin': The SM Girls VS Rate (WINNER REVEALED!)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by ajmkv, Mar 14, 2017.


Which SM girl will emerge victorious?

  1. Luna

    13 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    5 vote(s)
  3. Tiffany

    7 vote(s)
  4. Amber

    3 vote(s)
  5. Seohyun

    5 vote(s)
  6. One of the other ones~

    1 vote(s)
  7. Eric Nam

    7 vote(s)
  8. Jessica

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Your taste has been quite on-par with the rate so far, you're the everyman of this rate!

    And I don't know, will they? (There are some songs in the Top 20 that I would have neeeever expected to make it that far...)
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  2. Maybe I changed other people's scores a bit to get what I want , kii.

    I don't believe your hints anymore. I still remember you gave me hope about stopping Taeyeon's cull but she lost another three tracks right after that.
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  3. I have to keep some of the Mystery~~ after all!

    It's interesting to see how many songs the girls have left each: Taeyeon (8), Seohyun (7), Luna (6), Tiffany (5), Jessica (2), Hyoyeon (1).... Eric (1). Don't Say No is still here in its entirety! Oh, and Free Somebody, too~
  4. So according to the scores I have left, these are the 9 songs that i'd apparently want to miss top 20:

    Hands on Me

    Love & Affection

    I Wish

    What Do I Do


    Which i'd probably stick with, but most songs are 7+ and I actually quite like Magic, Galaxy & Hands on Me now so it's going to be a tough road from Top 25 onwards...
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  5. He


    Haha, it's ok. But you do not need a big write up for every song, don't feel pressured!
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  6. Two eliminations in one day?

    I must be feeling some sort of way...

    Do I maybe need to take something?



    Luna - My Medicine

    Average: 7.00
    High Score: 10 (@ajmkv )
    Low Score: 3 (@Sanctuary )
    My score: 10

    Luna has survived this entire rate without losing one of her songs, but the day has come to say goodbye to her first, and how surprising that the ballad closer is the first on the chopping block. I knew this was coming, y'all, but I'm still sad that this is leaving because this is probably my favorite track on the Free Somebody mini....

    My Medicine is a very well-produced and atmospheric ballad. I tend to really like ballads like this, which you can put on and it feels like you're floating through space, looking at the stars (there's something about the instrumentation that transports me - the shimmering chimes, the very subtle beats that almost sound like heartbeats at points). Add to that the delicate piano at the beginning, the end, and coming in here and there with the melody and you've got a winner, since piano is, in my opinion, the most emotive instrument ever created. Luna's voice is lush and lovely in this, mostly subdued and restrained until the end when she's vocalizing over the piano and she gives us some beautiful notes to remember the album by. The penultimate chorus when all we hear is her voice and the accompanying piano... chills, chills, chills. And when her vocals are layered in the chorus, it's pure aural bliss for me. It's funny that Luna has a song called Galaxy on the mini because if there's one song that I think makes me want to go outside, look at the stars, and pretend to float in the galaxy, it's this one.


    My Medicine didn't really do anything anywhere, but Luna did perform it once on a radio show, and she spoke about how much she loves this song and about how she wrote the song about her mother and how she is her medicine during hard times. And boy, does this song really hit deep once you realize what she's singing and that it's about something so personal to her. I was going through some tough times while rating these songs, so this song was an instant 10 for me due to the way it made me feel and the emotions it brought out, but looking at the lyrics... it's even more impactful for me now. I mean:

    Oh my medicine
    Come inside me and
    Embrace me
    No matter what

    Oh my medicine
    If you are inside of me then
    Tell me
    No matter what
    Anything would do.



    Given that this is a ballad, y'all didn't really have much to say. However, those of you who commented had mostly positive things to say. Let's start with our dear Squashua: "Don't kill me but this reminds me of a certain other two-letter entertainment company's ballad exploits i.e. 2NE1's Crush slowies. Maybe with a little RV - One of These Nights for good measure. I'll take it mind, lull me to a candlelit surrender Moon Queen." Candlelight (and some wine) would be perfect for this, indeed. eccentricsimply almost knocks on this for being the obligatory ballad closer, but the song was saved by its merits: "It kinda bothers me when people end albums with a ballad, but this one is lovely enough for me not to mind it enough. " And Sugar-Free He is sprinkling the tiniest bit of C&H on his day: "A bit on the sugary at moments, but the vocal production just elevates this from the usual lame closing ballad. Another co-write as well!"

    Slice of Life, what's good cyst? Come join in me in the Pro-Ballad Brigade, yeah?: "The Anti-Ballad Brigade will sink this; I just know it. Poor them because this is such a ~emotional~ number and they just can't appreciate art. Hehehe. But seriously, I'm glad that even though this is a ballad, there is at least an effort to keep things interesting. Sure, this is not one of my top songs from this mini but it's still quite lovely."

    All right unnies, I'm off for a nice cry after having listened to this 10 times on repeat. See y'all later.♥​
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  7. He


    Aw, but the chorus is so lovely!

    @Sanctuary continues to be ruthless.
  8. He


    I could get used to the multiple eliminations a day! Keep them coming!

    If you have the time.
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  9. I'm on vacation now and all I seem to want to do is post in here, so as long as y'all are reading and enjoying, I'll keep cranking these out!
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  10. He


    Hasn't @Sanctuary been bottom scorer in all eliminations?

    Not that any masterpiece has been eliminated, but still.

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  11. Nn.n.n.n I didn't even realize my scores would be so controversial.

    Based on my scores, these would hopefully miss the Top 20:
    I Got Love
    Good Thing
    I Wish

    Bad Love

    Dancing On The Moon
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  12. Well I gave it a 10.
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  13. He


    Definitely not a villain, then, boo.

    Is that J.Seph and Tomoyo?!
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  14. @ohnostalgia made it for me for doing her monthly chart.
  15. Luna losing a song before the Top 20?

  16. I can't add to that, but yeah.

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  17. Which if you listen to non kpop you're now obligated to vote in. @send photo is my enforcer in exchange for that avatar plus letting him vote Bionic.
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  18. I checked the non Kpop April releases and I didn't like any of them but I want the artwork n n n. What should I do now ?
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  19. [​IMG]
    Elimination already, so early in the morning? What kind of gift from the SM goddesses?...

    (Padding out so I can start at the beginning of the page~ Good morning!)