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Keep On Ratin': The SM Girls VS Rate (WINNER REVEALED!)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by ajmkv, Mar 14, 2017.


Which SM girl will emerge victorious?

  1. Luna

    13 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    5 vote(s)
  3. Tiffany

    7 vote(s)
  4. Amber

    3 vote(s)
  5. Seohyun

    5 vote(s)
  6. One of the other ones~

    1 vote(s)
  7. Eric Nam

    7 vote(s)
  8. Jessica

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Sue me.~

    (But honestly, I think that f(x) is great and everything but not a single thing they've released has clicked with me, I even downloaded their last three albums and still nothing. I'm a flop K-Pop fan.)
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  2. SAME. I listened to 4 Walls and Red Light albums because of the hype that I saw about them here and.... yeah, nothing clicked with me either.
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  3. I feel like they're all hype and no substance, but that's just me. I know they're adored by other people whereas I'm here stanning for CLC, so to each his own, I guess.

    I will say that Luna is amazing and deserves every bit of success she receives, though. Definitely the best member of that group.
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  4. He


    Oh dear, these wrong opinions hurt me... but I forgive you, unnies; I'm benevolent like that.
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  5. I liked Electric Shock & Cowboy. 4 Walls would have been better if View hadn't have done it better a few months prior and Red Light is a refreshingly weird K-EDM track but I wouldn't put any of them in my all-time K-Pop Top 100 to be honest. Maybe not even 150.
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  6. What did you expect from me? I stan Tiffany and her high notes (I even voted for her as my #5 favorite popstar ever in a rate, kii) I stan Yoona for being pretty, I love BlackPink that are considered as 2NE2. I think So Crazy is one the best T-ara singles. I think EXO are the best male group....

    And I still have so many other embarrassing opinions, but I think these are enough to show you my level of taste.
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  7. He


    These two are ok, though. So that's 2 out of 5...

    I cannot forgive stanning Yoona, though.
  8. Seriously. Seek help.
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  10. [​IMG]

    I just can't even.... gah.... painful... ignore them, Sulli....
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  11. Pink Tape >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  12. Blame Amber!
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  13. They don't deserve to breathe.
  14. One more 11 down today.

    Has your love cooled?...



    Seohyun - Bad Love

    Average: 8.16
    High Score: 11 (@Squashua )
    10 x 3 (@ohnostalgia , @Deja-Boo , @ajmkv )
    Low Score: 4 (@Sanctuary )
    My score: 10

    Seohyun loses her penultimate song here, as we near the Top 5. Will she be able to make it to the final stretch? Though she had the most songs in the upper half of this rate, she soon lost most of them, and here we finally are, and Seohyun has but one song left (and what a song!). Bad Love beats Breathe by .02, but it was quite behind the next three songs (which, gasp, are in a three-way tie...), and so it ends up here. #8 isn't shabby by any means, and it received a pretty excellent score, so I'm OK with its placing. I would have put it in my Top 5, though!

    Bad Love is yet another Seohyun self-penned track. I think it's impressive how she wrote every single song on the album except for the title track, and Bad Love is a great example of what she can do. Though the lyrics are often lost on us, the international fanbase that for the most part doesn't speak or understand Korean, the significance of a K-Pop idol writing her own lyrics can be well-appreciated. Bad Love is a sultry little thing, transporting us into a world where Seohyun is brooding about a lying lover, and what a little world it is.

    "Your strong cologne
    Hides someone's trace"

    Forlorn, frustrated, and disappointed without coming off as aggressive, Seohyun croons about waiting at home for her lover while knowing that he's lying to her, and that he's been doing it for a long time. What I particularly like about this is that she holds back at the beginning, expressing herself with "nah nah nahs" at the end of each chorus, until the middle-8 comes in and she belts out her feelings, bringing the song to a sublime crescendo and expressing all of the hurt and anger that she had held back before in the song:

    "My love is true
    That one phrase, I spat it out too easily
    My love is you
    Your love has ripped the insides of my heart"

    Who expected Seohyun to be the girl with the angriest lyrics in the SM bunch? Hearing such raw emotion from her and knowing that she wrote all of it herself is powerful, and I really like that she shattered all the innocent and baby maknae stereotypes she's been burdened with her entire career. This is a song from a mature woman who expresses herself beautifully. No innocent Seohyun here.


    Musically, Bad Love is mysterious, sexy, and jazzy. I can imagine Seohyun as a lounge singer, belting this in front of a live band in a darkened room, wearing a long dress, cigarette smoke all around her. Her vocals are sultry and smooth, and the instrumental is one of the best in the album. I think that the instrumental could be toned down just a little bit to highlight the vocals a little bit more, but honestly this song is just perfection. The contrast between the swirling musical bits and Seohyun's smooth vocals is fantastic, and this winds up being the sexiest song in the whole rate - again, who would have thought that Seohyun was going to have the sexiest sound of all the SM girls? Taeyeon did the sweet and "empowering" ballads, Tiffany and Luna both did the "cool girl" vibe, Amber did... her thing..., and Seohyun did sexy. Again, who would have guessed?


    I wish that this song had received a music video (I wish that K-Pop campaigns were longer than one song, but alas...), as I think that Seohyun would have rocked the vibe and she would have looked amazing. I read somewhere that when she was dressing as a boy for Mr. Mr., she thought that it would work well for a solo release, and had Bad Love been released she would have tried that out... that's an interesting concept, but honestly I'm here for sultry Seohyun crooning behind a mic and then throwing things at her lying lover. And can you imagine how the choreo been? Actually, don't imagine it: she's performed this song and killed everything. (Don't mind the quality, though - again, I wish that K-Pop encouraged good recordings of solo concerts, because I'm sick of these grainy videos...)

    I need this in my life! Don't Say No was amazing, and Bad Love would have been a fantastic follow-up. I love it, but what do y'all unnies think? We don't have much commentary this time around, why are y'all letting me down? (Just kidding, you know that if you don't write, I'll write long posts like this one because I have no life~) Let's start with He, who lays off the Ari comparisons with this song: "Sexy and mature sounding. I dig." Shockbox, though, has a different comparison: "And this one reminds me of Amy Winehouse." Honestly, who would have ever though that Seohyun could be compared to Amy? She's come a long way! Slice of Life needs to be a little more titillated by the song...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): "The verses are so killer. The chorus is a little dead on arrival though. It needed more... I don't know, danger? Drama? I don't know, it just needs something to reach greatness. (Okay, wait, I forgot that the middle 8 is iconic. Have some more points, Seohyun cyst.)" It's true, I love that middle-8.

    Finally, we have our 11-giver, the good sis Squashua who, as per usual, has fantastic commentary that puts my whole post to shame. Take it away, unnie! "Let me throw y'all a curveball for my 11: this is a masterpiece. The perfect blend of jazz, backbeats, the smoothest of vocals, oppressively moody verses that roll over your ears with a Chicago gangsters & dolls smokescreen. It's perfume and decadence, drama and the devil. The big notes with the choir and the building instrumentation delivering us all from evil? A literal 'when will your faves?' scalding brew. I probably listen to Free Somebody / Don't Say No / Secret more but this still blows me away time it comes on." A write-up worthy of a queen. Jessica wishes.

  15. Sigh, I knew it was coming so the blow is duller than it might have been, considering my 11 is bowing out. Such a sublime song, you really did it justice with your write-up @ajmkv.

    I think part of the reason I like Bad Love so much is that it reminds me of this (& an MV along these lines would have been gold):
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  16. He


    Yes this is a fine song. What's left?

    Luna has three songs? Taeyeon and Seohyun one each? Tiffany two?
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  17. 4 Walls is f(x)'s only good song.
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  18. He



    I don't even have words for this blasphemous and preposterous postulation.
  19. Wait, just kidding, the song where they reuse Ariana's Boyfriend Material is a bop too.
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  20. Luna has three (Free Somebody, Galaxy, Keep On Doin'), Tiffany has two (I Just Wanna Dance, Talk), Taeyeon and Seohyun each have one (Why and Don't Say No).~