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Keke Palmer - Wind Up (ft Quavo)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. I love the whole thing so much. I can't listen to new Tinashe or Alicia because I have to listen to this!
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  2. Hands Free is that bop, yessir.
  3. I'm starting dance lessons to **** the routine.
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  4. I'm head over heels for this EP. Got Me Fucked Up and Hands Free are it.

    And the lyric "Damn shawty hit me with the oozy / I didn't see him comin' / hit me in the stomach / told me that he loved me like a Scarface movie" in Doubtful is incredible. Simple but effective.
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  5. I don't like the direction she went in. Yellow Lights / Enemiez / Reverse Psychology are all better, I hope the album includes more tracks like these.
  6. Hands Free (and this EP) make all these seem like early Sophia Grace demos though.
  7. She hasn't released anything as good as Best Friends just yet, so let's all calm down.

  8. Idontknowher.gif but I trust you so am googling.

    Girl, doesn't exist.

  9. Remains 2015's premiere bop. Hands Free is almost as good, though.
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  10. Gosh this video is so fucking campy and amazing. The scene where everyone crowds around the entrance to watch her grind in the shower is such a great moment.

    I just don't like that last solo section where it looks like she filmed it in somebody's living room. "If we put a tiny Sphinx nobody will notice!"
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  11. Wait there's an EP?

    *trips over running to Spotify*
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  12. Cross my heart and hope to die

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  13. I thought you talking about Keke sis!
  14. As stated, I'll talk about Keke when she releases something this good. She's getting there, though.
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  15. Hands Free is the new Work From Home for me, I can't stop playing.
  16. Now you're getting out of hand.
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  17. If I wind it back would you promise to break my bone

    Can't help but cringe.
  18. Cringe or bussy pop.
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