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Keep On Ratin': The SM Girls VS Rate (WINNER REVEALED!)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by ajmkv, Mar 14, 2017.


Which SM girl will emerge victorious?

  1. Luna

    13 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    5 vote(s)
  3. Tiffany

    7 vote(s)
  4. Amber

    3 vote(s)
  5. Seohyun

    5 vote(s)
  6. One of the other ones~

    1 vote(s)
  7. Eric Nam

    7 vote(s)
  8. Jessica

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. He


    Screaming at that amazing elimination montage!
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  2. Wait I just saw these (poor Internet connection n n n), those Taeyeon faces are THE BEST.
  3. He


    They would not load on my phone, and I have a good connection, so I think it might be the mobile website.

    I knew something was missing and quickly moved to my laptop, haha.
  4. When this rate is complete, could all who voted give a score for 'Make Me Love You' and we can see where it would have placed.
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  5. I was actually thinking of making a sort of Season 2 for the SM Girls once we have a few more releases (maybe late this year or next year) and I was thinking of including Make Me Love You there, but this is also a good idea. I would give that a 10 and I'd hope it'd make Top 20! Also Cover Up would have definitely reached the Top 10, that is one of Taeyeon's finest.
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  6. If we rate My Voice, I probably won't have any scores below 7 and Make Me Love You will be that 7.
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  7. Blasphemy!

    But yes, My Voice is a great album.
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  8. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good track. But it's not on the same level as Cover Up, Lonely Night, I Blame On You, Fine and a few other of my faves for me.

    I was actually being a bit extra, it's not my least fave track on the album. My least fave is probably When I Was Young or I'm OK.
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  9. Cover Up is the winner of the SM Girls VS Rate, Season 2. I won't have it any other way.
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  10. FIRE though. Don't sleep on Fire - it's 'I' and 'Fine' done correctly.
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  11. Make Me Love You is a fucking 500000 and you will all deal.
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  12. "Love Me The Same" was awesome. I don't totally not like Jessica. And at times, I definitely miss her in SNSD.

    So there's that.
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  13. If My Voice was in this, it would hardly be a contest. Especially since people would actually have to listen to it.
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  14. [​IMG]
    But actually, I was definitely one of those people that slept on My Voice, and I regretted it once I gave it the time of day.
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  15. I still haven't listened to the whole album oops.
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  16. We are losing another album today.

    There's just no vacancy in the Top 10...



    Tiffany - Heartbreak Hotel (feat. Simon Dominic)

    Average: 7.96
    High Score: 10 x 3 (@Shockbox , @send photo , @Deja-Boo )
    Low Score: 4 (@LightningRider )
    My score: 8.5

    The last song to just miss out on the Top 10 is unfortunately Heartbreak Hotel, which means that all of the one-offs and orphan tracks have now been eliminated. Did I trick you? Did you think Why was the album to go? Well, no, it's actually the "album" comprised of all the single tracks, which barely edges out Wonderland. Tiffany now has the honor of having the highest-rated non-album single, and SM Station song, in this rate so congratulations! It still missed the Top 10, though, so...


    Heartbreak Hotel was obviously left off her debut mini, though, because sonically it is very similar to what's already on there. Dare I say that, if I had to replace a track on there, I would remove Once In A Lifetime and replace it with this song? I don't know, I think that this fits the mini much better and works well as an album closer. But, for some reason, this was left off and released as an SM Station single instead. I'm happy that it saw the light of day because this is a pretty great song that deserved recognition, and while it is an "orphan" single (and y'all know how much me and my iTunes detest those), it probably wouldn't have been released had it been on the album, so it was all for the best in the end.

    Though I Just Wanna Dance reached the Top 10 and the mini album reached #3, this didn't quite experience as much success, peaking at #84 and not selling too much. I would pin this on the fact that this was an SM Station song and those tended to chart much lower than a regular single/mini release, but Taeyeon's Rain topped the charts so.... I guess we will never know. Honestly, though, this deserved much better because I think it's one of Tiffany's brightest moments, in so many ways.


    She sounds absolutely breathtaking in this song, her vocals are so smooth and beautiful, and they are perfectly complemented by the slow-burning electronic and synthy backdrop of the instrumental. Much like the other songs on her mini album, the result is a mesmerizing mix of her strong and clear voice and a chill but still powerful instrumental. And those ad-libs at the end? Ugh, everything is great in this. I love it. I particularly enjoy the great little synthy flairs peppered throughout the song, they sound great in the intro and throughout. A person I was seeing last year told me that the intro to this is very similar to J.Lo's First Love and I guess I can hear it, but it's not thaaaaat similar and I much prefer Heartbreak Hotel's intro. One thing I didn't expect I'd enjoy in this song (as I don't enjoy this almost anywhere) is Simon Dominic's rap. Honestly, this song is made better by his presence, since his rough voice and great flow are a fantastic contrast to Tiffany's longing vocals. I definitely get the feel that he's annoyed and wants her to buzz off while she's just sad about what's going on.


    And on that note - the magnificent music video. I really, really enjoyed it. I tend to like videos with flashing lights and dark environments, the feelings are just so tangible in them. (Maybe this is because a lot of my dramatic moments have happened in clubs or in places where lights are flashing like that, but let's not talk about it...) I like the storyline, the typical "he's cheating on me and playing with my feelings so let me do the same" images interspersed with shots of the couple when things were good, but all with a sort of ominous, dark, and gritty feel. The part where Tiffany discovers the guy cheating on her with the other girl and the look that they give each other... chills. It is very well acted, and I feel the intensity of the emotion conveyed. My favorite part is at the end when they're just looking at each other, Tiffany surrounded by other guys, and the video pans closer to her face, lights flashing around her, and she has the slightest, most minuscule, hint of a smile on her lips as the video fades to black. It's a powerful way to end the video and I get goosebumps everytime I watch it. This is an A-plus music video from Tiffany and I really do love it.


    Heartbreak Hotel barely misses the 8 mark, and it's the very last song in the rate to not have reached that point. I think that this song deserved better, from the audience, and maybe in this rate (this definitely should have charted higher than the two album tracks that are left, for example), but sometimes things don't work out, so sorry Tiff! But what did y'all think about this? Almost all of you commented on this, and some of you were more convinced than others. Let's start with He, who just isn't convinced at all: "Oh look, it’s Fanny bringing a moody bop." Low-scorer LightningRider is also not convinced and rips into this accordingly: "A boring ballad dressed up is still a boring ballad. Try again." Oooh, that's harsh.

    Thankfully, the people who liked this outweigh the naysayers, though most of them are surprised that they are actually enjoying Tiffany... starting with send photo: "I cannot believe Tiffany got a 10 out of me. You guys don’t know how hard I tried to pick something wrong with this song to not end up awarding her perfect marks." Hey, you know, when it's right, it's right. Slice of Life also approves of this, even while managing to throw more shade: "It's so ironic that my favourite SM Station release is a Tiffany track ddddd. Look, I know y'all know that I am not Tiff's biggest fan but even I must admit that she killed it here. I love the lowkey-ness of the song so much. I also don't mind Mr. Dominic's presence. I hope Tiffany explores this sound more. It suits her really well." And Reboot shows us what a song needs to get more points out of people: "I gave this a 7.5 in the Song of 2016 rate, but compared to some of the other stuff in here, it’s a lot better." Hey, I guess when you put something in front of a backdrop of trash, it looks endlessly better, eh?


    Finally, the people who were all praise and no shade, starting with Squashua: "Would probably have been the best song on the EP if SM had snatched it for the Station. She sounds so good on this and I've listened to it way more than I Just Wanna Dance." Same, sis, same. Shockbox loves this song: "Another song that almost got my 11. Tiffany sounds absolutely gorgeous on this song and I love the more subtle electro pop vibes." Oooh, if you had given this your 11, it would have reached the Top 10! Oh well... Finall, Alouder98 is going to stand for no shade thrown at this song: "It just grew on me after the 2016 rate. It was only a 6 for me at first and then became an 8 for me in that rate. And now I'm telling you if it wasn't for the rap verse , it would get my 11. Screw all her haters, screw the shady gifs about her vocals , her adlibs are soooooooooo good." All of these potential 11s, gone for one reason or another! Oh well, Tiff, you still have three songs left. Better luck next time!​
  17. So, it's goodbye to the orphan singles~




    Overall average: 6.35

    High Scorers:

    @Squashua : 7.60
    @ajmkv : 7.45
    @ohnostalgia : 7.20

    Low Scorers:
    @Sanctuary : 4.90
    @LightningRider : 5.30
    @Deja-Boo : 5.40

    My average: 7.45

    And so we wave goodbye to the parentless singles, the SM Station singles released by girls with no minis, and the singles from albums snubbed by this rate (sorry My Voice and With Love, J, maybe next time!) This was quite a group of songs, and most of them were quite decent. Out of all of these, I'd say that Secret and Mystery deserved better. Everything else ended up where it should have, and I'm happy with their placements. Now, had My Voice been a part of this, I'm sure that the whole rate would have been shaken up, but we'll have to wait for Season 2 to truly see the impact.

    Hopefully some of these girls (Hyoyeon and YoonA especially) can release actual EPs and minis (YoonA's Chinese three-track release was actually cute) so that they can have their own album posts next time around, but I won't hold my breath. We'll see when the time comes.​
  18. Say hello to your Top 10!

    Bad Love
    Don't Say No
    Free Somebody
    I Just Wanna Dance
    Keep On Doin'
    What Do I Do

    Some interesting facts about the Top 10:
    - Luna has four songs, Tiffany has three, Seohyun has two, and Taeyeon has one.
    - Seven of these songs received 11s, four of them received multiple 11s.
    - Every song received at least one 10; one song received seven.
    - Every song has a score of 8.00 or higher, but only two reach the 9.00 mark.
    - These 10 songs represent four albums, one for each girl.
    - The majority of the Top 10 are album tracks! Who would have thought...
    - The last song (and only song in the Top 20) to not receive a 10 was Fool.

    Stay tuned for the Top 10 reveals, starting tonight!
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  19. He


    I might have to listen to My Voice now, since you're all hyping it so much.
  20. Aww I love Heartbreak Hotel. I feel like that's karma hitting me for wanting Wonderland out - that 'Sica Revenge in full effect.

    Gorgeous top 10 both musically and visually (especially based on the lush 4-corners cover art graphic). I am shocked that my 11 is still here (watch it bomb out at #10...).
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