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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I have a code too which I won't use if anyone wants it.
  2. ooh send it me
  3. I thought of Kate Bush too with If Only. Shame it wasn't a single.
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  4. I'm not a huge fan of the 80's / PWL sound in 2018, but have to admit Initial Talk have done a great job. A fresher name who have put a nice spin on 'Dancing' without having to drag Pete Hammond out of a 4th retirement.
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  5. I’m starting to wonder why all these remixes are all radio length. None have extended instrumental breakdowns/ passages & all are at least 3 minutes too short.
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  6. Anton Powers one has a 5 min version.
  7. I keep thinking you guys are talking about an Austin Powers remix. Which sounds kind of... brilliant?
  8. Yes as well as the Anton Powers Radio Edit 3:04 & Anton Powers Remix 5:05, there are also Anton Powers Club Edit 3:30 & Anton Powers Club Mix, which as the name suggests are more clubbed up versions of his mixes.
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  9. Please no. Kylie, please don't waste your time with this kind of tv. You are so much better than this.
  10. She's just making a brief appearance in an episode or two
  11. Anyone know how much meet and greet tickets are yet? Not that I’m planning on going, just interested.

    Don’t forget the Voice UK is now on ITV and is much better for it. It also means that Kylie can promote her own music, unlike when she was on the BBC. As a guest coach she’ll get to perform, so I’d say it’s likely to be our first chance to see Dancing live.

    I adore that behind the scenes clip.
  12. LP


    I don't understand why they don't advertise the price of this and the early entry. This goes for a lot of VIPNATION packages. What do they expect you do ? Log on and throw upwards of £600 away on a whim?
  13. Well she needs the voice to boost some sales of the struggling new material . So why not
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  14. mdl


    Vinyl player. Vinyl player.
  15. Actually yes. Also lots of last minute back and forth. I mean the Kylie package has changed a lot since announced.
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  17. This would have been booked in to coincide with the original release date of 'Dancing'.
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  18. I'll be trying for Paris but fear that flimsy 1999 website of the FR promoter is gonna crash. Prayers.
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  19. Yes I like the Initial Talk remix too. The Anton Powers one is...not to my taste.