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Keep On Ratin': The SM Girls VS Rate (WINNER REVEALED!)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by ajmkv, Mar 14, 2017.


Which SM girl will emerge victorious?

  1. Luna

    13 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    5 vote(s)
  3. Tiffany

    7 vote(s)
  4. Amber

    3 vote(s)
  5. Seohyun

    5 vote(s)
  6. One of the other ones~

    1 vote(s)
  7. Eric Nam

    7 vote(s)
  8. Jessica

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. My ideal top 10 order :

    10. Breathe
    9. Don't Say No
    8. What Do I Do
    7. Bad Love
    6. Keep On Doin'
    5. Galaxy
    4. Talk
    3. Why
    2. Free Somebody
    1. I Just Wanna Dance
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  2. Okay, but when is the wildcard episode gonna happen, @ajmkv unnie? I'm gonna need Eric Nam to crash that top 10!
  3. We have reached the Top 10. How do our girls feel about it?

    >> Honestly, I'm not surprised I have the most songs left. f(x) was always the cooler group, and these other girls are all caught up in their own drama. I am slaughtering the competition. No, really: I stood with a knife in my hand in the voters' rooms as they submitted their votes *winks* <<

    >> Hey, TaeTiSeo is still here! I love my sisters so much! I can't wait to be able to comfort them when they all lose. Oops, did I just say that? kekeke~ <<

    >> Jessica's career was personally cancelled by me, and now her stay in this competition was also cancelled, also by me. These other girls think that they can even come close to me, the reigning Goddess of SM, but, ha, they remain locked in their cages while I promote a new song every week. Do I sound gleeful? Good, because I am. <<

    >> Don't mind me, I was just tidying up a little bit in here. *looks confused* Wait, what? Oh, yeah, sorry, I mean, Tiffany for the win! <<

    #10 is coming up very soon!
  4. Sociopathic Luna is a Queen of the people, for the people. Tifffany's gift shop telenovela is still my actual favourite.
  5. What do we do, unnies?

    The end is near, but 9 songs must still go.

    Including this 11....



    Tiffany - What Do I Do

    Average: 8.13
    High Score: 11 (@Sanctuary )
    10 (@Slice of Life )
    Low Score: 5 (@send photo )
    My score: 8

    One of our golden girls, Tiffany, is now bleeding songs, losing her third song in just the last five eliminations. I guess her streak wasn't meant to last, and she now finds herself with only two songs. Will she be able to reach the Top 5 now? What Do I Do performed really well throughout the voting, and was even close to the Top 5 at one point, but it ultimately ends up barely making the Top 10.


    What Do I Do was my favorite track of the mini the first time I heard it, and the English version was a nice touch, so it received a few spins from me last summer. However, its charm quickly faded for me and it never quite fully clicked with me, and I blame all the great summer bangers that came out last year for that. This isn't to take away from the merits of this song, though, because I do think that this is pretty great, just maybe not as memorable as some of the other songs on the album proved to be.

    The song itself boasts a lovely instrumental with some 80s vibes sprinkled throughout. My favorite part is probably the weird synth effect used during the whole song, when I heard this song for the first part that was the bit that stuck in my mind and I hum this for hours after listening to the song - is it bad that my favorite part is a silly little sound effect that's mostly drowned out by the music? Hmmm... anyway, Tiffany sounds great in this too, lovely and restrained. I applaud SM for 1) letting the girl write some of her songs, and 2) giving Tiffany songs that are well within her range, since I have no complaints about her voice anywhere in the album (insert Taeyeon removing her earpiece.gif), and this song is no exception. It's a nice midtempo, and works well while I'm walking, so it receives bonus points for that. I like listening to it and hearing the interesting instrumental bubbling around, as well. I think the more I write about it and the more I listen to it while writing this post, the more I find that I like. Maybe I shouldn't have slept on it last year? Oh well, we will never know. Worse songs than this (I am shading you, Tonight by Jessica) have surprisingly appeared on my personal charts due to this rate, so only time will tell if What Do I Do will see a resurgence of interest.

    Oh, also, I really liked the live performances of it, I think that Tiffany did a great job and looked beautiful. I'm happy that she did so well during this comeback because she very well could have flopped (aside from on the charts) and she surprised me with how on-point almost everything in the campaign was. So, good for her. With that said, though... next.


    I really don't have a lot to say about this other than it's pretty good. Does "pretty good" deserve a Top 10 placing? Well, let's go to you, the voters, and find out! Alouder98 echoes my sentiments: "Queen of songwriting. I love it even though i find it all over the place sometimes." send photo pulls out the 1231084th Ariana reference in the rate: "I love Be Alright." And Squashua is also just lukewarm in his reception: "I think even with the English version the only bit i'll be crooning is "oooOOOooo BA-BY". Very late 90's but could have benefited from just doing a little less with itself."

    However, the rest of you seemed to be very into this song, starting with our 11-giver Sanctuary: "I prefer the English version, but I’m giving the Korean version my 11 since they’re both fantastic." Fantastic is a great compliment, has Tiffany received that one before? Kekeke~ Reboot is bopping right along: "Catchy as hell. And even the English version works." Slice of Life offers yet another Ariana comparison and even more Tiffany shade mixed in with her praise: "YATH my fave from this album. It's very Ariana which means it's perfect for me. And Tiff sounds pitch* perfect here. Kii. (*an overstatement but let me live hehe)". And finally, my favorite comment about this song was the incredibly relatable one from He: "That chorus! I got my life to this several times in public transport." I know the feeling, unnie, I know the feeling.

    (Just not with this song, whoops~)
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  6. He


    Oh, I love What Do I Do! Also, I'm impressed by that live performance.

    Go Fanny!
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  7. TeePaNee was actually really good with her live performances for that comeback, I was shook. I hope she gets a second one!
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  8. Ooo I didn't even register the Ariana similarities. Again, I like WDID more now when listening outside of the EP? Remind me next Rate to put everything together on shuffle.
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  9. wait I gave this an 8, @ajmkv. The only 10 on Tiffany's mini from me was Talk - which better make top 5! with the top 4 being all Luna kii

    Let's bop to the immaculate bop that fully captures everything that makes Ariffany Grwang the absolute superstar she is who just gets pop music.

    Don't know what to do, baby
    'Cause I'm not over you
    What do I do, baby?



    And I can't seem to move on
    From the thought of being apart
    I'm sitting here alone and lost and confused
    What do I do?

  11. He


    I forgot what the Seohyun tracks sound like (besides like Ari)...
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  12. Whoops! You're right, @Slice of Life is right next to you on the spreadsheet and that's who actually gave it a 10. I just misread~ It's corrected now!
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  13. LET THE LIGHT INTO YOUR LIFE, OPPA! (Her album is just so, good, probably my favorite of all the SM girls' albums.)
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  14. He


    I'd say it's the third best. It's quite good but somehow forgettable.
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  15. I'll take what I can get and run with it!
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  16. If I want to rank all the albums:

    (My Voice) > I Just Wanna Dance > Free Somebody > Don't Say No > Why > Wonderland > I

    Did I forget someone?
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  17. [​IMG]
    Poor Beautiful getting ignored~

    I think that:
    Don't Say No = Free Somebody > My Voice > I Just Wanna Dance > Why > I > Wonderland > Beautiful > With Love, J
    is the order in terms of SM Girls solo releases. They each have something of worth, some more than others.
  18. Except Amber and Jessica's first album (that I always forget it even exists, seriously).
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  19. Your 11s are dropping like flies.

    Y'all unnies still breathing?....



    Luna - Breathe

    Average: 8.14
    High Score: 11 x 2 (@Cotton Park , @send photo )
    10 x 3 (@Slice of Life , @Deja-Boo , @ajmkv )
    Low Score: 5 (@Sanctuary )
    My score: 10

    Luna is of course going to be losing many songs in this last stretch since almost half of the Top 10 is comprised of her songs, but I can't say it doesn't hurt to see this go now. I gave 4/6 songs on the Free Somebody mini a 10, but this was the first song that made me think, wow, Luna is definitely someone to watch. I have never particularly liked f(x) (is that considered blasphemy on this forum?) so I hadn't really listened to Luna before, so listening to this mini was such a joy, and Breathe was definitely my first favorite. Here, it beats What Do I Do by .01, so you can see that the comptetition in the Top 10 is tough and it was really hard to call which song would end up where.

    There are so many beautiful things happening in this song, and when listening to it in the context of the album it's almost jarring to go from Free Somebody to this. It's certainly a bold choice to go from a funky uptempo to a ballad, but as soon as the chorus hits it's almost like you're transported into the rest of the album, which is just as glittery and ethereal as this song is. Whether it is the sound effects throughout, Luna's repeated "breathe in, breathe in" bits, the subtle bass and finger snaps, the shimmering synths, or Luna's magnificent vocals, every part of this song contribute to the sensation of soaring, of gliding over the stars. The song builds up until the middle-8 and the final chorus, and I can't get enough of this, I always replay these parts. I can't count the amount of times I've listened to this while closing my eyes and letting myself be carried away by the magic happening in my ears. As you all know by now, there have been times in the last few months where I felt more down than ever, and listening to this and a few of the other songs on this mini has helped me get through rough moments. Breathe in, breathe in, breathe.


    And the lyrics? They're even more magical, if that's possible. Knowing that such a sonically beautiful song like this has such introspective and gorgeous lyrics makes this even more impactful for me. Just take a look at these:

    Where everyone has passed on by
    This is where I alone am stopped
    But now the raindrops that knock on the windows
    Hide the pain gathering in my eyes
    It’s just like a warm bosom
    Close your eyes
    Breathe in Breathe in Breathe
    Open your heart
    Breathe in Breathe in Breathe
    Be renewed
    Breathe in Breathe in Breathe

    From beautiful lyrics that are like an energizing shot to the morale, to a gorgeous and glittering instrumental with a magnificent chorus and superb composition throughout, Breathe is a song to not only listen to, it is a song that is felt deep inside, a song that is experienced, and a song that soothes the soul. I love it.

    How about you all? Did you love it as much as I do? Fortunately, you all mostly have nice things to say, though He does have some fair criticism: "I have a problem with this song. It’s serviceable and alright, even nice, but its place in the tracklist just ruins the sequencing of the mini so badly, that I just don’t listen to it, ever." Yeah, I agree that its placement was kind of weird, but listening to this outside of the album does it a world of good. eccentricsimply also notes the odd placement: "It's literally impossible for a song to follow Free Somebody and not be a slight disappointment. This is a lovely ballad, though." Shockbox isn't entirely conviced but still likes this song: "When this song comes on shuffle, I really enjoy it but for some reason, I wouldn't actively seek it out to listen to." Reboot, however, isn't holding back some rough criticism: "It tries to be sound huge and dramatic, but it’s neither." Tsss, ouch. Luna, what do you think about this?

    @Reboot unnie, watch out!

    Squashua is also not 100% convinced by this: "Anyone that watched Eurovision last year might get my reference but this definitely has shades of Dami Im's Sound of Silence in that pre-chorus. Unlike that song however, the production could've been fleshed out even more." But on the flipside, Slice of Life is living for this: "God that chorus... YATH MAWMA GIMME ALL THE GOOSEBUMPS. I DESERVE IT, SHOOT ME. Seriously... it's otherwordly good. I wish I have Luna's vocal prowess so I can sing this song too. I wanna sing this so bad in a karaoke but I'm afraid the world might explode due to my ~unique~ vocals dddddd." Unnie, all your comments about karaoke are making me want to go out and do some. Are you in?~ Finally, one of our 11-givers, send photo, is in love with this song and provides an appropriate gif: "This is so sweeping and gorgeous. The little bells and whistles in the production are wonderful as well. Everything about this song is so lush."


    I agree. I'm sad to see this go as this could have been my 11, but I'm happy it reached the Top 10. Honestly, this is one of the songs from this rate that I'll be revisiting time and time again, while most of the other ones will fade away. Oh well!​
  20. He


    Oh, this is a very sweet song, but I do not love it.

    @ajmkv, it is indeed blasphemous that you do not care and worship f(x)... tsk tsk.
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