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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Were these posted already? They're good, I'm bopping.

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  2. I still wish they'll record/upload a live acoustic performance video for the song.
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  3. Really don't like the Initial Talk mix. Much prefer the Anton Powers one but I don't really like that either.

    I don't care where I get tickets for as long as I do. But I'm going to have to pick one and stick to it because otherwise I won't get any. I can't justify the cost of a meet and greet, not to mention I won't be able to deal with the emotion of the situation, so that's off the table. Early entry? Well, perhaps in this small venues it might be worth it. But do I go Cafe de Paris or Gorrila? Ugh the stress level is high.

    Either way, good luck to everyone attempting to get tickets.
  4. Ray


    The Austin Powers remix is like a showcase of everything I hate in dance music.
  5. First time since Body Language that Kylie has underwhelmed me. I don't hold any hopes for this album, but I really hope I'm proven wrong.
  6. Question, sagely forum members:

    I got the presale code but the email says it’s to be used with the link from 10am on THURSDAY. Is the presale not actually starting tomorrow? Confused
  7. I've had no link. Sobs.
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  9. There's no presale.
  10. Got a code and I really want to try for tickets, but I'm wary of spending in case the Spice Girls randomly announce gigs etc.
  11. The first opportunity to buy tickets is 10am Thursday (and will end at 10 seconds past 10am Thursday)
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  12. I’m already having a breakdown over these gigs...... work travel and a booked holiday is making any date tight (was looking at the European dates in particular) sad I think I’m gonna have to miss this GUTTED doesn’t describe
  13. I see

    Thanks for clarifying everyone
  14. God, I love her so much!!!
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  15. I know it would be nice to get a preview of the album at the showcase gigs in a few weeks before it's out in April but I wouldn't think it would be worth the stress when you remember the tour announcement is probably coming the day of the album release.
  16. What an absolute treasure Kylie is.
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  17. Indeed, what a legend in every way!
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  18. Natural, funny and clearly enjoying being back doing what she does best!
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  19. When do I start panicking that I haven't got a code?
  20. I am IN LOVE with that Initial Talk remix. Love it
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