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Kingdom Kiis: Big Pop Girls 2017 VS Rate - TWO WEEKS TO VOTE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. The only thing about Miley that puts a smile in my heart is Younger Now's first week sales.

  2. Bone apple teas still has the haters pressed and distressed I see, why not just enjoy the meal?

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  3. She’s been listening to Meaning of Life all day and

  4. Witness - 6.4
    Melodrama - 8.3
    Meaning of Life - 7.6
    Rainbow - 5.9
    Reputation - 7.6
    Beautiful Trauma - 6.2
    Extras - 8.2

    Mess at Demetria and Halsey preventing my Extras average from being 10.
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  5. That means Demi and Halsey got 4 points total between them (yes, I did the math). It's not like they don't deserve it though, despite the charitable 6/10 and 5/10 I threw them.
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  6. Taylor Swift - Reputation 4.9
    P!nk - Beautiful Trauma 5.5
    Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life 7.4
    Kesha - Rainbow 7.5
    Extras 7.7
    Katy Perry - Witness 7.8
    Lorde - Melodrama 9.0

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  7. Chained to the Rhythm is clearly the only 10 on Witness.
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  8. Rem


    We been knew. Clearly Bon Appétit is an 11
    The good sis knows! Talent always wins.
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  9. Her averages are here:

    Reputation: 8.1
    Witness: 6.2
    Melodrama: 8.9
    Rainbow: 5.9
    Meaning of Life: 8.4
    Beautiful Trauma: 6.5
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  10. Why are you lowering your score binch it's a solid 20
  11. i don't need my scores thrown out like my father did my heart, @send photo.
  12. This is awkward timing but your rent cheque bounced... so I'm throwing you out too.
  13. Witness has one 10/10 and it ain’t Bon Appetit or Chained to the Rhythm

  14. Sis, as if I haven't lived in the firm but comfortable cushion of @Laura Vanderbooben's pectorals since last year.
  15. Then what's that sobbing noise coming from your room?
  16. The baggage I left.

  17. What’s happening
  18. I'm gonna have to listen to 4 full albums just to participate in this.

  19. I still haven't got the chance to start on this and I'm running out of time.