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Kylie - 14th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Yes, that didn't help either.
  2. The Belfast date on the Kiss Me Once tour was also nowhere near sold out. The floor section was actually no more than 50% full and in total wikipedia says 6.5k tickets sold (in the SSE Arena, 11k capacity).

    I know she's a touring force but sadly I think without a hit or something crossing over beyond her fanbase this time round, she will be playing a lot of half-empty arenas in most countries outside of England next time.
  3. I agree - was convinced it was a smash in waiting.....strange release date and strategy hindered the track. But was fresh at the time Plus has very impressive YouTube views and reasonable streams so though the peak was low it’s possibly one of her best known more recent tracks.....
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  4. True, it did make some good deal of impact, just not in terms of sales. And the video was HOT too!
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  5. According to the usual ones in the know over at sayhey the good sis is actually going to have the video shot for lead single by the end of this week. Someone mentioned that Joseph Kahn is in Amsterdam and the director moved the location of filming to London instead of Los Angeles and I swear to god if it's him.....don't get me wrong he did an amazing job for All The Lovers but his recent downward spiral into Taylorville is alarming.
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  6. The only connection between Kahn and the video director is that they’re both in the same continent?
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  7. Ray



    Well now I can breathe. Or more literally emit disappointed sighs.
  8. It will be Dawn Shadforth and we will all have to deal
  9. I'm just repeating what's been discussed over there. I mean it's not like he couldn't hop on a flight to London and be there in an hour or so. I hope it's not Joseph myself and it's probably not.

    Like @mrdonut said we will get Dawn Shadforth and deal with it.
  10. Not saying it’s your theory but it’s just a very tenuous link.

    And I wouldn’t mind a Dawn Shadforth video! (Maybe for single 2)
    We never got the second one they did together during Kiss Me Once
  11. There was an unreleased Kylie video made??

    When/ what track/ why was it abandoned?
  12. There was no second Dawn video for KMO. They barely had 50pence for I Was Gonna Cancel.
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  13. There was an interview with Dawn after Into The Blue where she said they were in the process of filming something together. Looks like it never went ahead.
  14. There was going to be a Sexy Love video (God help us) but it certainly never happened. Perhaps she was prepping for it.
  15. Whats with Kylie and terrible choices for singles/promo singles in recent years?
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  16. I love ignoring Feels So Good too.
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  17. If it's him... what? He's responsible for Kylie's best video of the last ten years, by far. If it's him then fucking good.
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  18. If Abbey Road had not been in the pipeline, then I agree an Ultimate Kylie 2 with Timebomb would have been considered, and if so, would have given individual download sales of Timebomb more of a kick too.

    Timebomb was Top 10 for a full 7 days, so HAD it been released on a Friday, it would have given Kylie another Top 10 it. It's basically the Top 10 hit that never happened. 23.5 million You Tube views of the video is probably even more impressive as a stat in 2017 though!

    Interestingly, for a track that didn't go Top 20, TB is her most streamed video on YT to date, with GOOMW (18 million) her second most streamed, another track that didn't go Top 10! GOOMW has also been streamed more on Spotify that any other single other than CGOOMH, and not-really-a-single / #72 smash, Santa Baby!
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  19. Fucking HELL
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  20. He’s a garbage individual and his output has went downhill. Not sorry about it.