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Kraftwerk Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Omar God, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. I saw them several times, from The Mix tour to some concert at the Cité de la musique in Paris 5 years ago (?) and I must say i love them live. The moment the men are replaced by the mannequins is always a thrilling experience. Plus the imagery is so powerful and so perfectly connected to the music that the lack of what usually makes a live performance (vocals, stage presence, little accidents etc.) has no meaning at all. Also, there're always some musical changes, remixes etc.

    Like you said, it's an experience. A moving, thrilling and beautiful one (for me).
  2. Am I the only one who absolutely adores "Electric Cafe?" The title track and "Telephone Call" are top shelf.


    Such classiness! I love that this is both very much a product of its time yet also somehow ahead of it.
  3. I tried to get tickets to the recent Tate Modern shows but didn't have much luck. But from what I've seen, the spruced up older songs sounded fantastic.

    I didn't care much for it back in the day and it really hasn't grown on me at all. I'm not sure if that 'original version' of Techno Pop that's floating around on Youtube is genuine Kraftwerk but I prefer it to what's on the album.
  4. Part of Electric Cafe's problem is/was that they probably overthought it, and overworked by the time it's late 1986, electronic pop music had alredy moved on from the era that the album was first mooted after Tour De France in 1983. Electric Cafe would have then sounded as cutting edge as Herbie Hancock's Futureshock and Soundsystem, or J-M Jarre's Zoolook.
  5. Electric Café is sublime. I don't think the problem, if there's one, comes from it coming too late or not being cutting edge : they were way above that. They have their sound and that is that.

    No, the problem is the title / concept : Electric Café is not very Kraftwerk and they should have kept Technopop. And the context : would there have been any possibility for Kraftwerk to have a real hit in 1986 ? I don't think so.
  6. Ive still got that to watch on my HD....and I noticed all the reissues (with the new slipcase art) are down to 9.99 in HMV.
  7. Ooh nice.
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  9. Yes, I regret not spending 75 quid on The Catalog, now it's 4 times that!
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  10. Oh dear. I don't generally like live albums, but as it's Kraftwerk. Presumably, there'll be German language versions as well at some point?

    Already pre-ordered the CD box but I think I'll hold out on the other formats for the inevitable price slashing.
  11. Pre-ordered the CDs as well! I think everything will sound amazing. We're basically getting 8 remix albums, and in one case, a re-remix album.
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  12. You and me both!
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  13. I may go the Blu-Ray route, just for something different to the usual CD sound/presentation.
  14. I'm into this. I love "Minimum Maximum" because of the live reverb, and I hope these sound just as rich. Ouch at the price though.
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  15. Why are nice things so expensive...
  16. I absolutely loved "Minimum Maximum" - Kraftwerk are one of the few bands left that I've never got to see live - Although I've tried so many times.
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  17. ...and it is just me or does Ralf Hutter look even more sexier with man-boobs! Woof!
  18. I saw them in 2009 in Manchester , front row, with the 3d, one of the best concerts I've ever been to, never managed to get tickets to see them since then.

    I'll be buying the 8cd set and the 4 disc blu ray set
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