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Keep On Ratin': The SM Girls VS Rate (WINNER REVEALED!)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by ajmkv, Mar 14, 2017.


Which SM girl will emerge victorious?

  1. Luna

    13 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    5 vote(s)
  3. Tiffany

    7 vote(s)
  4. Amber

    3 vote(s)
  5. Seohyun

    5 vote(s)
  6. One of the other ones~

    1 vote(s)
  7. Eric Nam

    7 vote(s)
  8. Jessica

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. You know what I want?

    Specifically, on my body? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




    Taeyeon - Hands On Me

    Average: 7.04
    High Score: 10 (@ajmkv )
    Low Score: 3 (@Cotton Park )
    My score: 10

    Real talk, I adore this song. I'm sad to see it flop out of the rate at #28 when for me it should be in the Top 10. I should have manipulated this rate, I knew it! Oh well, I can't give more than one 11, so Hands On Me unfortunately ends up here.

    Hands On Me is the fourth song on Taeyeon's second mini-album, Why, and it was the highest-charting album track, placing at #58, ten positions above the next highest. It was only beaten by the two singles, Why and Starlight, so I think this means I'm actually going with the South Korean general public's taste with this one? Who would have thought? Taeyeon didn't promote this track, but she did perform it at her Butterfly Kiss concert, and it was quite lovely to see the song live (actually that whole concert was pretty great, say whatever you want about Taeyeon but girl is classy and has a great voice, and I wish I could go to one of her concerts someday).

    Hands On Me is a sweet song, combining a fast-paced clapping beat with a fun piano that whirls around the entire song. I once read a review where someone called this a mix between a bumping slut anthem beat for the clubs with happy-go-lucky lyrics and vocals that made for a confusing combination, and you know what? Whoever wrote that isn't mistaken, since I have definitely played in this in the kitchen (and if you know me at all, you know that my kitchen is the equivalent to a club most of the time) and it definitely had me bouncing and dropping, and I have also played this while walking home in the sunshine and it feels like such a positive triumph, making me really ready for the summer.

    There's something about all of the different sounds competing in the background that makes this song very interesting, and I would love to be able to listen to an instrumental version to be able to hear al of the nuances. Taeyeon sounds great in this, as usual, I love her light and airy vocals in this. When the "hands on me" refrain comes on, I love the slight gospel touches, it really does make this song a lot more anthemic. Even though I do love the instrumental outro with the piano shining, I do wish that the final chorus had been all claps and gospel vocals with none of the other instrumentation to be able to extend that vibe. Take me to church, mama Tae!

    Me shaking my booty to this in real life.

    And then, as y'all will have noticed, I've been really taking all of these songs' lyrics to heart, and Hands On Me is another of the songs in this rate that I've been feeling from a lyrical standpoint. The verses are a tad melancholy, with Taeyeon crooning that she doesn't really fit in anywhere and that she's all alone:

    I know I don’t fit in
    Within differing gazes
    Adult child who has lost their way

    To then go to the sunny hopefulness of the chorus, where she lets someone in her heart and lets them fill her her up:

    Once in a while, without hiding
    I open a very small piece of my heart
    Hands on me
    Put your hands on me yeah
    As much as it hurt, it’s stronger
    So reach into a deep place in my heart
    Put your hands on me
    Put your hands on me yeah

    Yeah, I really like the contrast between the verses and the chorus. In my personal life, I've been feeling this contrast between being lost and hopeful, so I appreciate seeing it represented in such a bubbly song. It reminds me that sometimes in order to feel that all-encompassing hopeful feeling and openness to someone else, I need to experience being lost, alone, and not knowing how I fit in the world; I need to feel the lows before I go to the euphoric highs of having someone put their hands on me and fill me with hope. So yeah, you could say that this song is my new anthem for the spring, and I can assure y'all unnies that this has been playing constantly in my ears as I walk under the cherry blossoms here in my sunny city.

    Me walking to this song~

    So who wants Taeyeon's hands on them? I know I do. He is not too sure, though: "Nice but on the boring side." Boring? Boring? I'm not sure I agree... and neither does Slice of Life: "The production is doing the absolute most. Like, it's not sure if it wants to be a dramatic OST song, a club banger, a midtempo, a rock song (???)... a mess. But I still think this is a cute little number." Yeah, I'll take mess over boring any day, I think. Squashua does not want Taeyeon's hands on him anytime soon, thank you very much: "This is a proper racket. I get the hand / handclap theme but it's practically tuneless. I'll pass on the hand party dear." But... but... all right.

    On the other side of the spectrum, eccentricsimply offers some glowing praise: "So incredibly catchy." I really do agree, this song was pretty instant for me. And finally, send photo gives the funniest comment (and also kind of ruins the clapping bits for me...): "The clapping bits stress me out because it reminds me of those timed bits in Mario games. Otherwise very breezy and enjoyable." I CAN'T UNHEAR IT NOW, THANK YOU. Can you imagine a video game with Taeyeon as the protagonist? That would be quite something...

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  2. Yup (although praise be @Cotton Park for absolving me of Low Scorer). I do actually appreciate Hands on Me much more now after going for runs in the spring sunshine with it blaring out. I definitely agree with you @ajmkv though about the gospel parts, I wish they'd gone all out Sister Act K-onvent hymnal with it because they're the best bits by far.

    Also the Tae-Mii I'm crying @ the accuracy. Get me a full Idol Athletics Nintendo Tie-in plz.
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  3. He


    @ajmkv, do you read most kpop lyrics in English?

    I'm such a basic gal, I rarely do.

    "Lookie Lookie, my suppah lookie lookie lookie" is enough for me.
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  4. Must have been quite the flawless international playlist that you've been listening to if it helped you come around to this song, eh?~
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  5. I look at the romanized lyrics sometimes, I always sing along and I learn the songs phonetically. I only really look at the English lyrics if I'm reeeeeally feeling the song. One of the things I love about K-Pop (and songs in languages I don't fully understand) is that I can feel a song 100% due to the instrumentation or the vocals and the emotions they carry, and then look at the lyrics and feel a newfound appreciation if they relate to me even more.

    TL;DR: I don't really look at the lyrics in English unless the song made me cry or things like that~
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  6. He


    I think sometimes I rather not know, since the lyrics are usually cringey.

    But wow, girl, learning them phonetically. Impressive.

    Once upon a time I was a t.A.T.u. stan and learned all their Russian lyrics.

    I'm too old for that now, so I just butcher Korean words and play it cute with hand gestures.
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  7. Oh it's literally my one & only stop for rarely-English jams these days. Whoever made it is truly a flawfree god~
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  8. I try to learn them phonetically too and years of doing that with songs in English and French while I learned have helped me get a hang of that. As for lyrics in English I only check when I know the singer wrote the song because I get curious, but I pass in most songs because 1. effort and 2. they are often... n n n
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  9. I hardly ever look up the English translations of k-pop songs. I like songs better if I don't know what they're about. (I think I liked Decalcomanie a little less when I found out it wasn't really the inspirational anthem I thought it was, for example.)

    Anyway, I don't really care for Hands On Me but I like that artwork.
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  10. Are y'all ready to say goodbye to another song?

    And... another girl?



    Wait... what?


    Well........... I guess this means that...

    Eric, you got pretty far in this competition
    but this is no place for you.
    You may have been the sassiest of them all,
    but your sass is now your downfall.
    We wish you luck,
    but get out now.
    Now, say goodbye to the other girls.

    >> I took out three girls, so I'm not even mad I'm leaving now. When will your faves enter a competition where they're not even in the same entertainment company, and still manage to eliminate some of the competition? I had to try to throw another one under the bus before leaving... Whatever, I'm going to make more money than all of these girls anyway. Who's my next collaboration? *phone rings*... <<




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  11. After that mess...

    Let's get back to eliminating, shall we?



    Seohyun - Hello (feat. Eric Nam)

    Average: 7.05
    High Score: 8.5 x 2 (@Squashua , @Sanctuary is this a dream?)
    Low Score: 5.75 (@Cotton Park )
    My score: 8

    And, just like that our secret SM girl Eric Nam is eliminated from the competition, and our golden maknae Seohyun loses the first song from Don't Say No. One could say that this elimination was a double whammy, nah? Either way, we've finally hit the mid-point of the eliminations (it only took a month, oops!) and most of the cuts to come will be getting difficult. It's exciting, I'm ready for the bloodbath!

    Back to Hello. It is the second track on the album, and never charted anywhere (nothing from the album except for the lead single did). It was co-written by Seohyun and Cho Yoonkyung, and is a mid-tempo love song. I love how breezy the production is, and the instruments popping around behind their vocals really help make this song a summery affair - think "driving around atop a cliff overlooking the ocean when the weather is nice and balmy". The harmonies in this song and Seohyun's ad-libs towards the end are my favorite parts, they're really quite lovely. At points it sounds like it is an Eric Nam song with a Seohyun feature, but that's all right because their voices complement each other well and the result is a breezy little number that's cute to listen to when you're in the mood for love.

    Cute Eric gifs included.

    For me, Hello is probably the weakest link from the album. It's perfectly serviceable and it's a nice duet, but it lacks all of the punch that every single other track from the album has. I gave it an 8 because I do enjoy it, and it's a fun little bop, but I really don't have much to say about it. If Tiffany had her Once In A Lifetime moment, this is Seohyun's. What can I say? It speaks volumes about the quality of this album if this good track in all its cutesy glory is the worst. Too bad for Eric, though, because it wasn't enough to keep him in the good graces of this rate.

    But what did y'all think about it? High-scorer Squashua is enjoying the breezy harmonies: "Cute as a button and a better mesh of vocals compared to the other Eric Nam collab in this rate. I do think Seohyunnie takes a bit of a back seat on this, which is a shame, but I can't deny it's a catchy duet." Shockbox either compliments or knocks on this song with a Taeyeon comparison: "I feel like this is the sister song to Taeyeon's 'Starlight'." And He appreciates the song, and calls out SM at the same time: "He: "Ok cute bop. I know not knowing Eric Nam might be an offense, but is he the go to feature for SM girls?"

    You got it!

    And speaking of Eric, people have strong opinions about him, starting with Alouder98: "Eric sounds annoying on this and the song itself gives me GG 2008-2009 album tracks vibes which is not a compliment. Eric I love you girl , but come back with better songs next year." Ouch! Slice of Life also isn't on the Eric train: "What's with SM's obsession with Eric Nam??? This is cute though. But it's so faceless and done before so I'm gonna pass on this one." send photo is feeling the opposite way, though...: "I got distracted looking up Eric Nam. Hey xx."​
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  12. Wait at karma hitting me. Hello is so cute and fun. Why.
  13. Ok ok ok but this:
    ... is perhaps the most screamworthy moment in a KPJ rate ever. Eric's svelte sequinned body dishing up this Celia level dragging of Tiff whilst Taeyeon's juicy Real Housewife-ified self looking like she forgot to match her face to ha fake tan is just too much. Who knew demure Mr Nam had it in him? Cackling~~

    Hello is perfectly serviceable really but I get the early-ish exit.
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  14. Wow. Two low rates in a row. And they're not even Jessica.
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  15. This was my only song below 7 that I mentioned a couple of days ago and my least favorite from the album but I didn't want it to go now because after eliminating #27 we are actually in the second half of the rate and I wanted Seohyunnie's album to have a record for remaining untouched in the first half of the rate.
  16. Hello is cute. I'm not sure if it entirely fits on that mini, though.
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  17. My scores are telling me I want these songs out before the top 20 :

    Luna - Breathe and I Wish
    Ariana Seohyunnie - The Way and Moonlight
    Taeyeon - I Got Love
    Hyoyeon - Mystery
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    I know I rated his songs low but I was still rooting for him. Don't @ me.
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  19. That's a no from me.
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  20. Seems like you are obsessed with trashy bops in this rate.

    I gave it an 8 though. But all of my other scores are higher than 8.
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