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Kingdom Kiis: Big Pop Gewhls 2017 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    SCORE: 6.806

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 (@enjoy, @constantino, @gagapourgaga, @GimmeWork, @Trouble in Paradise, @dodoriazarbon), 9.5 x 1 (@Guy)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 1 (@DJHazey), 3.5 x 1 (@KingBruno), 4 x 4 (@ericcccc, @Lindsay Lohan, @Synthline, @kalonite)

    Well, the cuts are starting to hurt a bit more, aren't they girls? I find 'Didn't I' a bit interesting in that it feels very much like her older material to me, just with a brassier instrumentation. I can imagine this exact vocal take over roaring guitars. The verses on this are fire and the chorus doesn't quite measure up. But it's Kelly, and as such you can at least rely on a masterclass vocal. 15 years after becoming famous, her voice remains mindblowing, when some of these girls have dust and fear emanating from their voiceboxes in half the time. (It does very much sound like she's saying 'De-nyyyyy,' though, doesn't it?)

    I think joe_alouder speaks for most of the voters with, "Eh, this is sort of unnecessary when the album has tracks with similar vibes but better." Ah, but Trouble in Paradise is hairless and loving it. "Phew! Kelly sets up the drama perfectly in the verses and then: BAM! The blast of the horns along with Kelly's killer vocals really blow my wig off every time. What a chorus." ericcccc does research so I don't have to: "Apparently this was produced by the same people who made the iconic club anthems 'How We Do (Party)' by the one and only Rita Ora and 'Swagger Jagger' by the legendary Cher Lloyd. This song sadly is nowhere near as good as either these two songs." I'm not gonna bother factchecking this but seems legit. 'How We Do' still knocks doesn't it.

    sapnu puas, who started off so promisingly on this forrem before submitting a bad 'Act My Age' score and killing his budding career faster than Noah Cyrus', sobs "Not Kelly continuing to soundtrack the negative parts of my relationship. The middle aged mother in me is strong." Speaking of middle aged mothers, RJF gives "Six points for sass but I don’t use all that much teebs. That shrill, piercing shriek of something just after the three minute mark is… well, I honestly don’t know. HELP."

    constantino LOVES it. "The production pops off a lot more than I remembered, whew! A perfect way to merge well-referenced classical soul sounds and modern pop trends, talent! Kelly has a talent of sidestepping white girl sass and instead giving womanly, beautiful attitude, earned through life experience. Taylor, take notes." Taylor's already at a disadvantage because she can't belt-mix her fucking face off, but at least she knows it. Raichu feels my thoughts on zee chorus. "It’s a damn shame that the chorus on this one is so weak because the verses and pre-chorus seem like they’re building up to something great."

    Poor dodoriazarbon loses his favorite song off Meaning of Life and it's only lost three! Brutal. "Far and away my favourite thing on this record. My head was shorn and shining from the end of that first stuttered D-D-DIDN'T?!" Spiral starts a bit shady - "A lot of these songs sound the same" - but then flips the script on you hoes. "Not complaining. These kinds of songs are good." evilsin has a question. "I have a question. 'My fire was hot enough / To burn on for the both of us / And your water keeps puttin' us out' is this out watersports? I hope this doesn't get me banned." ddddd sis we've ruined you. Fittingly we will throw to a maude, Solenciennes, who demands to be taken to church. Seems appropriate.

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  2. Oh, right that's the one that rips off Footloose.
  3. Notice that this was higher than 'Act My Age' by .004, ddd. We cross the 7.0 mark at #46 and don't hit 8.0 until #19.
  4. Act My Age and this back to back? Where are the kiis? Where are they?

  5. Okay. I am officially joining team #GetKeshaOut. I didn't mind when she is ruling over the other girls but Kelly should be left alone.
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  6. Fuckling cackling. Gonna steal this quote and use it in my popstar novel.
    And I might credit you.
  7. I gave Kesha decent scores despite only listening to the album twice prior to the rate because I thought the album was universally loved and didn't wanna get dragged.

    Turns out my Lorde scores were more offensive.

  8. You shouldn't be influenced by peer pressure, but I'm so glad that you were.
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  9. I gasped. I predict we lose a lot of Kelly soon though. Ugh.

    Lorde’s gonna lose more than just an interlude before pest control can declare this a no-Sebert zone, isn’t she?
  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Keep hanging on in there Malibu my beloved xxx
  11. New Year's Day is the best song on Reputation.

    Peaches found dead and over.
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  12. Aww, these two are good though, what are you doing, people?
  13. Next 10 out, ta -

    ...Ready For It?
    Getaway Car
    Call It What You Want
    Dancing With Our Hands Tied
    Let 'Em Talk
    Learn To Let Go

    Beautiful Trauma
  14. Coming for the two strongest songs on their respective albums before we’ve even reached the Top 50..

    A fucking choice.

    (Dancing With Our Hands Tied should make the Top 15 at least teebs; possibly even the Top 10 once I get a better sense of what’s left.)
  15. I love The Cure, Anywhere, New Rules, Bodak Yellow, Bon Appétit, Medicine, Heat, Meaning of Life and all of Melodrama!
  16. Dancing with Our Hands tied isn't bad exactly. Just forgettable. Learn To Let Go is actively bad.
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  17. @Laura Vanderbooben @AllAmericunties

    Alert: Dixie Stampede has just undergone a name change to Dolly Parton’s Stampede. Possibly a reaction to her poor placing here/having her 11/10 Miley collab shut out of the BPG rate entirely? She feels the need to get her name back out there? Promo never lets up with D.P.
  18. Oh wow three tragic eliminations in a row now I want to die.
  19. Finally Kelly's filler is leaving, but that 'Act My Age' elimination hurts like a mother.

    I definitely overscored Kesha's album and I definitely underscored 'Havana' and 'Your Song'.
  20. Act My Age is a bop. Can't believe it's only a bonus track.
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